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Poinsett County, Arkansas

MARKED TREE TRIBUNE 1917-1918, 1925-1928 & 1930

Listed below are the names, the date and the page number of the notices that have appeared in the Marked Tree Gazette and the Marked Tree Tribune.

Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in.

Extracted details of item are found under the name of the groom. Brides are only indexed to name of groom.

Many more marriage notices were probably listed in the “local items” of the various communities, however the interior sheets (pages 2-4) were filmed out of focus or the ink was so faint that they were almost impossible to read.

ABBREVIATIONS: [MTG-#] Marked Tree Gazette plus film number; [MTT-#] Marked Tree Tribune plus film number.

Many more births were probably reported in the “local items” columns of the various communities, however the interior pages (pages 2-4) were of such a poor quality that most were unreadable.

ALBRIGHT, Bruce – 27 Aug 1926 [MTT-6] son of Rev. & Mrs. W.W. Albright married in Jonesboro on Aug 22 to
----- Miss Fay Williams, daughter of Mayor and Mrs. G.H. Williams.
ALBRIGHT, Felix – 28 May 1915-p1 [MTG-4] married Thu to Mrs. Trilby Watson, she being a sister of Mrs. Cole
----- and came here from Atlanta GA in early spring.
ALCORN, W.H. – 14 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] former planter of Marked Tree married Jan 9 to Miss Lucy Maye
----- Nelson of Silver Creek, MS
ALEXANDER, Annie Miss married P.O. Hutchinson
ANDERSON, R.J. – 19/26 Sep 1913-c5 [MTG-4] Notice is given because of the reprobated life of his wife Annie,
----- married 14yr 8mo, not responsible for her actions and debts.
ARNOLD, Rose Mrs. married Ben Chapman.
ASHBY, James Sam – 10/17 Mar 1911-c2 [MTG-2] married last week to Lilly Woodruff.
ASHBY, Myrtle Miss married Russell Byrd
ATKINSON, Hazel Miss married John East 3rd
AUSTIN, Marion Miss married Earle Blanton
AVERA, W.B. – 9/16 Jul 1909-c3 [MTG-2] married Miss Comma MOSS last Sat. at Marked Tree
BARBER, W.R. – 8/15 Oct 1926-c4 [MTT-6] married Sep 26 to Miss Gussie Price daughter of J.A. Price.
BARLOW, Ella Miss married Obe Denton
BARLOW, Katie Mrs. married J.O. Mabey
BARNES, Cora Miss married Guy Dagget
BARRETT, Dollie Mrs. married Charles G. Kuh
BEATTY, Cynthia Mrs. married Elisha Stringer
BELEY, Charles Maxwell – 24 Jun / 1 Jul 1927-c1 [MTT-6] married Jun 15 to Anne Elizabeth East
BENTON, Eva Miss married Ralph Brakensick
BERRY, Fred –3 Sep 1926-p1 [MTT-6] son of the late Dr. BERRY of Harrisburg married Sat at Marked Tree to
----- Miss Zona Shelton, daughter of W.D. Shelton
BETTY, Lelia Miss married L.M. Stringham
BIRDENTHAL, Edna Mrs. married J. Will Swaim
BLANTON, Earle – 19 Nov 1926-p1 [MTT-6] of Marked Tree married Miss Marion Austin of Jonesboro on
----- Fri.
BONDS, Jesse 29 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] married Grace Edith Mitchell daughter of W.B. Mitchell on Wed.
BOWERS, Hays – 16 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] married Miss Beede Myrtle Noble on Sun
BOYD, James M. – 9 Nov 1928-p1 [MTT-6] of Los Angeles married on Oct 22 to Miss Leola Sue Bunn a sister of
----- J.B. Bunn in Los Angeles .
BRADSHER, Annie Miss married Earnest Burton
BRADSHER, Gertrude Miss married Marcus Miller
BRAKENSICK, Ralph – 3 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6].of Tyronza married Miss Eva Benton of Marked Tree on Sat
----- before Christmas.
BUNN, Leola Sue Miss married James M. Boyd.
BURTON, Earnest – 10/17 Jun 1910-c1 [MTG-2] married Miss Annie Bradsher in Harrisburg last week.
CADWALLADER, Katherine married William Henry Dilatush
CARROLL, Jim – 24/31 Dec 1926-c5 [MTT-6] married Sat near Nichols School to Mrs. Nettie Nelson.
CASH, Clifford May Miss married Franklin Purvis
CAUSEY, Charles – 3 May 1912-p1 [MTG-2] married Mrs. Metta Hastings Swaim on Tue
CHANCE, Edna Mrs. married William Swaim.
CHAPMAN, Ben – 28 Mar 1909-p1 [MTG-2] of Marked Tree married Mrs. Rose Arnold of Lepanto
CHRISTIE, Ellen Miss married Harvey Morton
CLANTON, Vaughn Mr. & Mrs. – 29 Apr / 6 May 1927-c2 [MTT-6] celebrated their 10th
----- wedding anniversary.
COLLINS, Miss married to Elma Powell
CREWS, Ranse – 19/26 Oct 1917-c3 [MTT-5] married last Sat to Miss Grace White both of Lepanto
CRICK, L.C. “Kid” – 15 Sep 1911-p1 [MTT-2] remarried in TX to his former wife; they had 2 sons; divorced and
----- now love rekindled; he is aged about 60yrs
CUMMINGS, Foretta Miss married Dallas Todd
CUMMINGS, Nora Miss married Robert Warren
DAEIS, Bertie Miss, married Robert Leet
DAGGET, Guy – 22/29 Sep 1911-c3 [MTG-2] married last Sat Miss Cora Barnes
DANIELS, Alice Miss married Jake Krier
DAVIS, Alex – 1/8 Aug 1913-c3 [MTG-4] of AL married last Sun to Miss Nannie Esery of TN
DENHAM, Mattie married Arthur Tace
DENTON, Obe – 20 May 1910-c4 [MTG-2] married in Jonesboro on Tue. to Miss Ella Barlow
DILATUSH, William Henry – 19 Sep 1913-c1 [MTG-4] of Marked Tree formerly of Lebanon married Sep 10 near
----- Lebanon OH to Miss Katherine Cadwallader; groom is son of the late Judge Walter Dilatush
DONOWAY, L.M. – 11/28 Oct 1907-c2 [MTG-2] married last Sun to Mrs. T.J. WATKINS
DUNEHEW, Robert – 24/31 Dec 1926-c5 [MTT-6] age 25 married Miss Blanche Sullivan age 18 both of Lepanto
EAST, Ann Elizabeth married Charles Maxwell Beley
EAST, John 3rd – 7/14 Dec 1928-c3 [MTT-6] son of J.A. East married Dec 2 at Globe, AZ to Miss Hazel Atkinson
----- of Kansas City
EAST, Webb – 23 Feb 1917-p1 [MTT-5] married Fri of last week at Central Baptist Church in Memphis to Miss
----- Maude Gammill.
ELLIS, R.W. – 21/28 Jan 1927-c2 [MTT-6] married Miss Alexine S. Ledford on Aug 16, 1926 at Poplar Bluff MO
ELROD, Marshall – 14/31 July 1908-c4 [MTG-2].married Thursday at Memphis to Miss Jennie Maroom both of
----- Marked Tree
ENSOR, Leroy – 22/29 Jun 1928 [MTT-6] son of J.J. Ensor married at Sikeston, MO Jun 17 to Nellie Yost of same,
----- daughter of Clarence Yost
ESERY, Nannie Miss married Alex Davis
GAMMILL, Maude Miss married Webb East
GANN, Flora married Charlie Caldwell
GARLINGTON, Elsie – 5/12 Jul 1912-c2 [MTG-2] married Samuel Tate Maddox
GOODING, Velva Miss married T. M. Wilkes
GOODRICH, F.H. – 13 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] son of T.C. will be married to Miss Nancey Ward on Nov 14, both
----- are living in Detroit MI.
GOZA, Pauline Miss – married Harry Arnold.
GRAHAM, Robert Campbell – 22 Oct 1926-p1 [MTT-6] celebrated 50th wedding anniversary; married at
----- Carsonville, MI on 19 Oct 1876 age 23 to Miss Mary Feedham age 15; 6 children, 3 living, Mrs. Maud Carson and
----- Mrs. Bessie Harrell of Memphis, Mrs. C.C. Sloan.
GREER, Bess Miss married George Killie.
HAMLIN, Asie Mrs. – 31 Jul 1908-p1 [MTG-2] married last Sat to Chris Stevens; Jim Mobley had also purchased a
----- license but Stevens beat him to it.
HAWKS, James Nelson – 3/10 Jan 1930-c1 [MTT-6] of Memphis married Miss Lois Webber of Tyronza at the
----- home of her aunt Mrs. G.R. Bivens of Marked Tree on Dec 20
HAYNES, Carmel Miss married Grady Oden
HAYNES, Chester Miss married Marion Mann
HAZEL, Mary Miller Miss married S. Powell Thompson
HAZEL, Mildred Miss married Andrew PITTMAN
HENSON, Herbert – 25 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] married Friday to Miss Eva Smith, daughter of Dan.
HERBERT, Christopher C. – 8/15 Oct 1926 [MTT-6] age 21 married Oct 4 to Miss Madge WILLIAM age 16
HERRING, Julia Miss married G.W. Reaves
HIGGINS, A. Cleo – 17 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] married Miss Ira McDougal Tue; only daughter of Mr. & Mrs.
----- Andrew McDougal.
HOGUE, Eva Marie Miss married George R. Kerr
HUDSON, Clay – 4 Feb 1910-p1 [MTG-2] married last Sun at Gilmore to Miss Sadie Wright of Gilmore
HUGHES, Tom – 11 Dec 1908-p1 [MTG-2] of Marked Tree married Wednesday at the Gayoso Hotel in Memphis
----- to Miss Bowen of Tyronza
HURLEY, James W. o– 7 Dec 1927-p1 [MTT-6] of Brinkney married Miss Mamie Strickland a teacher last Fri
HURON, Fred – 15/22 Sep 1905-c3,4 [MTG-1] of Marked Tree married last Sun in Chattanooga TN to Miss
----- Imogenea Harris, will make their home at Mentone, AR.
HUTCHINSON, P.O. – 2/9 Aug 1918-c6 [MTT-5] married Sat to Miss Annie Alexander.
IRWIN, Earle ? (torn) Mar/18 Mar 1916-c1 (this is the first issue after 18 Feb on the film) [MTG-4] married in
----- Lepanto on Tue to Miss Florence Smith both of Marked Tree
JACKSON, Pearl Miss married Noel Marcom
JEFFREY, Mary Miss married Roy L. Wolfe
JONES, H.L. – 13 Dec 1918-p1 [MTT-5] married Tue to Mrs. Dollie Kuh both of Marked Tree
KERR, George R. – 21 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] of Charlotesville, Prince Edward Island married Miss Eva Marie
----- Hogue daughter of M.P. Hogue at Hot Springs AR on Dec 16
KILLIE, George –7/14 Dec 1917-c4 [MTT-5] married Dec 2 to Miss Bess Greer
KING, Oneida married Clay Riddle
KIRZLEY, W.M. – 3 Dec 1926-p1 [MTT-6] married Nov 24 to Miss Birdie Roberts both of Lepanto
KRIER, Jake – 3 Apr 1908-p1 [MTG-2] of Marked Tree married in St. Louis MO to Miss Alice Daniels, daughter of
----- John N. Daniels after courtship of 12 years
KUH, Charles G. – 1 Jan 1915-p1 [MTG-4] married Mrs. Dollie Barrett at the home of her mother, Mrs. Askew on Tues
KUH, Dollie Mrs. married H.L. Jones
LACY, J.T. – 23/30 Sep 1910-c3 [MTG-2] married Miss Eula Pittman both of Marked Tree last Sun
LAYMAN, Jewell Miss married Harris Smith
LEATHERWOOD, Paul – 11 Dec 1908-p1 [MTG-2] of Iuka MS married Sunday at the Gayoso Hotel in Memphis
----- to Miss Mabel Miller of Marked Tree
LEDFORD, Alexine S. Miss married R.W. Ellis
LEET, Robert – 24/31 May 1907-c3 [MTG-1]married last Sat. to Miss Bertie Daeis daughter of Joe
LEET, Robert – 17 Sep 1909-p1 [MTG-2] married Mrs. Birdie Leet both of Tyronza married in Jonesboro Tuesday,
----- previously married and divorced
LEHMAN, Nell Miss married to Rev. T.O. Rorie
MABEY, J.O. – 9/16 Aug 1918-c4 [MTT-5] married quietly at Marked Tree to Mrs. Katie Barlow at the home of
----- her daughter, Mrs. Elia McEwen last Sat
MADDOX, Samuel Tate – 5/12 Jul 1812-c2 [MTG-2] married last Sat in Dalton GA to Miss Elsie Garlington only
----- daughter of Dr. & Mrs. H.S. Garlington of Marked Tree
MANN, Marion -- ? (torn) Mar/18 Mar 1916-c1 (this is the first issue after 18 Feb on the film) [MTG-4] married in
----- Jonesboro on Tue to Miss Chester Haynes, both of Trumann
MARCOM, Grace Miss married to Floyd Morgan
MARCOM, Noel – 7 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] married Dec 23 to Miss Pearl Jackson daughter of J.W. Jackson of
----- Osceola
McCANN, Mamie Miss married Charles Howard Murphy
McCORMICK, John – 20 Dec 1927-p1 [MTT-6] of Batesville was married last Mon to Miss Maurine Proctor at the
----- home of her parents
McDONALD, Will – 13 Dec 1918-p1 [MTT-5] of California married at Tyronza to Miss Bessie Wineman last Tue
McDOUGAL, Ira Miss married A. Cleo Higgins
MERIWETHER, Ray – 14 Sep 1918-p1 [MTT-6] married Sep 17 to Miss Marie Thompson
MILES, Sallie Miss married T.P. O'Conner
MILLER, Mabel Miss married Paul Leatherwood
MILLER, Marcus – 6/13 Sep 1918-c5 [MTT-5] of Marked Tree son of Mrs. W.B. Milller married last Sat to Miss
----- Gertrude Bradsher of Harrisburg youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Bradsher
MINTON, Hubert – 22/29 Jun 1928-c1 [MTT-6] of Crawfordsville married May 27 to Miss Ellen Watson of
----- Jonesboro; groom is brother of Mrs. T.L. Robinson.
MORTON, Harvey – 28 Jul/4Aug 1905-c1 [MTG-1] married Miss Ellen Christie both of Marked Tree were married
----- in Memphis last Sun.
MOSS, Comma Miss married W.B. Avera
MURPHY, Charles Howard – 8 Nov 1907-p1 [MTG-2] married Miss Mamie McCann both of Marked Tree were
----- married in the Catholic church at Jonesboro
MUSIC, Cassie Miss married Charles Nichols
NANTZ, Bessie Miss married John Rhodes
NELSON, Lucy Maye Miss married W.H. Alcorn
NELSON, Nettie Mrs. married Jim Carroll
NICHOLS, Charles --21 Mar/ 28 Apr 1913-c4 [MTG-2] married to Miss Cassie Music on Fri
NOBLE, Beede Myrtle Miss married Hays Bowers
O'BRIEN, W.H. – 26 Sep 1930-p1 [MTT-6]age 58 married Mon to Miss Nettie Tucker age 18 of Memphis
O'CONNER, T.P. – 9 Jun 1911-p1 [MTG-2] married last Sat to Miss Sallie Miles of Jonesboro
ODEN, Grady – 19 Oct 1928-p1 [MTT-6] married Sun to Miss Carmel Haynes both of Tyronza
PERRY, Mildred Alberta Miss married A.R. Sherron
PICK, Myrtle Miss married Ike Sulfin
PITTMAN, Andrew – 12 Oct 1928-p1 [MTT-6] married Wed to Miss Mildred Hazel
PITTMAN, Eula Miss married J.T. Lacy
POWELL, Elma – 19/26 Nov 1915-c4 [MTG-4] married on Nov 17 to Miss Collins near Lepanto
PRICE, R.H. Dr. – 29 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] married Miss Myrtle Anderson on Wed
PURVIS, Franklin – 20/27 Apr 1917-c5 [MTT-5] married in Memphis last Sun to Miss Clifford May Cash both of
----- Trumann
REAVES, G.W. – 20/27 May 1910-c3 [MTG-2] married on Sat to Miss Julia Herring of Jonesboro
REYNOLDS, S.A. – 20 Jan 1911-p1 [MTG-2] married in Lepanto last Tue to Ethel Greewood daughter of C.B.
----- Greenwood of Lepanto
RHOADS, Bessie (NANTZ) Mrs. – 30 Jul 1909-p1 [MTG-2] married 17days ago
RHODES, John married Miss Bessie Nantz of Tyronza at Lepanto on Tue. – 9/16 Jul 1909-c3 [MTG-2]
RHODES, Maggie Miss married Dave Buck
RICE, Ed – 23/30 Apr 1915-c2 [MTG-4] married at Lepanto to Miss Grace Stevens on Wed.
RIDDLE, Clay – 16/23 Sep 1927-c4 [MTT-6] married Sep 9 to Oneida King both of Black Oak community
ROBERTS, Birdie Miss married W.M. Kirzley
ROOK, Earl – 12/26 Sep 1930-c2 [MTT-6] married Miss Daisy Mitchell at Black Oak on Wed, daughter of Isom
----- Mitchell
RORIE, T.O. Rev. – 10 May 1912-p1 [MTG-2] of Princeton married at Imboden to Miss Nell Lehman daughter of
----- Mr.& Mrs. J.M.C. Lehman
RORIE, Thomas O. – 29 Jan 1909-p1 [MTG-2] of Marked Tree married to Miss Ida M. Searle of Little Rock last
----- Thurs at Little Rock
SANDERS, Anna Mrs. Married Ed Talbott
SCHMUCK, Carrie – 5/12 Jan 1906-c3,4 [MTG-1] daughter of Frank J. Schmuck, married at Jonesboro to Mr.
----- Webb of St. Louis, her parents were married 24 years ago on New Year's day
SEARLE, Ida M. Miss married Thomas O. Rorie
SEAVER, Charles S. – 29 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] of Fort Worth TX married Miss C. Turner of Liverpool England
----- on Thu
SHELTON, Zona Miss married Fred Berry
SHERRON, A.R. – 28 Feb/ 7 Mar 1913-c3 [MTG-2] married Miss Mildred Alberta Perry of Paragould on Sun
SHURFIELD, Van S. – 30 Jun1911-p1 [MTG-2] married in Jonesboro Wed. to Miss Mattie Cox
SIMMONS, Pauline Miss married Walter Young
SMITH, Carl – 9 Mar 1917-p1 [MTT-5] married Miss Ruth Jones last Sat
SMITH, Eva Miss married Herbert Henson.
SMITH, Felix – 11/18 Feb 1916-c3 [MTG-4]f DeQueen married on Feb 12 at Hot Springs to Mrs. M.L. Waskom.
SMITH, Florence Miss married Earle Irwin
SMITH, Harris – 2 Mar 1928-p1 [MTT-6] of Tyronza married Miss Jewell Layman of Marked Tree on Sun
SPARKS, Hattie Mrs. married George W. Wood
STEVENS, Grace Miss married to Ed Rice
STRICKLAND, Mamie Miss married James W. Hurley
STRINGER, Elisha – 6 Mar 1908-p1 [MTG-2] of West AL “aged couple” married at Tyronza to Mrs. Cynthia
----- Beatty age 61 of Tyronza
STRINGHAM, L.M. – 22 Mar 1912-p1 [MTG-2] married in Memphis to Miss Lelia Betty of Henderson, TN last
----- Fri
SULFIN, Ike – 1 Jan 1915-p1 [MTG-4] married Miss Myrtle PICK were married Tuesday
SULLIVAN, Blanche Miss married Robert Dunehew
SWAIM, Metta HASTINGS Mrs. married Charles Causey
SWAIM, William – 9/16 Jul 1909-c3 [MTG-2] married Mrs. Edna Chance last Sunday in Paragould
TACE, Arthur – 1/8 Jan 1909-c2 [MTG-2] married Christmas eve to Mattie Denham at the home of bride's father
----- John Denham
TALBOTT, Ed – 16 Oct 1913-p1 [MTG-4] of Gilmore married last week to Mrs. Anna Sanders of Marion
TANKSLEY, Martha Mrs. married C.T. Thomas
THOMAS, C.T. – 17 Aug 1928-p1 [MTT-6] of Harrisburg was married Wed to Mrs. Martha Tanksley of Marked
----- Tree
THOMPSON, Marie Miss married Ray Meriwether
THOMPSON, S. Powell – 6 May 1927-p1 [MTT-6] married last Sat to Miss Mary Miller Hazel
TODD, Dallas – 8 Apr 1910-p1 [MTG-2] married Miss Floretta Cummings married last Sun at the Sisk Hotel
TONY, Lora Mrs. married Thomas Smith
TUCKER, Nettie Miss married W.H. O'Brien
TURNER, C. Mis married Charles S. Seaver
WALL, Newton Madison – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] marriage announcement to take place in early Jan. in High
----- Point NC to Marie Elizabeth Norwood. His sister, Mrs. T.C. Brigance of Marked Tree will attend.
WARD, Nancey to be married Nov 14 to F.H. Goodrich
WARREN, Robert – 28 May 1909-p1 [MTG-2] married Miss Nora Cummings, eldest daughter of “Uncle” Charlie
----- Cummings in Memphis on Wed.
WASKOM, M.L. Mrs. married Felix Smith
WATKINS, T.J. Mrs. married Mr. L.M. Donoway
WATSON, Ellen Miss married Hubert Minton
WATSON, Trilby Mrs. Married Felix Albright
WEBBER, Lois Miss married James Nelson Hawks
WILKES, Jewel – 3 Jun 1927-p1 [MTT-6] of Alta married Miss Helen Ferguson of Jonesboro on May 28 daughter
----- of Acquilla Ferguson
WILKES, T.M. – 31 Dec 1926/7 Jan 1927-c4 [MTT-6] of New Orleans, LA married Miss Velva Gooding of
----- Tampa, FL; groom is son of Mrs. Ed Hammons of Alto
WILLIAM, Madge Miss married Christopher C. Herbert
WILLIAMS, Fay Miss married Bruce Albright
WILLIAMS, George – 18/25 Jul 1913-c3 [MTG-4] married Miss Cora Terry daughter of E.A. Terry on Jul 6 at
----- Nicholl's School House
WILLIAMS, Ralph – 10/17 Sep 1926-c4 [MTT-6] son of L.D. was married Sun to Miss Hazel Dent daughter of
----- T.H. Dent
WINEMAN, Bessie Miss married Will McDonald
WOLFE, Roy L. – 24/31 Dec 1926-c5 [MTT-6] age 27 married Miss Mary Jeffrey age 22 both of Lepanto
WOOD, George W. – 15 Mar 1912-p1 [MTG-2] married Mrs. Hattie Sparks while he was in the Marked Tree jail
----- last Sat
WYNNE, Orena Miss married Jno. B. Claunch
YORK, Rosa Miss married Walter Lockwood
YOUNG, Walter – 12 Oct 1928-p1 [MTT-6] married Wed to Miss Pauline Simmons

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