and Wedding Anniversaries

Poinsett County, Arkansas

Listed below are the names, the date and the page number of the notices that have appeared in the Marked Tree Tribune. Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. The papers appear to have been filmed in consecutive order. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in. When the deceased is described as survived by "wife" without her name, or by children or siblings without names it did not appear in the notice.

Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in.

Extracted details of item are found under the name of the groom. Brides are only indexed to name of groom.

Many more marriage notices were probably listed in the “local items” of the various communities, however the interior sheets (pages 2-4) were filmed out of focus or the ink was so faint that they were almost impossible to read.

ABBREVIATIONS: [MTT-7] indicates this is the Marked Tree Tribune roll 7 at the Jonesboro AR Public Library.


ARMSTRONG, Scott – 12/19 Apr 1938-c5 [MTT-7] married Sat to Gladys Stewart both of Marked Tree.
ATCHISON, Outie – 12 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Tue to Miss Vivian Laster, both of Mathis MO.
AUSTIN, Acton Marie – married A.W. Hudnall.
AVANT, Prebbie Miss – married Grady Vermillion
BANKS, Louise – married Derrell Wilson.
BEESON, Richard O'Neal – 25 Mar/1 Apr 1937-c3 [MTT-7]age 22yrs of Marked Tree was married on Mar 21 at
----- Lepanto to Miss Georgia Nichols age 18 of Lepanto
BOLING, Ovid -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6]of Morris Chapel TN married Christmas day at Adamsville, TN to
----- Mildred Harrison, niece of H.R. Harrison of Marked Tree
BOWDEN, Gertrude Miss – married Lester Coster
BROWN, Vernon – 27 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married to Miss Sybil Prince daughter of Johnof Marked Tree last
----- Thu; groom of Paragould.
BURNS, Etta Miss – married William VAUGHN
BURRUS, Wade – 21 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] married Mon to Miss Jessie Warren, both of Lepanto.
CANNON, Bankston – 22 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7]of Marked Tree married on Oct 17 Miss Raye Harper of Newport
CARMICAL, Sammie – married Aldridge Dobbs
CASADAY, “Grandma” – 10 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] celebrates 93rd birthday Sun at home of son J.J. Casaday in
----- Marked Tree; married in 1867 to Jordan Casaday a Confederate veteran; her oldest great great grandson
----- is Eugene Lester.
CLAY, Norman – 14 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] son of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Clay of West Ridge married in Lepanto on
----- Sat., Frances Eual Dodd daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Chrismond of West Ridge
COSTER, Lester – 10 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Miss Gertrude Bowden; both of Marked Tree married Sat.
CRAIG, Lucille – married A.F. Poare
CRUMPLER, Dash – married James West
DAHMER, John W. – 17 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6]married on Mon to Miss Lois Gaskin both of Okolona MS
DENT, Rebecca Miss – married J.O. PIERCE
DICKSON, Viola Miss – married R.C. Forehand
DOBBS, Aldridge – 29 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7]of Hoxie married Sat to Sammie Carmical of Marked Tree
DODD, Frances Eual – married Norman Clay
DOTY, Mildred Miss – married W.F. “Billie” Vaughn.
ESTES, Thomas Wallace – 31 Jan / 7 Feb 1935-c3 [MTT-6] of Como MS married last Thur to Miss Elsa Belle
----- Williams daughter of Dr. R.D. Williams of Marked Tree
FOREHAND, R.C. – 17 Feb 1938-p1 [MTT-7] married Miss Viola Dickson both of Lepanto
FORTH, Maxine – married Vernon Jester
FRALEY, Minnie Miss married Tollie Young
FULLER, Annie May Miss – married Elf Lane
GANN, Loretta – married Joe Hardin.
GARVEY, Louise Miss – engagement announced to Herman Horton
GASKIN, Lois Miss – married John W. Dahmer
GREGORY, Gertie Mrs. – married W.L. White
GRIGSBY, Ben Jr. -- 8/15 Oct 1936-c2 [MTT-7] son of Mr. & Mrs. Ben GRIGSBY married Sat to Miss Inez
----- Nunnally daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Cleo Nunnally of Kennett MO
HAINEY, Bill –- 8 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Miss Maxine Stell both of Marked Tree.
HARDIN, Joe – 23 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married at Marked Tree Sat to Loretta Gann, both of Weona.
HARPER, Raye Miss – married Bankston Cannon
HARRISON, Mildred – married Ovid Boling
HENLEY, Dorothy Lou – married Aubrey Inman
HENSON, Beulah Mae Miss married Joseph York Henson.
HENSON, Joseph York – 20/27 Jan 1938-c4 [MTT-7] married Mon Jan 10 to Miss Beulah Mae Henson daughter of
----- W.E. Henson, son of W.M. Henson all of Harrisburg.
HEWITT, Max – 28 Apr/5 May 1938-c2 [MTT-7] of Arab AL married last week to Miss Pearle Hipp formerly of
----- Tyronza.
HICKS, Leemon – 12 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] married Sun to Miss Bobbie Lucado both of Turrell
HIPP, Pearle Miss – marred Max Hewitt.
HOGAN, Wardell – 29 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat to Lucille White both of Marked Tree
HORTON, Herman – 8/15 Oct 1936-c3 [MTT-7] son of Mr. & Mrs. I.L. Horton of Harrisburg engagement
----- announced to Miss Louise Garvey daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.T. Garvey of Harrisburg
HUDDLESTON, Ruel – 14/21 Jan 1937-c4 [MTT-7] of Marked Tree married Thu to Miss Louise Overton of
----- Memphis formerly of Marked Tree
HUDNALL, A.W. – 27 Oct 1938-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat to Miss Acton Marie Austin, both of Tyronza.
HUNN, Nellie Mrs. – married Judge Charles J. Mitchell
HUSS, Ira – 17 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] married last Sat to Miss Annice Payne both of Black Oak community
INMAN, Aubrey – 16 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] of Marked Tree married Dorothy Lou Henley daughter of Mrs. L.C.
----- Shelton of Andover IL formerly of Marked Tree on Jan 26.
INMAN, Aubrey – 8 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] of Marked Tree; married Miss Olen Miller of Trumann.
JESTER, Vernon – 29 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat to Maxine Forth both of Marked Tree
JOHNSON, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. – 10 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] negro couple celebrate 50th wedding anniversary on Fri,
----- aged 72 & 70, parents of 3 sons and 2 daughters.
KELLER, Louise Miss – 12 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Fred Ratliff.
KRIER, Mary Miss – married James A. Norton
LANE, Elf – 8 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Miss Annie May Fuller both of Marked Tree.
LASTER, Vivian Miss – 12 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Outie Atchison both of Mathis MO.
LEIGH, Harold – 7 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Fri at Marion to Mrs. Nellie Bonner..
LEWIS, Opal Miss – married Carl Worley.
LUCADO, Bobbie Miss – married Leemon Hicks.
McCRACKEN, Marguerite Miss – married Robert Terhune
McDONALD, Jerome M. – 20 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] married Miss Bertha Stepp both of Marked Tree Sat.
MILLER, Olen Miss – married Aubrey Inman
MITCHELL, Charles J. Judge – 18/25 1937-c2 [MTT-7] married in Harrisburg last Wed to Mrs. Nellie Hunn
MURPHY, Hallie – 31 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6]married at Harrisburg to Miss Thelma Shreeve of Jonesboro
NEEDHAM, Mary Miss – married Oscar Westmoreland
NICHOLS, Georgia Miss – married BEESON, Richard O'Neal
NICHOLS, Georgia Miss – married Richard O'Neal Beeson
NORTON, James A. – 21/28 Jan 1937-c4 [MTT-7] married Sat. to Miss Mary Krier daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. J.
----- Krier of Marked Tree
NUNNALLY, Inez Miss – married Ben Grigsby Jr.
OVERTURF, Bonnie Miss – married Robert Ray Simmons.
PATTERSON, Catherine Miss – married Troy Rhodes
PAYNE, ANNICE Miss – married Ira Huss
PIERCE, J.O. Dr. – 8/15 Oct 1936-c2 [MTT-7] son of Mr. & Mrs. Will Pierce married Thu at Caruthersville, MO to
----- Miss Rebecca Dent daughter of Dr. & Mrs. T.H. Dent of Marked Tree
POARE, A.F. – 29 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] f Marked Tree married Sat to Lucille Craig
POPEJOY, Floyd – 20/27 Jan 1938-c6 [MTT-7] of Lepanto married Vestine Suddeth of Marked Tree.
POWELL, Irene – married Otis Tyler.
PRESTON, Charles M. – 9/16 Sep 1937-c5 [MTT-7] married Mon at Lepanto to Miss Alpha Marie Straszacker of
----- St. Louis MO. An article dateline Trumann appeared in Memphis newspaper that 287 pound Preston at
----- the age of 13 fired the first shot that marked the participation in the World War in the Nancy Section Oct
----- 1917. He has languished in more than 25 hospitals for veterans since his release from the Army.
PRINCE, Sybil Miss – 27 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married to Vernon Brown
RATLIFF, Fred – 12 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married 4 Jun to Miss Louise Keller, daughter of Mrs. Charles Keller.
RHODES, Troy – 19 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat to Miss Catherine Patterson both of Cherry Valley.
RIEVES, E. Billingsworth – 29 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] of Little Rock married Sat to Elizabeth SMITH of Cincinnati OH
ROWLAND, Esten – 20/27 Jan 1938-c6 [MTT-7] married Guinta Smith both of Marked Tree.
SETTELFIELD, Everin – 31 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] married Dec 21 to Miss Delia Roberts
SHREEVE, Thelma Miss – married Hallie Murphy
SIMMONS, Robert Ray – 17/24 Mar 1938-c4 [MTT-7] married Miss Bonnie Belle Overturf Sat.
SMITH, Elizabeth – married E. Billingsworth Rieves
SMITH, Guinta – married Esten Rowland
SMITH, W.D. – 31 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] married Dec 21 to Miss Willie Webb
STELL, Maxine Miss – married Bill Hainey.
STEPP, Bertha Miss – married Jerome M. McDonald.
STEWART, Gladys – married Scott Armstrong
STRASZACKER, Alpha Marie Miss – married Charles Preston
SUDDETH, Vestine – married Floyd Popejoy
TERHUNE, Robert – 24 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] of Forrest City married Miss Marguerite McCracken of Harrisburg
----- at Marked Tree on Mon.
TYLER, Otis – 12/19 Apr 1938-c5 [MTT-7] married Sat to Irene Powell both of Marked Tree
VAUGHN, W.F. “Billie” – 31 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] married Miss Mildred Doty on Sat.
VAUGHN, William – 15 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat to Miss Etta Burns both of Marked Tree
VERMILLION, Grady – 17 Feb 1938-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat. to Miss Prebbie Avant both of Marked Tree
WARREN, Jessie Miss – married Wade Burrus
WATKINS, J.E. – 3/10 Nov 1938-c6 [MTT-7] arried Sat to Miss Ola Young both of Tyronza.
WEBB, Willie Miss – married W.D. Smith
WEST, James – 19/26 Nov 1936-c1 [MTT-7] of Lake Village married Nov 16 to Miss Dash Crumpler of Tyronza
WESTMORELAND, Oscar -- 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] married Thu to Miss Mary
----- Needham of Waldenburg
WHITE, Lucille – married Wardell Hogan
WHITE, W.L. – 19/26 Nov 1936-c2 [MTT-7] married Sat to Mrs. Gertie Gregory both of Marked Tree
WILLIAMS Elsa Belle – married Thomas Wallace Estes
WILSON, Derrell – 30 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat to Louise Banks both of Marked Tree.
WORLEY, Carl – 19 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat to Miss Opal Lewis both of Lepanto.
YOUNG, Ola Miss – married J.E. Watkins.
YOUNG, Tollie – 17/24 Jan 1935-c1 [MTT-6] married Mon to Miss Minnie Fraley both of Tyronza

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