Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas

Location: From Jonesboro you would take 63 North and head for Bono, Arkansas. On Bono Hill you take a right onto a gravel road, no number. There will be a big nice brick home on this corner with a brick column and wrought iron fence around it. Go a short distance until you see a nice size lake on your right. This is the Cox's place. The two houses in front of the lake are both owned by the Cox family. However one needs to walk down the sidewalk in front of the Rock Home and cross over the levy. As you cross the levy continue about 50 ft or so straight, then make a left hand turn and walk until you come to the fence line. (Some of the fence is missing in places.) When you come to the fence take a right and follow it until you can cross over where it is missing, but continue following the direction of the fence. This cemetery sits in the woods and is very over grown, it's difficult to find even with directions. The poison ivy was thick, and snakes were swimming in the lake.

There are only a few tombstones visible. However from the indentions in the ground you can tell there are obviously other's buried here.

- H -

HENSON, Cattie -- Dec 5, 1893 -- April 18, 1901 HENSON, Richard -- No date -- No date -- Sgt Co I Cockes Arkansas Infantry CSA

- L -

LOVE, Cynthia J. -- Feb 4, 1859 -- Oct 24, 1868 -- Daughter of Matthew Young & Mary Jane Love
LOVE, Jennette Wylie -- Mar 31, 1874 -- Aug 15, 1846 -- Mother of Matthew Young Love
LOVE, Martha J. -- Jan 5, 1873 -- Sept 13, 1875 -- Daughter of Matthew Young & Mary Jane Love
LOVE, Matthew J. -- Aug 7, 1860 -- Sep 1867 -- Son of Matthew Young & Mary Jane Love
LOVE, Matthew Young -- Mar 28, 1821 -- Aug 23, 1888 -- Husband of Mary Jane Hollister Love
LOVE, Samuel D. -- May 10, 1872 -- May 27, 1872 -- Son of Matthew Young & Mary Jane Love

- Q -

QUARLES, Eli -- No date -- Feb 22, 1855 -- Husband of Jane Love Quarles
QUARLES, James Matthew -- Nov 16 1847 -- Oct 16, 1857 -- Son of Eli & Jane Love Quarles
QUARLES, Mary Jane Love -- Jul 12, 1808 -- No date -- Wife of Eli Quarles - Sister of Matthew Young Love

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