and Those Not Expected to Survive

Poinsett County, Arkansas

Listed below are the names, the date and the page number of the notices that have appeared in the Marked Tree Tribune. Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. The papers appear to have been filmed in consecutive order. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in. When the deceased is described as survived by "wife" without her name, or by children or siblings without names it did not appear in the notice.

ABBREVIATIONS: [MTT-6] indicates this is the Marked Tree Tribune roll 6 at the Jonesboro AR Public Library.


_____, Mary Elizabeth -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 19yrs; burned to death at Batesville (no surname).
ADAMS, Ezra – 1 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age abt 40yrs; of Manila died Marked Tree Sun of double pneumonia;
----- body returned to Manila; survived by mother Mrs. J.E. Snyder of Manila, a brother, Stacy Adams of
----- Marked Tree; and several other brothers of Manila.
ADCOCK, Reeda Joan – 23 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 2mo; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theo Adcock of Rt. 1
----- Marked Tree on Wed; Nichols cemetery.
ALBRIGHT, J.O. – 21 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 74yrs; died Tue at home of son C.N. at Trumann; survived by 9
----- children, C.N. of Trumann, Mrs. H.B. Thorn, Mrs. N.B. Baggett, Olle Albright all of Harrisburg, Mrs.
----- J.L. Patillo, Mrs. J.G. Waskon Jr. both of Marked Tree, Mrs. M.E. Goldsby of Rodeo NM, Mrs. M.B.
----- Hedges of Jackson MI, and James H. Albright of San Diego CA.
ALLEN, J.H. – 25 Aug 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 16yrs; son of Mrs. Burel Allen died of injuries when run over by
----- freight car.
ALLEN, John “Uncle” – 18/25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] date line Davis OK; age 112yrs (sic); Confederate veteran
----- reared 43 orphans besides his own 8 children; a Civil War oath with 4 soldiers caused him to
----- undertake to raise 43 children not his own; the oath was taken before the battle of Shiloh if any of
----- them failed to survive the others would care for the families; two were killed and the 3rd failed keep
----- his promise; ALLEN himself was left an orphan at age 4yrs; to the day of his death he was eating with
----- his natural teeth. [This man does appear on the Leeper, Murray Co. OK census in 1930 at 105 years
----- of age and claims Civil War service -- Interred at Green Hill Cemetery, Davis, Murray Co. OK ]
ALLEN, Viola Mrs. – 30 Nov 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 52yrs; died at State Hospital in Little Rock of heart trouble;
----- survived by son Frank Hagghard and grandson Harold Hagghard of Lepanto.
ANDERSON, Aileen – 24 Feb 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 17yrs; daughter of G.T. of near Trumann died Sat from
----- suicide; Willis cemetery.
ANDERSON, Charles D. – 1 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 56yrs; formerly of Lepanto died at Hot Springs on Mon
----- from Berger's disease; survived by wife, Beatrice, 2 daughters Betty and Marcella; interment
----- Perryville MO.
ANDERSON, Opal – 7 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 27yrs; formerly of Trumann was killed in a auto accident in
----- Stuart FL; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G.T. Anderson of Truman, 6 siblings also survive her.
ASHCRAFT, James Emerson – 16 Nov 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age (69?)yrs; Marked Tree cemetery (article out of
----- focus).
ASTER, Laurel Mrs. – 8 Sep1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 60yrs; died Tue at home of daughter Mrs. J.C. Ledbetter at
----- Etowah of carcimora (sic) of the stomach; wife of the late George Aster of Malden MO;
----- Garden Point Cemetery.
BAIRD, Joseph Lowrey Dr. – 3 Nov 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 55yrs; died Mon at his home in Marked Tree; born in
----- Brighton TN in 1883; he was married to Miss Eleanor Gladish of Mart TX who with their daughter,
----- Therese age 9 survive him; also survived by 3 sisters, Mrs. W.A. Gwinn and Mrs. J.W. Richardson of
----- Burleson TN and Mrs. W.T. Simpson of Brighton, brother W.B. Baird of Marked Tree; interment
----- Brighton TN.
BAKER, Forrest (Lillie) Mrs. – 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 38yrs; of Marie died
----- Wed of pneumonia following childbirth; infant died several days later; husband was patient at
----- Veteran's hospital in Memphis; 4 children are being cared for at refugee camp in Memphis; Hancock Burial
----- Association of Marked Tree had charge of funeral.
BAKER, Joel – 20 Apr 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 55yrs; died Sun at home of brother Dee Baker at Tulot; also
----- survived by sister Mrs. Ellis T. Miller of Carney OK; Holly Spring Cemetery.
BARLOW, Katie Mrs. – 3 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 77 yrs; at home of daughter Mrs. Ella McEwell in
----- Memphis on Feb 23; born in Clay County IN on 15 Feb 1861; also survived by sons Thomas Eberhardt of
----- Kansas City and Charles Eberhardt of Marked Tree; Elmwood Cemetery Memphis.
BARNES, James A. – 7 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 68yrs; died home in Marked Tree Wed of amoebia (sic)
----- dysentery; survived by 1 son and daughter; Tyronza cemetery.
BARNETT, I.J. – 15 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 57yrs; suicide by gunshot on Sat near the Riddle Store on the
----- Black Oak road; found by wife, Mrs. Lizzie Barnett; Nichols Cemetery.
BEARD, J.R. – 10 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 76yrs; died at St. Bernard's Hospital Sat from auto-truck accident;
----- Pleasant Valley Cemetery near Harrisburg; survived by 5 sons, Foster, Guy, Leo and Roy all of Little
----- Rock, Clyde of Harrisburg, 2 daughters, Mrs. M.L. Rash of Harringen TX and Mrs. Joe Dean of OH.
BEARD, James Foster – 16 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 46yrs; died at Little Rock; born Harrisburg 28 Mar 1891;
----- served WWI; survived by wife, son James F. Jr., daughter Martha Elizabeth Beard; brothers B.G.
----- and Leo of Little Rock, Clyde of Harrisburg; sisters Mrs. Leon Rash of Harlengen TX and Mrs. Joe
----- Dean of Cincinnati OH, sister-in-law Mrs. E.L. Singleton of Marked Tree.
BEARDEN, John A. (Offie A.) 11 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 28yrs; of Marked Tree; died Sat. at refugee camp at
----- Booneville MS; survived by husband and 3 sons, Willie V., Van Don and John David; services in MS.
BEESON, Richard O'Neal age 22yrs of Marked Tree was married on Mar 21 at Lepanto to Miss Georgia
----- NICHOLS age 18 of Lepanto – 25 Mar/1 Apr 1937-c3 [MTT-7]
BELL, Betty – 25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 2yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Claude Bell of Marked Tree died of
----- pneumonia; survived by parents and grandmother Mrs. Canna BELL; burial Trumann cemetery.
BENNETT, Ace – 12 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 50yrs; committed suicide southwest of Marked Tree Tue;
----- survived by wife, several children; interment near his home.
BENTON, Ida Mrs. – 9 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died at Portland LA; her niece Mrs. Martin Worthy of Marked
----- Tree was notified.
BINKLY, E.O. -- 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c4 [MTT-7] age abt 50yrs; of Nashville; killed
----- instantly Tue when he fell down a flight of stairs at Hotel Howard.
BISHOP, Lawson Bayton – 31 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 38yrs; died at his home near Lepanto Fri; tubercular
----- spinal meningitis; came from Philadelphia MS over 20yrs ago; survived by Mrs. Zelma Maxwell
----- Bishop, 2 sons Leodis and Frankie, daughter Geraldine, parents Mr. & Mrs. F.I. Bishope of Lepanto,
----- on brother Jack of Lepanto, 5 sisters Mrs. Clay MAY, Mrs. B.C. McArthur, Mrs. O.F. Manley all of
----- Lepanto, Mrs. R.O. Smith of Dyersburg TN and Mrs. Earl Acree of Peach Orchard MO; burial at
----- Garden Point Cemetery.
BLACK, John – 25 Feb/4 Mar 1937-c4 [MTT-7] age 72yrs; formerly of Lepanto died in Millport AL Wed;
----- brother of Dr. J.R. Black of Marked Tree.
BOLING, Ovid of Morris Chapel TN married Christmas day at Adamsville, TN to Mildred Harrison, niece of
----- H.R. of Marked Tree -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6]
BONDS, M.A. – 11 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 78yrs; died last Fri at his Memphis home of a heart attack;
----- survived by 4 sons (unnamed), 4 daughters, Mrs. Coleman Robertson of Memphis, Mrs. Rivers Clements of
----- Los Angeles, CA, Mrs. Martha Battle of Chattanooga TN and Mrs. B. Rutherford of Memphis,
----- grandson of Mrs. Duke Harris of Marked Tree; burial Memphis Memorial Park cemetery.
BOUTAN, Charles Sherman – 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 63yrs; died Friday in Little Rock.
BOWEN, Louella Willey Mrs. – 9 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 68yrs; died at Memphis Tue with heart trouble;
----- born Chester PA in 1870; survived by daughter Mrs. Minnie Hughes, son T.G. Bowen of Haynes City
----- FL, adopted son Guy Bowen of Washington MO, brother James Willey of Battle Creek MI, 2
----- grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren; Marked Tree cemetery.
BOWLING, Joe Ed – 22 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 11mo; son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bowling of Black Oak;
----- also survived by twin sister Joan, and another sister Fay; Tyronza Cemetery
BRACKETT, Charles – 2/9 Dec 1937-c3,4 [MTT-7] age 58yrs; suicide near Harrisburg (print faded).
BRADSHER, Jesse LeRoy – 30 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 46yrs; Lake City saw mill operator; died at St.
----- Bernard's hospital following a heart attack; native of Greene Co. AR; survived by widow, Jewel, daughter
----- Mrs. Hershel Worthy of Marked Tree, son LeRoy Bradsher of Lake City, sisters, Mrs. Gid Williams
----- of Paragould, Mrs. Ves McBride of Marmaduke, Mrs. Jack Bullard of Little Rock, brothers, Amos of
----- Keiser, Al of Paragould and Rev. L.C. of Pool MO; Linwood Cemetery at Paragould.
BRADSHER, William Claude – 22 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 45yrs; of Paragould, ginner and banker died Sat
----- of heart attack; niece Mrs. H.A. Worthy of Marked Tree; native of Greene Co.; Linwood Cemetery in
----- Paragould, Greene Co.
BRAGG, Floyd – 13 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 5yrs; twin son of Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Bragg of near Tyronza died
----- of ruptured appendix at St. Joseph's hospital in Memphis Thu; interred at Tyronza cemetery;
----- survived by parents, 3 brothers, Lloyd his twin, Joseph and Glen, sister Clara Fay.
BRAKENSICK, Charles B. – 15 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 64yrs of Tyronza; died of congestive chill; native of
----- Quincy IL; survived by wife Mrs. Clara, sons, Virgil and Fred of Memphis, Robert of Proctor and
----- Ralph of Bassett; Tyronza cemetery.
BRANCH, Walter – 9 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] funeral attended Sat at Nashville AR by brother-in-law Mrs. John
----- Brunner of Marked Tree.
BRINDLEY, Sam Weeks – 17 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 17yrs; foster son of Mr. & Mrs. B. R. Brindley died Tue
----- from ptomaine poisoning.
BRINKERHOFF, R.T. Mrs. – 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 74yrs; died at her home in Utica, OH; mother of J.
----- Brinkerhoff attorney of Harrisburg; other children Mrs. E.K. Morrow of Clearmont WY, Miss Lucy
----- Brinkerhoff of New York City, Mr. & Mrs. Roelot Brinkerhoff of Utica, Roger Brinkerhoff of Casper
----- WY and 5 grandchildren of Harrisburg.
BRITT, W.D. – 27 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died at home in Memphis Sat from heart attack; interment Olive
----- Branch MS.
BROADAWAY, Bobby – 20/27 Jul 1939-4 Weona News [MTT-7] age 3yrs; son of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey
----- Broadaway died Jul 11; also survived by brothers Lee Ray and Elsby, sisters Bernice and Ruth; Willis Cemetery.
BROWN, Tom – 17/24 Jun 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 63yrs; of Chicago died of heart attack in Jonesboro at home of
----- uncle Ryan Bennett; he was a cousin of Mrs. W.M. Webber of Tyronza.
BUCHANAN, J.A. Mrs. – 30 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 44yrs; died at home in Lepanto Wed of cancer; survived
----- by husband; Garden Point Cemetery.
BURROW, Ismel – 11/18 Mar 1937-c4 [MTT-7] age 80yrs 11mo 27dys; born 29 Mar 1857; burial at Holly
----- Springs cemetery survived by 5 sons Will, Harve and Clyde of Harrisburg, Grover and Charlie of IL, 3
----- daughters Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Parks of Harrisburg and Mrs. Workman of MS, 1 brother Jim
----- Burrow of OK and 28 grandchildren.
BUTLER, Byron D. – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 34yrs of Harrisburg; died at St. Bernard's hospital Thu in
----- Jonesboro following accidental discharge of pistol lying on his dresser; survived by his wife, son
----- Eugene, daughter Geraldine, mother Mrs. Florence Butler of Kansas City MO, 3 brothers, Thomas of
----- Kansas City, Harold of Memphis and Curtis of Los Angeles, sister Mrs. P.A. Chenworth of Kansas
----- City and a half brother E.B. Keck of Little Rock.
BUTLER, Juanita – 6/13 Apr 1939-c4 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; drowned in ditch north of Lepanto; parents Mrs.
----- Johnny Butler; Garden Point cemetery.
BYRD, Effie Mrs. – 1 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 69yrs of Leachville, mother of Mrs. Nell Drew died Marked
----- Tree on Mar 20; funeral at Leachville.
CAIN, James – 1/8 Jul 1937-c5 [MTT-7] age 91yrs; died Berryville, AR; had told his 4 sons and 2 daughters he
----- would give $100 to each grandchild born into his family, there were a total of 36; gave $500 on
----- Valentine's day in 1908 when triplets were born to son and twins to a daughter.
CALLOWAY, L.D. Mrs. – 13/20 May 1937-c3 [MTT-7] sister of Mrs. J.S. Tatum of Tyronza died in Baptist
----- Hospital Wed.
CANNON, Delores Jean – 4 Aug 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 13mo; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.F. Cannon died Thu in
----- Jonesboro of coliltis; survived by parents, sisters Daughter and Louise and brother Rudolph.
CAPLINGER, A.B. – 28 Jul/4 Aug 1938-c3 [MTT-7] (article is out of focus).
CASIDAY, T.J. Mrs. – 14 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 38yrs; at her home near Harrisburg Sun of heart trouble;
----- survived by husband , parents Mr. & Mrs. F.L. Dupree, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, son Lloyd Tarvin and
----- daughter Vonda Tarvin of Marked Tree; Garden Point Cemetery.
CAWTHON, S.C. (Leda) Mrs. – 28 Dec 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 72yrs; died Fri at home in Marked Tree; married
----- 1884 in Buena Vista TN to Dr. S.C. Cawthon; survived by husband, sons Sam. L. both of Marked
----- Tree, N.A. of San Diego CA, daughters, Mrs. A.C. Spellings and Mrs. Jane Pine of Marked Tree, and
----- Mrs. D.J. Foppiano of Memphis; brothers K.D. Lawrence of Henderson TN and Jack Lawrence of
----- Buena Vista TN, sister Mrs. Annie Penson of Buena Vista and 6 grandchildren; pallbearers named;
----- Marked Tree cemetery.
CHERRY, Mrs. A.C. – 27 Jul 1939-p1 [MTT-7] funeral attended in Memphis by friend Miss Edith Sutton.
CHISM, Rex – 23 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 12yrs; son of Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Chism of Whitton died Sun of
----- measels; interment Williford AR.
CHUMBLER, F.E. – 12/19 Nov 1936-c2 [MTT-7] died Tue at Jonesboro of pneumonia (article too faded to read)
CLANTON, Ella BEASLEY Mrs. – 4 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 61yrs; pioneer citizen of Tyronza; died Sat of
----- intestinal flu; married first “Uncle” Billy BEASLEY pioneer settler of Poinsett Co. who died in 1935;
----- about a year ago she married J.E. CLANTON of Tyronza; survived by husband, sister Mrs. Julia
----- ROODERICK of Washington state, foster daughter Mrs. H.C. OVERTURF of Tyronza; burial at
----- Webber Cemetery.
CLARK, Frances Elizabeth Mrs. – 16 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 77yrs born Bristol, England; died at home of
----- son C.K in Memphis on Sun of heart attack; married in Lonoke AR; survived by sons L.J. Clarke of
----- Marked Tree and C.K. of Memphis; Memorial Park in Memphis.
CLARKE, Charles Kirk – 1 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 76yrs of Memphis; died Tue in Memphis; born in Bristol
----- England came to America 45yrs ago; shortly afterward his childhood sweetheart followed him here
----- and they were married in Lonoke AR; survived by wife, Frances Elizabeth, sons Charles K. Jr. of
----- Memphis and L.J. of Marked Tree; several sisters and brothers in England; interment Memorial
----- Park in Memphis.
CLENDENING, Jeffie – 14/21 Dec 1939-c3 [MTT-7] age 36yrs; died Thu at Harrisburg; native of Conway;
----- remains sent to Judsonia; survived by wife, Myrtle, son Jimmie, daughter Helen, mother Mrs. June
----- Clendening, brother Leo of Conway, sisters Mrs. Annie Allen of Little Rock and Mrs. Lara Griggs of
----- Conway; Evergreen Cemetery.
CLINE, Fannie Mrs. – 12 Oct 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 71yrs; died Sun at home of daughter Mrs. Laura Shoemaker
----- of Osceola of high blood pressure; survived by sons, W.E., Harvey and Carl of Marked Tree, Findley
----- of Memphis, daughter Mrs. Lola Roser of Collinwood TN; Webber Cemetery.
COATS, Frances Christine – 1 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ollie Coats of Red Oak
----- died Wed; also survived by brothers Floyd and Fred Lee, sisters Tessie Irene and Lucille and
----- grandmother Mrs. Margaret Coats; Nichols cemetery.
COIN, Dortha May – 29 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 3mo; parents illegible of Tyronza; Dead Timber Lake cemetery.
COMSTOCK, Frank (Lucy) Mrs. – 1 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 64yrs of Tyronza; died at home of son Oscar
----- Comstock on Mon; buried Tyronza cemetery; survived by husband Frank and son Oscar.
CONDREY, Auttie Jo see Ida Joe CONDRICK
CONDRICK, Ida Joe or Auttie Jo CONDREY– 25 Feb/4 Mar 1937-c2 & c4 [MTT-7] age 18mo; died at
----- Memphis hospital Thu; survived by unnamed parents and grandmother; Whitton Cemetery.
COOK, Erwin Lee – 11/18 Aug 1938-c5 [MTT-7] age 19yrs; of Trumann died Sat in Sprngfield MO from
----- injuries received when he fell from a freight train; survived by his mother Mrs. J.S. Davis, step-father J.S.
----- Davis, 3 brothers, Eugene, R.F. and J.D. Cook.
CRAIG, J.D. (Beulah YOUNG) Mrs. – 31 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 43yrs; died Sat at Baptist Hospital in
----- Memphis, suffered burns when sprayed with blazing oil when oil can exploded; survived by husband and 4
----- children, Dempsey, Wilfred, Bernice and Jewel, 4 sisters and 4 brothers; Tyronza Cemetery.
CRICK, William – 27 Jul 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 73yrs; pioneer citizen Thu; moved to Marked Tree in 1902 from
----- Bono; survived by wife, daughter Mrs. M.L. Cantrell, grandson, Dr. Martin C. Cantrell of Marked
----- Tree, sister Mrs. Ida Hall of Edwood TX, 4 brothers, Tom of Nettleton, T.N. and E.M. of Marked
----- Tree, C.H. of Fort Worth TX; Nettleton cemetery, Craighead Co.
CROCKER, J.H.M. Mrs. – 1/8 Jul 1937-c3 [MTT-7] age 80yrs of Savannah TN; died while visiting daughters
----- Mrs. A.W. Wiloughby, Mrs. Bud Fraley, Mrs. George Fraley of Tyronza; 3 other children not named;
----- services at Savannah TN.
CROCKETT, Jane – 15 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 11mo; only child of Mr. & Mrs. Cleo Crockett of near Tyronza
----- died Thu; Tyronza Cemetery.
CROWLEY, James A. – 24 Aug 1939-p1 [MTT-7] (article out of focus)
CROXTON, W.H. – 9/16 Jun 1938-c3 [MTT-7] age 30yrs; suicide near Tyronza Tue at home of parents Mr. &
----- Mrs. T.N. Croxton; survived by parents, 3 sisters, Lillie, Lela and Mary Lou and brother Earle; Dead
----- Timber cemetery in Mississippi Co.
CUNNINGHAM, R.W. (Catherine WILLIAMSON) Mrs. – 1 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 53yrs; died Thu at home
----- in Marked Tree; survived by husband, 3 sons Robert, Cecil Ray and W.D., 3 daughters Mrs. Floyd Skinner
-----of Tyronza, Mrs. Luther Dickson of Trumann and Mrs. Edward Weeks of Marked Tree, brother, W.D.
----- Williamson of Meridian MS, 4 sisters Miss Augusta Williamson, Mrs. J.H. Brown and Mrs. John
----- McKinnon all of Meridian MS and Miss Hattie Williamson of Pueblo CO; Marked Tree cemetery.
DAVIS, Jessie F. Mrs. – 17 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 80yrs; died at her home in Bentonsport, IA Sun; mother of
----- Mrs. W.R. Payne of Marked Tree; funeral at Bonaparte IA
DAVIS, Jimmy K. – 1/8 Jul 1937-c3 [MTT-7] age 27yrs; of Trumann; tuberculosis; at home of father-in-law,
----- W.G. Green in Trumann; survived by wife, Vera; Pine Hill cemetery Craighead Co.
DAVIS, Sue B. Mrs. “Aunt Sue” – 7 Dec 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 70yrs; services held Tue at home of son Thomas
----- B. Williams in Clarendon; survived by daughter Mrs. Kathlyn Buechner of Mokane, Mo, grand
----- daughter Kathlyn Williams of Clarendon; Marked Tree cemetery.
DEGROW, John – 16 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 31yrs; died from injuries received in auto/truck collision;
----- survived by wife and 3 children; funeral services at Iuka MS.
DENNIS, Margaret Mrs. – 29 Oct/5 Nov 1936-c3 [MTT-7] age 91yrs; died Sun 53yrs after being pronounced
----- dead by 2 physicians and relatives had dug her grave; she regained consciousness while the mourners
----- gathered for her funeral, a few days later she helped refill her grave and supervised the placing of
----- flowers on her grave on Decoration day; her favorite story was how she cheated the grave.
DENTON, Roy William – 15 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 29yrs; died near Marked Tree on Sun; survived by wife
----- Norma and one son; Marked Tree cemetery.
DESPAIN, Dorothy – 1/8 Sep1938-c4,5 [MTT-7] age 16mo; dau of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Despain died Sat in Memphis
----- of malnutrition; interment Bassett.
DICKENS, Donald Floyd – 15 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] of Trumann died Sun of colitis; survived by parents, Mr. &
----- Mrs. Elvis Dickens of Trumann, 5 brothers and 3 sisters; Bowman Cemetery Craighead Co. AR.
DOBBINS, Mary Elizabeth Mrs. – 30 Jun/7 Jul 1938-c6 [MTT-7] age 50yrs; died at her home in Dyess Tue;
----- survived by husband W.E. and several children; Garden Point Cemetery.
DONAGHEY, George Washington – 23 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] former governor of AR, buried in Roselawn
----- cemetery in Little Rock.
DUVALL, Mrs. – 19 Oct 1939-p1 [MTT-7] (article out of focus)
DYE, John Wylie – 8 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 49yrs; died at his home in Marked Tree Sun; survived by wife,
----- Opal Estes, 6 children, John Wilbur of Vicksburg MS, Mrs. G.G. Byers of Marked Tree, Mrs. T.S.
----- New of Carrollton, GA, Harry, Elodie and Billye Jo of Marked Tree, 1 brother Ben Dye of Portia, 2
----- sisters Mrs. Chas Norton of Houston TX and Mrs. Rosa Graham of South Bend IN; pallbearers & honorary
----- pallbearers named; out of town relatives attending were Mrs. Dean Faltz and son John of Mobile AL,
----- Mrs. Myrtle Estes, Mr. & Mrs. Manning Estes, Sam Estes all of Mobile AL, Mrs. Claude White
----- of Vidalia LA, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Dye and Mrs. Jim McCall of Portia; Marked Tree cemetery.
ELDRIDGE, Sam Mrs. – 16 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 25yrs; fatally burned Mon at near Tulot; survived by
----- husband, sons Samuel and Jimmie, parents Mr. & Mrs. John Dill of Swifton, sisters Mrs. Bettie Miller
----- of Kansas City and Misses Ludy and Nancy of Swifton; Wilson Cemetery.
EMRICH, J.A. – 12 May 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 72yrs; died at his home Sun; born Hawsville KY 12 Jun 1865
----- (paper says 1965); came to Marked Tree in 1887; first married in 1900 to Miss Rose ROWAN of
----- Jonesboro at the John Gaston hotel in Memphis by whom he had 6 children (type smeared) Mrs. H.
----- …? of Marked Tree, Sara, John H. and Donald all of Tyronza, she died in 1919; married 2nd Miss
----- Frankie Killough; survived by 2nd wife, 6 children, sister Mrs. Mary Dawson of Philpot KY, brothers,
----- H.C. of Hawsville KY and L. A. of Kenton TN; Tyronza cemetery.
ENGLISH, Helen -- 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7] age 2yrs; drowned near Potter's Bridge in flood waters; 1 Apr
----- 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 2yrs, drowned in Little River Jan 25, body not recovered.
ENGLISH, John (Pebble) Mrs. – 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7] age 19; drowned near Potter's Bridge in flood
----- waters; 1 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 19yrs; body recovered, drowned in Little River Jan 25. See also
----- MOUDY, Mary Mrs. -- 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7]
ENGLISH, Whuburn (Turner) Mrs. – 31 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died near Earle last Wed at Memphis of
----- pneumonia; former resident of Tyronza; interment Bassett
ERNEST, James Edward – 30 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 4yrs; died Fri at home of parents Mrs. John Ernest
----- residing on Rt. 1; survived by parents, 3 sisters and 4 brothers; remains sent to Middleton TN.
ERWIN, S.G. – 30 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] services in Troy TN; survived by wife, children Mrs. L.J. Clarke and
----- Mrs C.B. Elliott of Marked Tree, Guy of Charlotte WV; Mrs. E.M. Neel of Winterhaven FL and Rev.
----- W.S. of Lyons NE.
EVERS, Paul – 13 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] funeral Sat; died at Veteran's Tuberculosis Sanitorium in Oteen NC;
----- National Cemetery in Memphis.
FERGUSON, Amanda Mrs. – 8 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 87yrs; of Tulsa OK formerly of Lepanto; services at
----- Lepanto; pioneer citizen having come from Bryan Co., IN in 1904; opened first hotel at Lepanto in 1918;
----- survived by daughter Mrs. Tennie Bryant of Lepanto and 10 grandchildren in Lepanto and Tulsa.
FLETCHER, Patsy Ruth – 8/15 Oct 1936-c4,5 [MTT-7] age 4yrs; died Fri from burns; daughter of Mr. & Mrs.
----- Ernest Fletcher of Nettleton; Pine Log Cemetery Craighead Co. AR
FLOYD, William Maxwell – 7 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 63yrs; citizen of Tate Co. MS; died Thu at Senatobia;
----- survived by wife Mrs. Celeste Caruthers (sic) of Senatobia, son W.J. Floyd of Memphis, daughter
----- Mrs. J.W. Williams of Como formerly of Marked Tree and brother and sister B.F. Floyd of Como and
----- Mrs. Harry T aylor of Norfolk VA; Salem church cemetery.
FOX, Nannie Mrs. – 12 Oct 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 54yrs; died at home in Lepanto; Mon; survived by husband,
----- J.A., son, Leonard of Long Beach CA, 8 daughters, Mrs. Edna Eastwood of Telephone TX, Mrs.
----- Thelma Shumaker of Napela TX, Mrs. Violet Willard of Augusta, Mrs. Marie Ramble of Bald Knob,
----- Evelyn Jackson of Lepanto, Helen Kelly of Lepanto, Louise and Opal of Lepanto, brother, J.D.
----- Mathis of Waukee OK, sister Mrs. Margaret Harris of Torance CA; Potter's cemetery.
FRANKLIN, James D. – 25 May 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 2yrs; son of Mr. & Mrs. Zack Franklin of near Osceola
----- died Sat of dysentery; also survived by grandmother Mrs. Cordie Moore of Osceola and paternal
----- grandmother Mrs.W.D. Franklin of Stacey; Bassett cemetery.
FRANKS, Kenneth – 1 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 19mo; died sun from exposure; lived on house boat; Nichols
----- cemetery.
FULLER, Harrison – 9/16 Dec 1937-c5 [MTT-7] age 41yrs of Tyronza; died at veteran's hospital in Outwood
----- KY; interment at Tyronza.
GAMBOL, Robert B. “Uncle Bob” – 14 Dec 1939-p1 [MTT-7] born 7 Jan 1876 Stephenson AL; came to Marked
----- Tree when about 12yrs old; married 1907 to Miss Nettie Miles in Jonesboro; died Tue in Memphis
----- hospital; survived by wife; Marked Tree cemetery.
GARMAN, Willie – 29 Oct/5 Nov 1936-c4 [MTT-7] age 41yrs; negro of Birdsong died in Jonesboro last Wed
----- from loss of blood when his left arm was torn from his shoulder by the trailer of a passing truck.
GARRETT, Hubert – 25 Aug 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 16yrs; son of Mr. & Mrs. Guy Garrett died of injuries when
----- run over by freight car; also survived by sisters, Thelma, Ireen and Lorene and brothers Gerald and Johnny.
GATES, Ed (Lillie) Mrs. – 20 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 37yrs; of near Fry's Mill died Sun in Memphis of
----- pneumonia; survived by husband, Ed and 6 children; Spear Lake cemetery.
GATLIN, Auda Mrs. – 4 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 49yrs; died at her home near Rivervale Sun; survived by
----- daughter Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Anderson and several grandchildren; Potter's cemetery.
GEORGE, Evelyn Miss – 18/25 Mar 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 23yrs; daughter of Mrs. Mattie GEORGE of Tyronza
----- died in Corinth MS Sun; survived by brother J.P. George, cousin Mrs. Wes Smith of Marked Tree.
GEORGE, Everett – 26 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 37yrs; of Corinth MS formerly of Marked Tree died Mon;
----- survived by his parents Mr. & Mrs. Arthur George, wife Birdie L. 4 brothers and 5 sisters all of
----- Marked Tree; interment Selmar TN
GIBSON, Lurton – 29 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 35yrs; fell to death from trestle Wed; survived by wife and 3
----- children, sister Mrs. Jim McCurry, brother Carney Gibson and his parents Mr. & Mrs. Bethel
----- Gibson all of near Marked Tree.
GIDCOMB, Frank – 14 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 60yrs; of Turkey Run settlement north of Monette; committed
----- suicide Thu due to poor health; survived by wife, 3 daughters Mrs. Hosea Huffman, Mrs. Lois Brown
----- of Monette and Lilly, 2 sons, John and Gene; brother-in-law of Grady Hancock; Pine Log Cemetery.
GILL, Lue Ella – 25 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 11mo; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hardin GILL of near Tyronza
----- died Fri of pneumonia; 2 brothers and a sister survive; Tyronza cemetery.
GLASCO, Dorothy Jeanne – 7/14 Apr 1938-c2 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; died Mon of pneumonia; daughter of Mr. &
----- Mrs. Bruce Glasco of Frys Mill; Tyronza cemetery.
GRACE, L.E. – 30 Nov 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 70yrs; died at home in Tulot on Thu; born and reared in IL moved
----- to Tulot in 1909; survived by wife, daughters Mrs. Doris James and Mrs. Freda Foster all of Tulot,
----- son Buel Grace of Memphis, brother William Grace of St. Louis, sisters Mrs. Harry Yates of Herron
----- IL, Mrs. ann Minton of Miller City IL, grandchildren Mrs. Grace DeLoache, Virginia Helen James
----- and O.J. James Jr. of Tulot.
GRANT, Mollie Mrs. – 24 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 41yrs; suicide on Mon near Whitehall; left note requesting
----- that her children be placed in orphan's home; survived by 5 children, Neva, Thomas, Iva, Lucille and
----- Eugene ages from 4 to 17.
GRANT, Mr. – 12/19 May 1938-c1 [MTT-7] father of W.C. Grant died Mon; remains sent to Berring MS.
GREEN, H.C. Dr. – 31 Aug 1939-p1 [MTT-7] of Clarksdale MS killed in plane crash (most is to fuzzy to read).
GRIFFIN, infant – 6 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age abt 10 hours; born Sat to Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Griffin died Sun;
----- parents live at the Lock and Dam.
GRIFFITH, Sanford (Lillie) Mrs. – 23 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 68yrs; died at her home in Etowah Thu;
----- survived by husband, 2 daughters Mrs. Mabel Powers and Mrs. George Lunsford and 5 grandchildren;
----- Garden Point Cemetery.
HADEN, Pattye Sue Miss – 2 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 17yrs of Jonesboro; auto accident; daughter of Mr. &
----- Mrs. Eurey Haden.
HAGGARD, Daniel Clifton – 25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 40yrs; burial Tue at Shiloh cemetery near Jonesboro;
----- WWI veteran; survived by wife Mrs. Delia Coursey Haggard of Marked Tree.
HAGGARD, Delia Mrs. – 16 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 23yrs; daughter of O.E. Coursey died Sat at St.
----- Bernard's hospital in Jonesboro of rheumatic heart trouble; Shiloh cemetery Craighead Co. AR
HAISLIP, Samuel L. – 2 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 86yrs; died Fri at home of son Frank, born and reared near
----- Harrisburg; survived by 3 sons, 2 daughters; Marked Tree Cemetery.
HALE, Martha – 30 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 1yr; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hershel Hale of Dyess died Fri of a
----- tumor of the brain; Gosnell cemetery (Mississippi county).
HALEY, John – 30 Nov 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 62yrs; died Thu of pneumona; born at Okean AR; survived by
----- wife, Myrtle, daughters, Mrs. Helen Grey Harrisburg, Mrs. Hazel Carr Trumann, Mrs. Katie
----- Vincent St. Louis, Mrs. Bessie Foster independence MO, Mrs. Velva Mudd Trumann, Mrs. Lorene Hogan
----- Bay, Mrs. Ethel Foshee Trumann, stepsons Raymond White Pontiac MI, Tom White Trumann, sister Mrs.
----- Lava Dean Walnut Ridge; Oaklawn Cemetery (Craighead Co.).
HALL, Lawton – 25 Aug 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 23yrs; of near Marked Tree; died Sat of typhoid fever; survived
----- by wife and young son; Marked Tree cemetery.
HAMBLEN, Mary Florence – 27 Jul 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 14yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hamblen died
----- near Marked Tree Mon; also survived by 3 half brothers, James Charles and Larrie, half sister Mazy;
----- Nichols cemetery.
HANCOCK, H. Grady – 7 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 45yrs; died at his home in Marked Tree Jul 5; survived by
----- wife, sons John V. of Marked Tree and Harold of Fort Knox KY, Miss Louise Hancock of Mt. Vernon
----- IL, 3 brothers, John V. of Monette, Stanley of Leachville and Clyde of CA, sister Mrs. Myrtle
----- Gidcomb of Monette; he was the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Hancock of Brookland; buried Wed at
----- Harrisburg Memorial Park.
HANDY, Howard -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 13yrs; accidental pistol wound at Hot Springs.
HARDIN, Jennie Mrs. – 3 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; beloved citizen of Tyronza died Mon; Tyronza
----- cemetery; survived by borther, Mr. & Mrs. Major of Savannah TN and 4 stepdaughters.
HARMON, Tom – 14 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 54yrs; former resident of Tyronza died at his home in Corinth
----- MS Sun of pneumonia; remains returned to home of his brother Henry at Tyronza; interment in
----- Savannah TN on Mon.
HARRIS, Isabell Miss – 31 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 29yrs; died at home of mother, Mrs. Sarah Harris in
----- Harrisburg last Wed; survived by sister Rachel and 2 brothers all of Harrisburg; burial at Harris
----- graveyard near Harrisburg; named after her great-grandfather who immigrated to VA in 1828.
HARRIS, Spencer – 17 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 59yrs; of Jonesboro died Sun; born DeSoto Co. MS, but had
----- lived in AR for nearly 30yrs; wife, son Bert Harris, daughter Miss Frances Harris all of Jonesboro and
----- sister Mrs. Ed Williams of Roswell NM.
HARRISON, B.L. Dr. – 24 Feb/3 Mar 1938-c4 [MTT-7] born and reared Owensboro KY; moved to Jonesboro
----- 1899 removed to Trumann in 1916; survived by wife Ruth V., daughter Harriet Ann, son B.L. Jr.,
----- step daughter Mrs. Earl Moon of Detroit MI, stepson Doyle Finny of Hot Springs AR, sisters Miss
----- Rose Harrison and Mrs. Martha Bell of Big Springs TX, brothers, Dr. J.F. Harrison of Pine Bluff and
----- Dr. Sam Harrison of Louisville, KY; West Lawn (Oak Lawn) Cemetery in Jonesboro.
HARVEY, J.M. (nee RIPLEY) Mrs. – 4 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 43yrs; died at Marked Tree Thu; native of
-----Poinsett Co.; came to Marked Tree in 1917; survived by husband, son Gerald, 2 daughters Louise and Mary
----- Katherine all of Marked Tree, her mother Mrs. Sarah E. Ripley of Montgomery AL; 1 sister Miss
----- Jessie Ripley of Montgomery; 5 brothers, Henry of Texarkana TX, Hardy of Cottonwood AL, Alex of
----- Montgomery AL and Will of Harrisburg and 1 granddaughter Mona Ann HARVEY of Marked Tree.
HARVEY, Sallie Machen Mrs. – 31 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; died at home of daughter Mrs. W.N.
----- Gamble in West Memphis; aunt of Thomas Machen; Harrisburg cemetery.
HAUSER, Henry – 3 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 69yrs; brothers Ed and Maxmillian “Moxey” both in 60's buried
----- him facing the bank of Spear Lake. The parents and 2 sisters came from Zurich 48yrs ago.
HAYNES, Thurman – 17 Aug 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 39yrs; died Mon in Memphis hospital; survived by wife,
----- Ollie, children, Ruby, J.B., Mary Catherine and Joy; mother Mrs. L.H. Rogers, half brother Edward
----- Lee Rogers, sister Mrs. Stella Grayson of St. Louis; Marked Tree cemetery.
HAZEL, Mary – 31 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 17yrs; drowned last Wed; parents are deceased; young brother
----- and sister are in an orphanage
HAZEL, Mary Miss – 18 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 17yrs; body was found frozen in a ditch near the Mayfield
----- Dairy on Jan 12 1935; death being investigated; she was an orphan.
HAZELWOOD, J.W. Mrs. – 25 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] of Brinkley; funeral service held Harrisburg Tue;
----- survived by sister-in-law H.W. Hazelwood of Marked Tree.
HAZELWOOD, Jessie A. – 31 Aug/7 Sep 1939-c2 [MTT-7] age 80yrs; died Sat, native of Wittsburg; survived by
----- wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters; nieces Mrs. Art Bentley, Mrs. J.L. King of Marked Tree and Gertie
----- Hazelwood of Lepanto.
HEATER, Will – 15 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] of Marked Tree drowned Sun; survived by wife, sons Robert and
----- Walter of Marked Tree, a sister Mrs. Ethel Hubbard of Greenfield AR; Holly Springs cemetery.
HECKMAN, Kenneth – 14/21 Dec 1939-c4 [MTT-7] age 4yrs; of near Harrrisburg died Thu at St. Bernard's
----- hospital in Jonesboro; son of Mrs. Blanche Heckman, brother J.A., sisters, Lorene, Vivian and Loretha.
HEDGES, Steve – 29 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 68yrs; died Wed; survived by wife, 1 son, James, 2 daughters
----- Hattie Mae and Daisy, 2 brothers 1 sister; Potter's Cemetery.
HENDERSON, Zena Noland – 18/25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 29yrs; died at Marked Tree Wed of lengthy
----- illness; survived by husband, 3 children, Naomi, Mildred and Robert PROVOST, her mother Mrs.
----- Lillie Noland, 3 brothers G.H. Grady and Charlie Noland all of Marked Tree, 2 sisters Mrs. Lela
----- Henshey of Leslie and Mrs. Susie Maynard of Marked Tree.
HENRY, E.E. – 16/23 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died in Memphis Tue; survived by wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters; Dead
----- Timber cemetery.
HENRY, Joe “Uncle” – 25 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] well known colored citizen for the past 27yrs died at Marked
----- Tree Thu of influenza and old age; body was taken to his old home at Humboldt TN; leaves wife, Liza,
----- mother-in-law Aunt Jane Williams both of Marked Tree, 1 brother Newt Henry of Memphis, niece
----- Jennie Hartsfield and nephew Robert Seets of Humboldt.
HENRY, John D. – 17 Feb 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 32yrs; died at his home near Tyronza Fri of tuberculosis; suf by
----- wife Allie and several brothers and sisters; Whitton cemetery.
HIETT, Richard G. – 25 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] prominent Jonesboro citizen; died Fri at St. Bernard's hospital;
----- survived by wife, Mrs. Evelyn (Kennedy) Hiett; Oaklawn Cemetery in Jonesboro.
HILL, Herbert W. – 15 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 61yrs; died at home near Marked Tree Fri of influenza;
----- survived by wife, sons, Arlee of Hackleburg AL, Oscar of Jasper AL, M.T. and Leonard of Marked
----- Tree, 6 daughters, Mrs. Beecher Smith of Fryers MS, Mrs. Mae Trustee of Clarksdale MS, Mrs. Oma
----- Hunt of Boyle MS, Mrs. Lola Thompson and Mrs. Faye Rickman of Marked Tree, brother Edmond
----- Hill of Harrisburg MS, sister Mrs. Julie Whitehead; interment at Hackleburg AL
HILL, James R. – 17 Nov 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 56yrs; heart attack; came from Osceola making his home with
----- his sister, Mrs.. J.W. Lowe and 3 nephews James of Marked Tree, Johnny and Frank of Osceola;
----- services in Memphis.
HINSON, Floyd – 30 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 2yrs; drowned in ditch at Dyess; survived by Mrs. H.O. Hinson
----- (parents), 1 sister and 3 brothers; interment Pocahontas cemetery (at Pocahontas AR?).
HOGAN, Charlie – 17/24 Jan 1935-c1 [MTT-6] died last week near Wardell of pneumonia; Whitton cemetery
HOLIMAN, J.D. (Annie NORTHERN) Mrs. -- 10 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; of Lepanto; died at Baptist
----- Hospital in Memphis; native of Winona MS; moved to Lepanto in 1922; married 47yrs; survived by
----- husband, 3 sons W.D., J.P., and U.S., 3 daughters Mrs. G.O. Hood, Mrs. W.N. Ray and Mrs. J.W.
----- Henderson, 2 brothers Add Northern of Little Rock and J.W. Northern of Bauxite AR, 2 sisters, Mrs.
----- R.E. Sailey of Little Rock and Mrs. Alice Laster of Canton OH, 13 grandchildren and 5 great
----- grandchildren; Marked Tree cemetery.
HOLLAND, Jasper L. – 8 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 74yrs; died at Paris, TN; nephew H.V. Holland of Marked
----- Tree was notified on Sat.
HOLLOWAY, John M. – 18 May 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; born in GA and resident of Marked Tree for
----- many years; died Sat at home west of town; survived by wife, sons Ados of Marked Tree and Chester
----- of Jonesboro, several grandchildren and 2 brothers; Marked Tree cemetery.
HOLT, M.C. – 4/10 Jan 1935-c5 [MTT-6] age 51yrs; died Sat at Trumann, Shiloh Cemetery (Craighead Co)
HOPGOOD, Elmo (Lonnie SHANKLES) Mrs. – 18/25 May 1939-c2 [MTT-7] age 62yrs; of Tyronza died Mon;
----- born at Lucy TN; survived by husband and 6 children, Mrs. Mattie Gossett, Caperville TN, Clyde of
----- Tyronza, Mrs. Margaret Onley of Memphis, John of Tyronza; Webber cemetery.
HOPPER, Nelda Jean – 2 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 12yrs; burned to death at Waldenburg Mon; her sister,
----- Mary Jane was severely burned.
HUDGINS, McKinley – 16 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age abt 13yrs; died from injuries received in auto/truck
----- collision; interment Salem AR.
HUDNALL, A.W. (Florence Eugenia) Mrs. – 22/29 Oct 1936-c4,5 [MTT-7] age 57yrs; died Thu at her home near
----- Tyronza; survived by 5 sons A.C. of Lepanto, Apaul, Fran, Wilson and Morris of the home, 3
----- daughters, Mrs. Calloway of Philadelphia MS, Mrs. J. Morris of Lepanto and Mrs. Roy Cole of Marked Tree; 1
----- sister Mrs. Gordon George of Philadelphia and 2 brothers, Jim and J.C. Darnell also of Philadelphia;
----- burial City Cemetery in Lepanto.
HUDNALL, Marie Mrs. – 20 Apr 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 17yrs; suicide near Earle Sun; had returned from visit
----- with her parents Mrs. M.F. Austin of Walnut MS, survived by husband, parents, 4 brothers and 3
----- sisters; Potter's cemetery.
HUFF, Johnny Cecil – 9 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 8mo; son of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Huff of Henderson TX died Fri;
----- survived by parents, the Huff grandparents and grandparents Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Violett of Tyronza;
----- Tyronza cemetery.
HUGHES, C.C. Mrs. – 2 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 66yrs; of Tyronza died Sat of heart trouble and asthma;
----- survived by 5 brothers and following children, Mrs. Gladys Landrum of Earle, Edward Hughes of
----- Monette, Minnie Hughes and Mrs. Ruth Haynes of Tyronza; Tyronza cemetery.
HULSEY, Pleas “Buddy” – 4 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 17yrs of West Ridge; killed by John Cooner age 21 of
----- same; survived by parents, Mr. & Mrs. Solon Hulsey, siblings, Mrs. Irene Hall, Mrs. Willie Lawson,
----- Lonnell , Robert, Junior, Lee and Ernest Husley; Garden Point Cemetery.
HUNT, Carl – 4/11 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] age 35yrs levee patrolman; found dead on the floodway levee last week
----- victim of exposure.
HUSKEY, Pauline – 16 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Austin Huskey formerly of
----- Waltnut Ridge now of Tyronza died Sun of pneumonia; also survived by 2 brothers, Leslie and Austin
----- Jr., 1 sister, Lorene; Clover Bend Cemetery (Lawrence Co.).
HUSKY, J.A. – 6 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; died recently at his home in Tyronza; Clover Bend cemetery
----- in Lawrence Co. J.D. Doyle conducted the services.
ISBELL, L.H. – 8 Sep1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 18mo; son of Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Isbell died Thu near Tyronza;
----- survived by parents, 1 brother and 2 sisters.
ISBELL, O.L. Mrs. – 21/28 Oct 1937-c4 [MTT-7] age 31yrs; gave birth to 4th set of twins, her 14th child in
----- 14yrs; newest twins named Bobby Jean and Alma Jean born on Mon, at Tyronza.
IVY, C.C. Mrs. – 5 Nov 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 90yrs; died at her home in Newport on Fri; survived by son Sam of
----- Marked Tree, 3 grandchildren Ernest, Juanita and (illegible); body shipped to Sturgis MS.
JACKSON, Buster – 20 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 34 negro; died Jan 14 in Marked Tree due to pneumonia.
JACKSON, R.A. – 9 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 50yrs; of Whitton died in Tulsa OK on a business trip of heart
----- attack; member Masonic lodge; survived by wife, Nettie, daughters, Jennie Mae and Wilma, sons
----- Robert, John and J.P.; Mrs. Jackson is sister of E.M. Calvert of Marked Tree; Whitton Cemetery.
JERNIGAN, A.A. – 20 Jul 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 58/68 yrs?; heart attack; long list of survivors too faint to read.
JOHNSON, James F. – 11 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 55yrs; of Marked Tree died of heart attack last Thu while
----- rescuing a marooned kitten in the flooded area between Marked Tree and Trumann; brother John W.;
----- burial Nichols Cemetery.
JOHNSON, K.N. – 25Aug 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 55yrs; of near Tyronza committed suicide Tue; survived by are
----- his wife, 3 sons, Roy, William and Franklin, a daughter Gladys all of near Tyronza, 4 brothers and 3
----- sisters.
JOHNSON, Marie – 25 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 14yrs; of Joiner; died Thu of pneumonia; survived by father
----- Dr. D.F. Johnson of Joiner, 3 sisters Mrs. Ed Jollip, Mrs. Mary Smith of Marked Tree, Mrs. Frankie
----- Liberty of Los Angeles CA, 1 brother Bud Johnson of Los Angeles; burial at Joiner Cemetery.
JOHNSON, William Dallas – 15 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 24yrs of Trumann; committed suicide after he shot
----- and killed his wife; survived by his mother Mrs. sally Johnson of Nettleton, Mrs. Sarah Flether of
----- Turlot, sister Mrs. Myrtle McPherson of Lake City and brother Oscar Prewitt of Nettleton;
----- Bowman Cemetery.
JOHNSON, William Dallas (Clara) Mrs. – 15 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 23yrs of Trumann; was shot and killed
----- by her estranged husband; both former Craighead Co. residents; survived by parents Mrs. Mrs. Noel
----- Holsley of Trumann, 5 sisers, Mrs. Opal Owens of Trumann, Laura, Loda, Dlois and Charleen; Holly
----- Springs Cemetery.
JONES, Ben – 22 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 41yrs; was struck by a hit and run driver near Black Oak Sat;
----- survived by wife Notra, 1 son 3 daughters, brothers John and Oscar of Newbern TN, sister Mrs. Duffie
----- West of TN; Whitton cemetery.
JONES, Edgar B. – 8/15 Apr 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 4yrs; killed in auto accident near Boyle, MS; father, Frank of
----- Lepanto injured.
JONES, F.M. Mrs. – 25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] article titled Father Dies in MO; Mrs. W. D. MARTIN of Lepanto
----- was called to Thayer MO last week because of the death of her mother Mrs. F.M. JONES.
JONES, Ozie Lee – 11 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 5yrs; negro, drowned Fri; son of Georgia JONES.
JONES, Thomas R. – 8/15 Dec 1938-c6 [MTT-7] age 86yrs; of near Trumann died Dec 1 at home of daughter
----- Mrs. Tom Dickens of high blood pressure; born in TN; survived by sons Ellis of Bay and Collie of
----- Chicago; daughters Mrs. Dickens, Mrs. Bede Gullett of Lepanto and Mrs. Martha Wallace of OK.
JONES, Wade – 27 Oct 1938-p1 [MTT-7] would have been 67 in Nov; died Sat at Lepanto; born and reared at
----- Trezervant TN; survived by wife, Mollie, 3 daughters, Mrs. L.B. Yancey of Marked Tree, Mrs. Carl C.
----- Smith of Memphis, Mrs. U.S. Holiman of Lepanto, 3 sons, J.D. of Little Rock, Bill of Marked Tree,
----- Elmer Lewis Lepanto, 3 brothers, Nat of Hope, Ed of Nashville and Charles of Dyersburg TN, 3
----- sisters, Mrs. Nell Lewis of Lansing MI, Mrs. Ben Buttery of Paducah and Mrs. Lucille Anderson of
----- Memphis, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild little Sonny Ashby.
KATZ, Rene -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 6mo; strangled to death by sleeping suit.
KELLY, Mrs. – 7 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] funeral was attended by Mr. & Mrs. T.H. Dent at Imboden last Thu, she
----- was the mother of Mrs. Perry Dent formerly of this city.
KENDRICK, John H. (Florence Lee) – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 23yrs; of route 2 Tyronza died at the flood
----- refugee camp in Pickwick Dam MS on Fri; services in MS.
KENEDY, Laura Mrs. – 30 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] former resident of Marked Tree funeral attended in Jonesboro
----- last Sat.
KIECH, Henry C. – 22 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 78yrs; prominent Craighead Co. banker of Nettleton; came
----- from Elyria OH in 1892.
KIMBALL, Mittie H. Mrs. – 21 Sep 1939-p1 [MTT-7] died Mon; native of Gilmore but had lived in Jackson MS
----- for about 16yrs; survived by husband, Col. S. P. Kimball, father, S.E. Hamlin of Memphis, 2 brothers,
----- John of Chicago and Frank of Memphis, nephews Sam Price of Jackson, and Ralph Price of Tyronza;
----- nieces Ruth and Nina Price of Jackson and Catherine Price of Memphis; Tyronza Cemetery.
KIMES, Charles Harold – see Clyde “Red” King
KINCADE, W.E. – 16 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 51yrs; of near Marked Tree; died Thu at Prescott enroute to his
----- home from New Mexico; born and reared near Bowman; survived by wife, 4 children, Weldon, Jack,
----- Ollie and Ruth; Bowman cemetery Craighead Co.
KING, Clyde “Red” alias Charles Harold Kimes – 10 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 38yrs; suicide near Trumann;
----- born in KY; survived by brother-in-law Hildred Taylor age 19.
KING, W.A. – 7/14 Dec 1939-c2 [MTT-7] age 39yrs; died at home in Trumann Thu; survived by wife, Eltha, son
----- Eugene, daughters Weltha and Patsy, sisters Mrs. Susie Lester of Trumann, Mrs. Ruby Hooker of St.
----- Louis, Mrs. Verna Brannum of Monette, brothers Amos of Egypt, Rufus of Manila and Virgil of
----- Trumann; Pine Hill Cemetery (Craighead Co).
KIRBY, M. Pete – 21 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 59yrs; died at Baptist hospital in Memphis on Sun; heart
----- trouble; survived by 1 daughter Mrs. Wesley LIPSCOMB of Memphis; burial at Forest City cemetery.
KIRKLAND, J.T. – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] died in Birmingham, AL Mon; formerly of Marked Tree; cousins
----- Mr. & Mrs. Frank RUSSELL attended funeral at Greenwood MS.
LEDBETTER, Yvonne – 1/8 Sep1938-c6 [MTT-7] age 1 ½ yrs; dau of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Ledbetter died Fri of
----- colitis and pneumonia near Etowah; Garden Point cemetery.
LEE, Vernon – 21 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] son of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Lee of near Tyronza died Mon; also survived
----- by 3 sisters; Whitton cemetery.
LEWIS, Claude A. – 17 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 75yrs; keeper of Shelton Camp (hunting) 4.5mi south of
----- Weona, found dead; body brought to Marked Tree burial in City cemetery; Spanish-American War veteran
LINDSEY, Ottie – 25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 7yrs of Landers farm west of Marked Tree; died at Baptist
----- Hospital in Memphis Thu of pneumonia; son of Mr. & Mrs. O.J. Lindsey; survived by siblings, Willie,
----- June, O'Neal and Norma Jean.
LINNEY, Helen Miss – 25 Feb/4 Mar 1937-c3 [MTT-7] of Harrisburg died of leukemia at St. Bernards hospital
----- Wed; sister of Miss Letha Linney stenographer at Marked Tree compress; funeral at Harrisburg.
LOCKLEY, Junaita – 5 Nov 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 8yrs; died Fri in Memphis of malaria and pneumonia;
----- survived by parents Mr. & Mrs. David J. LOCKLEY of Weona; 9 brothers and sisters, David Orr, Thomas
----- and A.J. of Weona, mrs. Connia Fowler and Mrs. Annabelle Rratliff of Harrisburg, Mrs. Idell Darby
----- of Enid MS, Mrs. Edith Williams, Misses Delsa Dean and Christine Lockley of Weona; burial at
----- Griffin Memorial Park Cemetery in Harrisburg.
LOVELACE, Joe – 8 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 50yrs; died at home Rt. 2 Tyronza Wed of malaria fever;
----- survived by wife, Mattie and 7 children; Tyronza cemetery.
LUCAS, Carroll – 1 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 17mo; son of Harvey W. of Etowah community late Sun; nephew
----- of Mrs. H.C. Overturf of Tyronza; survived by 6 siblings; Garden Point Cemetery.
LUNSFORD, W.A. – 25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; postmaster and former justice of the peace at Weona;
----- died at Jonesboro Sat of pneumonia; had lived in Poinsett Co for 46yrs; came to AR in 1887 making
----- his home at a small settlement later known as Lunsford 2 yrs later moved to Trumann; in 1916 moved
----- to Weona; survived by 4 children, Jeff of Charlestown MO, Bill of Hughes AR, Mrs. William Wilson
----- of Trumann and Mrs. T.D. McIntire of Weona and 1 sister Mrs. R.C. Hill of Kansas City MO.
LUSBY, Tom – 12 Nov 1936-p1 [MTT-7] negro; age 40yrs; died of heart attack on Wed.
LUTTRELL, J.A. – 9/16 Nov 1939-4,5 [MTT-7] age 84yrs; formerly of Marked Tree, died at his home in
----- Memphis last Tue; interment Paducah KY.
MADDEN, Gertie – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 15yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herman Madden of Lepanto
----- died Sun of meningitis at Jonesboro refugee camp; a sister Ella age 13 is also has meningitis; the
----- parents, and 6 children, Oma, Josephine, Dela Faye, Lonnie, Minnie and Edward are quarantined at
----- Paragould another son is at the Madden home in Lepanto.
MADOLE, Marion – 5/12 Nov 1936-c5 [MTT-7] age 70yrs; died at his home in Barlow KY; nephew Herman
----- Madole of Marked Tree attended the funeral in KY
MANN, Alice JONES Mrs. – 24 Jun/1 Jul 1937-c5 [MTT-7] died at Memphis of pneumonia; daughter of John I.
----- JONES and Mrs. Pauline PATTON Jones of Hughes; married in 1913 to Judge S.H. Mann;
MANN, Hugh – 19 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] killed in auto accident at West Plains MO Tue.
MANN, Lawrence Chester – 8 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 36yrs; died at home in Marked Tree Tue; survived by
----- wife Chloe, sons Bill and Bobbie, daughters Betty and Barbara, brothers Nehamen of Greenville MS,
----- Bob and Griff of Carterville IL, George of Piggott, sisters Mrs. Carl Williams of Bunker Hill IL, Mrs.
----- Earl York of Carterville IL, Miss Bernice Mann of Greenville MS; interment Piggott Cemetery.
MANNON, Pauline – 15 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 14mo; died at Marked Tree Thu; daughter of Mr. & Mrs.
----- Jim Mannon; also survived by brothers J.L., James M. and Edward, 3 sisters, Eula Mae, Landava and
----- Levada; Holly Springs Cemetery.
MARCUM, Paul Jr. – 29 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 9yrs; son of Mrs. Lola Marcum of Marked Tree died at
----- home Mon by streptococcus throat infection; also survived by brother Donald; Nettleton Cemetery Jonesboro.
MARSH, James – 29 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 39yrs; died Tue; died from injuries when he fell from truck;
----- survived by wife Earliny, daughter Arville, parents Mr. & Mrs. James Marsh.
MARTIN, J.J. – 24 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 49yrs; found dead in his bed in Tyronza; survived by wife Ella M.,
----- 5 children and 3 brothers; Tyronza cemetery.
MARTINEAU, John Ellis Judge – 11 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] born 2 Dec 1873 in Clay Co. MO; son of Gregory
----- and Sarah (LAMB) Martineau; funeral in Little Rock.
MAYNARD, Lloyd – 5/12 May 1938-c2 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; son of William west of Marked Tree died Mon of
----- colitis; Marked Tree cemetery.
McALISTER, Thomas – 26 Apr/2 Jun 1938-c4 [MTT-7] age 4yrs; died Fri of colitis; son of Mr. & Mrs. I.B. of
----- near Tyronza; Whitton cemetery.
McCASLIN, Henry Hewey – 21 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 59yrs; of Memphis formerly of Marked Tree died Tue
----- of heart attack; survived by sisters Mrs. Hayes Kee of Marked Tree and Mrs. Annie Martin of
----- Nashville TN, son Mason McCaslin of Memphis, daughters Mrs. Ruby Garrison of DeQueen, nephews
----- Johnnie Brown of Marked Tree and H.W. Brown of Memphis; Marked Tree cemetery.
McCAULEY, Adaline Mrs. – 8 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 90yrs; grandmother of A.J. SHARPE of Marked Tree;
----- died at home in Success Thu; funeral at Pittman community and cemetery near Success; also survived
----- by 57 great grandchildren and 9 great-great grandchildren.
McClendon, J.R. – 26 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 30yrs; of Greenville MS died Sat; brother of Mrs. T.D. Harris
----- of Marked Tree Greenville cemetery.
McCLENDON, James W. – 8/15 Oct 1936-c2,3 [MTT-7] age 69yrs; died at his home in Bay on Sat; born
----- Whiteburg, AL; moved to Bay 12yrs ago; survived by wife, 4 sons, Jesse and Clifton of Bay, Ernest of
----- Trumann and Webster of Summerville AL, 3 daughters Mrs. Alice Collier of Bay, Mrs. Ida Vickers of Tulot
----- and Mrs. Rosa Holt of Decatur AL, 2 brothers Boyd McClendon of Harlan KY, and Henry
----- McClendon of Athens AL and 1 sister, Mrs. Lucy Johnson of Trumann; Nettleton Cemetery (Craighead Co.)
McCOY, M.C. – 14/21 Sep 1939-c5 [MTT-7] age 65yrs; farmer of Waldenburg fell dead from heart attack
----- Sun.
McCRARY, Thomas Jefferson – 24 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 103yrs; died at home of son, Jim; born near
----- Corinth MS; leaves 2 other sons, T.J. McCrary and Carroll of Wynne, 4 daughters Mrs. Jake
----- Williams of Marked Tree, Mrs. Orville Spatth Marianna and Mrs. Walter Hale and Mrs. Jett Hall of Wynne;
----- burial at Harris Chapel cemetery near Wynne.
McFALL, Betty Sue – 16 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 5yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L.D. McFall of Tyronza died
----- Sun of colitis; Tyronza cemetery.
McGOWAN, Eunice Miss – 25 Mar/1 Apr 1937-c4 [MTT-7] age 19yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marion
----- McGowen; of Tulot died at her home Thu; Nichols Cemetery.
McKEETHAN, John – 3 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 60yrs; died Mon at home of sister Mrs. C.H. Blocker; also
----- survived by 5 sisters, Mrs. P. Blocker of Lepanto, Mrs. Lila Wade, Mrs. Lula Bridges both of Seattle
----- WA and another sister living in AZ, 1 brother Frank McKeethan of Lepanto; Marked Tree cemetery.
McMAHAN, C.J. – 6 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 57yrs native of Bollinger MO, came to AR abt 20 yrs ago; died at
----- home near Trumann Wed of cerebral hemorrhage; survived by wife, Lizzie, sons, Earl, Van and
----- Harding, grandsons Nevis and Sherman all of Trumann, brothers Arch McMahan of Flint MI, Will
----- McMahan of Trumann, sisters Mrs. J.W. Shrum of Marked Tree, Mrs. Frank Seabaugh of Sikeston
----- MO, Mrs. P.B. Seabaugh of St. Louis, Mrs. W.W. Smith of Oran and Mrs. C.M. Burton of
----- Farmington; Holly Springs cemetery near Harrisburg.
MEANS, William F. – 24 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 35yrs; farmer found dead Sun; hit and run driver; survived
----- only by 10yr old daughter Edith.
MEEKS, James – 30 Jun/7 Jul 1938-c6 [MTT-7] age 2.5yrs; died Sun at home in Gideon MO; survived by
----- parents Mr. & Mrs. Lewin Meeks, sister Maurine, Bassett cemetery.
MIDDLETON, Grady – 31 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 42yrs; died at his home in Linden TN Mar 17 of measles
----- and pneumonia; survived by brother Claude of Marked Tree, his parents Mr. & Mrs. Joe Middleton
----- of Linden TN.
MILLER, C.A. – 28 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 70yrs; died at his home Mon of heart attack, came to Marked
----- Tree from IN; survived by Stella, son and 2 daughters; Marked Tree cemetery.
MILLER, Robert – 16 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 26yrs; killed by train; funeral in Trumann at home of sister
----- Mrs. Jess Thorn; Pine Log cemetery at Brookland.
MILLS, J.A. – 10 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 82yrs; died at home of son J. Hugh Mills, Lepanto on Sat; burial was
----- near Higginson; son A.P.Mills of Kensett, dau Mrs. Ethel Mays of Lepanto, brother Frank of New
----- Albany MS
MILLUS, Sam -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 15yrs; died from skull fracture in auto accident at
----- Texarkana.
MINK, Herman – 17 Nov 1938-p1 [MTT-7]age 29 of Fortune community died at his home Wed of pneumonia;
----- survived by wife and 3 children, Genieva, Billie and Juanita, father N.J. Mink, brother Dewey of Pine
-----Bluff, 2 half brothers, Arvil and Otto 2 half sisters Doris and Virginia all of Twist; Shiloh cemetery (Craighead Co.)
MITCHELL, H.C. Rev. – 2 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died at St. Louis MO; sister-in-law Mrs. Lillie Mae Mitchell
----- was called to funeral in St. Louis; interment McLeansboro IL.
MITCHELL, Julia Lillian Mrs. – 27 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 65yrs; died Wed ; services at Smithville AR on
----- Sun; wife of J.W. Mitchell druggist at Turrell; survived by by son Clarence of Santa Monica CA; niece
----- Mrs. Charles E. Craft and Mrs. Herman Williams of Marked Tree, and C.J. Mitchell of Harrisburg.
MONTGOMERY, Veda Joy -- 4/11 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] pneumonia; infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd
----- Montgomery; body held at Manila for interment.
MOON, Tom – 17/24 Mar 1938-c7 [MTT-7] died 28 years ago, unclaimed body at Marianna funeral home; died
----- of malaria, carnivals and sideshows have offered at much as $1000 for the body.
MOORE, Chester -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 22yrs; of Gains Landing died at Lake Village auto
----- accident
MOORE, Emma Mrs. – 20 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 65yrs; died at Marion on Wed of pneumonia; Forrest Hill
----- Cemetery in Memphis; survived by son Everett Moore of Marion; 2 daughters, Mrs. C.A. Vinson
----- Deckerville, Mrs. Everett Davis Marked Tree, sister, Mrs. C.J. Osment St. Louis, MO, 2 brothers, Jim
----- Millspaugh Alton IL and Charles Millspaugh North City IL.
MOORE, John (Dovie) Mrs. – 7 Sep 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 27yrs; died last Thu at home near Osceola following
----- heart attack; survived by husband, son Aaron, 3 daughters, Hazel, Dorothy and Sybil all of Osceola,
----- mother Mrs. Sallie Hopper of Marked Tree, brothers, Forrest Hopper of Osceola, Bennie Hopper of
----- Marked Tree, 4 sisters, Mrs. Winnie Frazier of Marked Tree, Mrs. Ethel Jarret of Rison, Mrs. Welma
----- Howard of Blytheville and Mrs. Lottie Holcomb of Guntown MS; Bassett cemetery.
MOORE, Rachel Mrs. – 13 Jul 1939-p1 [MTT-7] died Mon at home of daughter Mrs. F.B. Proctor; also survived
----- by Mrs. W.J. Bradsher of Marked Tree, and Mrs. W.M. French of Wy—ka OK (too faint to read).
MOORIS, Thomas T. – 11 May 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 72yrs; died at home near Truman Mon following long
----- illness; survived by by wife, son Cecil, 4 daughters, Mrs. Lillian Hawes, Bertha Weeks, Bessie Prince
----- and Annie Morris all of Trumann; funeral in Jonesboro; Pleasant Grove cemetery.
MORGAN, J.B. (Martha BISHOP) Mrs. -- 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 25yrs; died
----- near Tyronza; funeral last Wed; survived by husband and 6 day old infant; burial Tyronza cemetery.
MORRIS, T.Y. – 31 Aug 1939-p1 [MTT-7] (article out of focus)
MOSLEY, LeRoy -- 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 6wks; died at Harrisburg; son of
----- Mr. & Mrs. Roy Mosley from pneumonia; Willis Cemetery.
MOUDY, Mary Mrs. -- 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7] age 42yrs; drowned near Potter's Bridge in flood waters;
----- mother of Mrs. Pebble English and Mrs. Ockley White who with their children also drowned.
MULLINS, Buster – 29 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 15mo; son Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Mullins of Rivervale last Mon;
----- result of pulling a steaming cup of coffee scalding his chest and side.
MULLINS, Lorenzo Dow – 29 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 54yrs; died at home of mother-in-law, Mrs. M.E.
----- Bridgforth of Marked Tree; native of Memphis lived at Lepanto 20yrs; a Mason and member of Order of
----- Eastern Star; survived by wife Glennie May (BRIDGFORTH), siblings, Mrs. Ormond Crews, W.G.
----- Mullins, and T. Mullins of Memphis and Misses Essie and Annie of Bartlett; Elmwood Cemetery
----- Memphis.
MUNDY, Ellen – 2/9 Nov 1939-c4,5 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; pioneer resident of Lepanto died at home of daughter
----- Mrs. J.H. Weatherly on Mon; survived by 3 children born of her marriage to C.B. Greenwood who
----- died in 1912, Mrs. J.H. Weatherly, a daughter of Lepanto, 2 sons, Rex Greenwood of Lepanto and
----- Clyde Greenwood of Jonesboro, granddaughter Mrs. Bill Thompson of Memphis, daughter of the late
----- Mrs. Myrtle Greenwood Cornelison, grandson Jack Weatherly of Lepanto, great grandson, William
----- Powell Thompson of Memphis, half sister Mrs. J.E. Woods of Jonesboro; Greenwood cemetery.
NASH, W.M. – 1 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 59yrs; of near Lepanto died at Baptist Hospital in Memphis Thu of
----- apoplexy; body taken to former home at Armory, MS; survived by daughter Mrs. Baxter Chism of
----- Lepanto and several sons.
NEAL, Henry – 11 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 15yrs; of Little Rock one of the famous triplet sons of George W.
----- Neal former state land commissioner killed in auto accident near Ranger TX Sun; Mrs. Neal is in
----- critical condition, another of the trio, Dick is injured seriously, the third Tom and daughter Christine
----- age 18 are suffering from shock.
NEALY, Nancy Ann Mrs. – 24 Feb/3 Mar 1938-c5 [MTT-8] card of thanks by Eva Shelton of Marked Tree,
----- mentions 6 children, 23 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren (unnamed).
NEEDHAM, J.U. (Mary Ellen DODD) Mrs. -- 4/11 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] age 74yrs; body held at Manila for
----- interment.
NETTLES, Arthur – 28 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] funeral held at Parkin on Mon attended by nicee Mrs. Fred
----- Stafford and nephew Mr. Pace.
NEWSOM, William D. – 18 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 81yrs; died Thu at home of son Hardy Newsom at
----- Paragould; survived by sons, Hardy and Otho of Paragould, sister, Miss Lucy Newsom of Nashville, nephew,
----- W.I. Newsom of Marked Tree; Linwood cemetery in Paragould.
NOBLE, Alfred – 31 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 22 days; died Fri of pneumonia; son of Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Noble;
----- burial at Garden Point Cemetery.
NOBLE, J.R. – 2 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 16yrs; suffered cerebral hemorrhage Wed; brother of Curtis Noble
----- of Marked Tree; services and burial at Garner, AR.
NOLAND, Charles Jr. – 29 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; son of C.M.; died in isolation hospital in Memphis
----- Sun; Marked Tree cemetery; survived by parents and brother Billy Ray.
NORRIS, Arlie – 25 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 25yrs of Senath MO; died Sat of spinal meningitis, body returned
----- to Senath for burial.
NORTON, James A. – 18 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 69yrs; of Harrisburg died Mon at Jonesboro of meningitis.
O'BRIEN, Georgette – 21/28 Oct 1937-c2 [MTT-7] infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Everett O'Brien died near
----- Tyronza on Fri; also survived by a brother and sister; Holly Springs cemetery near Harrisburg.
O'BRYAN, B.W. – 20 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 65yrs; died in Memphis Apr 8 after lingering illness of a year;
----- came to US from Queenstown Ireland when age 17; moved to Memphis in 1907; survived by wife Mrs.
----- Nettie O'Bryan, son William, 2 daughters, Rose Marie and Mrs. Genevieve Gore of Memphis.
O'KANE, Georgie Lou – 9 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 9mo; daughter of Mrs. Ike O'Kane of West Ridge died Fri
----- of colitis; survived by parents and 1 brother and 1 sister; Garden Point Cemetery.
ODEL, C.J. – 15/22 Sep 1938-c6,7 [MTT-7] age 52yrs; died at his home near Marked Tree Sun; Whitton cemetery.
OWENS, Luther – 4/11 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] age 40yrs; pneumonia; body held at Manila for interment.
PACE, Bob – 24 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 4mo; twin son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur PACE of near Tyronza died of
----- colitis at Baptist Hospital in Memphis Mon; Bob and twin brother Ed were born during the flood last
----- spring; survived by parents, brothers Ed & Allen, and sisters Mary & Helen; Tyronza cemetery.
PARISH, W.I. Mrs. – 16 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 69yrs; died at her home last week; survived by husband,
----- daughter Mrs. Brodie Burkes, 1 sister and 2 brothers; came to Tyronza in 1897 from TN; Tyronza
----- cemetery.
PARNELL, Freda – 10 Nov 1938-p1 [MTT-7]age 3yrs; died Thu at Memphis; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Claude
----- Parnell of near Osceola; also survived by 4 sisters and grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Bell; Garden
----- Point Cemetery.
PARTAIN, James – 25 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 23yrs; shot to death Sat of last week by George Codquitt
----- following an argument.
PARTAIN, Louise ARCHER Mrs. – 3 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 18yrs; died last Tue at Baptist Hospital in
----- Memphis from second degree burns when her clothing caught fire at her home near Cherry Valley;
----- formerly of Lepanto; survived by husband, and daughter Ida Mae, parents Mr. & Mrs. Will Aarcher
----- of Lepanto, Mrs. Anna Winningham and 5 brothers, Howard, Claude, Willie, J.T. and Henry; burial
----- at Mysner cemetery near Cherry Valley. (Cross Co.)
PARTENBERRY, Sam (Ora Mae) Mrs. – 30 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 23yrs; died at her home near Deckerville
----- Wed of pneumonia; survived by husband, 3 children, Lillie Mae, Earlin and Sammie; Whitton cemetery.
PATTILLO, John L. Mrs. – 31 Aug 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 51yrs; died Aug 26; daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs.
----- J.G. Albright of Harrisburg; survived by husband, 4 children Louis of Pine Bluff, Fred of Stuttgart,
----- Harvey of Marked Tree, and Mrs. G.D. Long of Moscow, 5 sisters and 3 brothers Mrs. M.B. Hedges of
----- Jackson MI, Mrs. H.B. Thorn and Mrs. W.B. Baggett of Harrisburg, Mrs. M. E. Goldsby of Douglas
----- AZ, Mrs. J.G. Waskom Jr. of Marked Tree, Charles Albright of Trumann, Ollie Albright of
----- Harrisburg and Harold Albright of San Diago CA; Memorial Park in Harrisburg.
PATTON, Helen Mrs. – 23 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 82yrs; frequent visitor to Grady Hancock home; died Tue;
----- funeral in Memphis on Wed.
PEDEN, Luther Dee – 2 Nov 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 35yrs; died 5 miles west of Turrell, his throat was slashed by
----- brother Lester when he interceded in a quarrel between Lester and his wife; survived by wife, 2 sons,
----- Jack and A.D. of Turrell, a daughter, Mildred, mother Mrs. Minnie Paden of Trumann, brothers,
----- Jess, W.A., H.B. and E.W. all of Trumann, Lester of Turrell and Albert of Blytheville, sister Mrs. J.C.
----- Norvell of AL; Whitton Cemetery.
PENNELL, Lacey M. – 22 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 43yrs; died at his home in Dyersburg TN of heart attack on
----- Sat; formerly of Marked Tree; survived by 2 sisters Mrs. Betty Clay Buston of Wynne and Mrs. Frank
----- H. Gailor of Memphis; his mother Mrs. J.W. Pennell of Memphis; burial at Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis.
PENNINGTON, Calvin Earl – 31 Aug 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 5mo; son of Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Pennington of Dyess
----- died Mon; Potter's cemetery.
PENNINGTON, John (Carmen BARNHILL) Mrs. – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 26yrs; of Lepanto flood
----- refugee died Sat from pneumonia at the Ella Oliver home in Memphis; survived by husband, parents Mr. &
----- Mrs. Ed Barnhill and 3 brothers, Loyce, Curtis and Pete all of Lepanto; Potter's cemetery in Lepanto.
PERKINS, Charles O. – 28 Sep 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 52yrs; prominent farmer of Black Oak near Tyronza died
----- Thu; survived by wife, 5 sons, Edward, Chester, Glenn, Leo (one name missing), 3 daughters, Mattie,
----- Eva and Ruth, 3 half brothers, Louis Howard of Marianna, John Howard of Tyronza, and Matt
----- Howard of Dyess, 2 half sisters Mrs. Annie Robard of Rondo AR, and Mrs. Ella Campbell, mother,
----- Mrs. Nancy Howard and stepfather Marcus Howard; Webber Cemetery. See also 5/12 Oct 1939-c2 In
----- Memory; born 12 Dec 1885; names survivors, widow, Minnie Perkins, son Oliver.
PETERSON, Lee H. (Ella Rosa) Mrs. – 29 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; died Wed at Marked Tree; survived
----- by husband, daughter Mrs. Pearl Lane, granddaughter Lettie Lane and 5 great grandchildren;
----- Marked Tree cemetery.
PETTUS, Ernest Gail – 21 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died Mon at Tyronza of heart attack; survived by wife and
----- several children; shipped to Little Rock for burial.
PINMON, Raymond – 3 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] murdered in 1922; Sam EDWARDS negro was arrested for the
----- crime near Marion.
PITTMAN, Vina Mrs. – 26 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 42yrs; died of tuberculosis at home near Tyronza;
----- Whitton cemetery.
PONDER, William E. – 2/9 Nov 1939-c3 [MTT-7] age 81yrs; died at home of son J.H. of Walnut Ridge on Tue;
----- born Ripley Co. MO; survived by sons M.E., J.A. and J.H. all of Walnut Ridge, daughters, Mrs. J.H.
----- Ponder of Trumann, Mrs. J.W. Creason of Jonesboro, brothers, C. Ponder of Rt. 1, E.R. of Hoxie,
----- W.M. of Walnut Ridge, sisters, Mrs. Pete Shipman of Rt. 1, Mrs. Rufe Pulliam of Palmer MO;
----- Lawrence Memorial Park at Walnut Ridge.
PORTLOCK, Charles -- 20 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 66 of near Weona; died Sat at St. Bernard's hospital of
----- pneumonia; Holly Springs cemetery.
PRESLEY, Coy – 28 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 21yrs of Harrisburg; head on collision near Trumann.
PRESTLY, Charlie – 10 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] collapsed Mon, taken to Jonesboro hospital; little hope for recovery.
PRICE, J.W. – 3 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 70yrs; died in Thayer MO last Thu; father of J.W. PRICE of Marked
----- Tree; Rose Hill cemetery near Thayer MO.
PRINCE, John J. – 31 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 53yrs; died Christmas Day of apoplexy; native of MS; survived
----- by widow Mrs. Liela M. Prince of Marked Tree, 3 sons, Harry, Guy and Horace all of Marked Tree, 3
----- daughters Mrs. James Dolan and Sybil Prince of Flint, MI, and Frieda of Marked Tree; Nichols Cemetery
PROVOST, A. (Tilitha CHERRY) – 19 Nov 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 66ys; died at Dilatush farm outside Marked
----- Tree; native of MS but had lived in AR 32yrs; survived by husband, 1 son H.I. Provost, 1 daughter
----- Mrs. Marion Bayless all of Marked Tree, 1 sister Mrs. S.J. Joiner of Miner City MS and a number of
----- grandchildren; burial at Marked Tree cemetery.
PRUITT, T.C. Mrs. – 4/11 Mar 1937-c2 [MTT-7] died Tue in Memphis; husband was blacksmith who is in
----- Baptist hospital in Memphis with an infection in his hand; her funeral was to be held at Brownsville
----- TN on Wed.
PRYSOCK, Charley C. – 8 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 75yrs; died at Dyess Sat; born in MS; moved to Dyess 5 yrs
----- ago from Star City AR; survived by 3 sons, 3 daughters, 40 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren;
----- Heflin cemetery near Star City.
PYRON, James (Flossy Bell SOVEREIGN) Mrs. – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 32yrs formerly of Marked Tree;
----- born 22 Sep 1904 at Imboden died Jan 19 1937 at the home of her mother, Mrs. Sovereign in
----- Napierville, IL; reported by her sister Mrs. Albert SchnibbensNS of Naperville, IL; survived by husband, sons
----- Tommy age 3yrs; preceded in death by a daughter, 2 sisters, 1 brother and father; survived by
----- siblings, Thomas Ray Sovereign of Aurora, Mrs. J.H. Bolin, Mrs. Pearl Skinner both of Napierville, Mrs.
----- Charles Sovereign of St. Charles, Mrs. Otto Hidau of Napierville, and Russell Sovereign of Napierville.
RAMER, Mary Lucille Mrs. – 27 Apr 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 29yrs; died at Dyess Fri of uremic poisoning;
----- survived by husband; 3 children, mother Mrs. Will Adams of AL; 5 sisters, 6 brothers Eugene of Tyronza,
----- George, Ottis, Charlie, Henry and Everette of AL; Bassett cemetery.
RANEY, James Mrs. – 16 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] died at her home in Portia on Sat; sister of Mrs. Charles
----- Eberhardt of Marked Tree; attending funeral was her sister and her son Charles Thomas Eberhardt.
REDDEN, James – 29 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] of Judd Hill died from injuries received in auto accident.
REECE, W.P. – 28 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 55yrs; killed Fri in auto accident; survived by wife & 3 unnamed
----- children.
RENSHAW, Charles – 28 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 54yrs of Harrisburg; died Mon auto accident.
RERRELL, R.A. – 29 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7]age 60yrs; died at home near West Ridge Wed; survived by 5 sons,
----- Willie, Rufus, Edgar of West Ridge, Cecil of Hayti MO, Elmer of Tallipoose MO, 4 daughters Mrs.
----- Julia Adams and Mrs. Mary Law of West Ridge, Mrs. Florence Parker of Hayti MO, Mrs. Carrie
----- Doreye of Tallipoose MO, brother Clark of Fisher, sisters Mrs. Vade Murphy of Weldon and Mrs.
----- Alice Craig of Beedeville; Garden Point Cemetery
RIPLEY, Sarah E. Mrs. – 15 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 81yrs; died in Montgomery AL on Sat; funeral in
----- Marked Tree; born and reared in Poinsett Co. near Harrisburg; made home for last 13 yrs with daughter
----- Miss Jessie Ripley in Montgomery; mother of Mrs. J.M. Harvey who died in March; also survived by
----- 5 sons, Henry of Texarkana TX, Julius of Marked Tree, Hardy of Cottonwood AL, and Will of Harrisburg
ROBINSON, Churchill Ann Mrs. – 17/24 Nov 1938-c3 [MTT-7] Card of Thanks; died Nov 10; by daughters,
----- Mrs. Savannah Parr of Marked Tree, Mrs. Cora Lee Rodgers, Mrs. Etta Mae Hines and sons-in-law,
----- W.H. Parr, Pink Rodgers and Rev. P. Hines.
ROBINSON, Nolan J. – 24 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] of Jerico AR died Gartly-Ramsey Hospital in Memphis Sat;
----- peritonitis; native of Oakland MS moved to Jerico in 1916; survived by daughter Mrs. Roy Thweatt of
----- Jerico, 3 sisters, Mrs. W. Wiltshire of Pine Bluff, Mrs. J.T. Tritchrd of Jerico and Mrs. J.W. Huges of
----- Sunflower and 4 brothers, C.J. of Charleston MS, H.F. of Greenwood, G.H. of Crawfordsville AR and
----- S.L. of Jerico; National cemetery (Memphis)
RODGERS, Ester Mrs. – 22 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 20yrs; of Tyronza died at home Wed; survived by
----- husband J.W. and daughter Estelle; Whitton cemetery.
ROGERS, J.W.—12 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 25yrs; services conducted Sun; his wife died Sep 14; survived by
----- mother, a daughter and one brother; Whitton Cemetery.
ROME, Dewey (Dollie) Mrs. – 22 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 20yrs; died Mon at home of her mother Mrs.
----- Rachael Stalnaker of tuberculosis; survived by husband, mother and several siblings.
RUTLEDGE, Bell Mrs. – 7 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 70yrs; died at the home of her daughter in Harrisburg on
----- Dec 29 1936 near Harrisburg; son Luther Rutledge of near Marked Tree; Holly Grove cemetery Harrisburg.
SAGE, J.A. Rev. – 27 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 75yrs; died at his home in Magnolia Mon; survived by wife, 6
----- children, Rev. J. Abner Sage being one son; services at Magnolia.
SAMPLES, A. Lyle Mrs. -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] critically burned at Bentonville
SANDERS, L.N. – 27 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 75yrs; retired timber dealer died Wed due to sinus and heart
----- trouble at home of his son Frank in Tyronza; survived by children, Everett of Memphis, Frank of
----- Tyronza, Mrs. C.J. Sharpe, Ernestine and Ernest of Jonesboro, 3 grandchildren, Oma Mae of
----- Memphis, Frank Maurice of Tyronza and Carl Jr. of Jonesbor, sister Mrs. Minnie McDowell of Selma AR;
----- Webber cemetery.
SARTER, F.E. – 31 Aug/7 Sep 1939-c4 [MTT-7] age 52yrs; suicide (to faded to read).
SAYLOR, Charlie – 29 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Saylor of Marked Tree born Tue
----- morning and died that afternoon; Marked Tree cemetery.
SCARBROUGH, Elliott Mrs. – 16 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 91yrs; died at home of daughter Mrs. J.W. Carter
----- in Keeling AL on Sun; survived by 5 sons, Romie of Parkin, Richard of Marked Tree, A.C. of Houston
----- MO, Dave of Vardman MS, Jessie of Morganza LA and 2 daughters Mrs. Carter of Keeling AL and
----- Mrs. Mack Aston of Benton AR, 19 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.
SHANKLE, J.E. – 28 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 52yrs; died Sun following a stroke; survived by wife Janie and
----- several sons and daughters; Potter's Cemetery.
SHANKLE, Leonard Venoy – 19 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; son of Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Shankle of near Gumbo
----- Corner died Thu of colitis at Jonesboro; Potter's cemetery Lepanto.
SHEEHAN, C.W. – 2 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 55yrs; died at his home in DeQuoin IL; brother-in-law,
----- W.F. Bridger of Marked Tree.
SHOFFNER, D.L. Mrs. – 8 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] of 10 miles south of Newport was killed Sat in an auto accident
----- near Deckerville; survived by husband and 2 children; Walnut Grove cemetery.
SHOOK, Verian Miss – 28 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 16yrs; killed by train Tue; her father Wylie was forced to
----- secure a boat to bring his wife and 4 children to Trumann because of flood waters; burial at Nettleton Cemetery.
SIMPSON, Bobbie Curtis -- 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] age 14mo; funeral last week
----- at Walnut Ridge; mother, Mrs. Josephine (KING) Simpson who is quite ill with the flu; she returned
----- to Marked Tree with her sister Mrs. Milt Coats.
SMART, Henry Robert – 19 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 21yrs; committed suicide Sun; resided with wife and her
----- parents Mr. & Mrs. C.G. Glidewell; parents Mr. & Mrs. Noah Smart live at Portland TN; interment in TN.
SMITH, Burley Mrs. – 4 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 19yrs; died at her home in Marked Tree Fri; survived by
----- husband, daughter Helen, parents Mr. & Mrs. Wess Rogers; Marked Tree cemetery.
SMITH, J.H. – 14 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 67yrs; died Mon at Jerico; postmaster at Marked Tree for 13yrs;
----- native of Mayfield KY; services at Pleasant Grove MS with at Pleasant Grove cemetery; survived by
----- daughters, Mrs. Nat G. Terry of Clinton IN and Mrs. Sidney Mothershed of Sardis MS and son J.H.
----- Smith of Como MS.
SMITH, Thadus George – 14 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Thad Smith died Sat; Marked
----- Tree cemetery.
SMITHEY, Shirley – 11 Aug 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 1yr 8mo; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T.M. Smithey of Dyess died
----- Sat of indigestion; Whitton cemetery.
SMITHY, Ross Jr. – 3/10 Jun 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 19mo; son of Mr. & Mrs. Ross SMITHY died Mon near
----- Tyronza; Whitton Cemetery; survived by parents & 2 sisters.
SMOTHERS, Carroll Eugene – 29 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 5mo; died Thu; son of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hall of Black
----- Oak; Bowman Cemetery (Craighead County).
SMYTHE, Oscar T.”uncle Oscar” – 10 Feb 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 80yrs; died at Marked Tree Sun following
----- heart attack; services held at home of nephew, Marcus Miller; also survived by nephew O.E. Smythe
----- and sister Mrs. mary Dane of Memphis; Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis.
SNELL, Dorothy – 10 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 12yrs; died at home Wed of pneumonia and measles; survived
----- by mother, Mrs. Gracie Snell, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, several half brothers and sisters; Nichols cemetery.
SNODGRASS, Morton – 25 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 47yrs; of near Harrisburg; struck by auto driven by
----- Russell Freeman of Weiner; Harrisburg cemetery.
SNYDER, Max Kuron – 5 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 1yr; died at home Sat; son of Mr. & Mrs. S.S. Snyder;
----- Nichols cemetery.
SOLLIS, boy – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 3dys; son of Mr. & Mrs. Jay SOLLIS flood refugee of Marked Tree
----- died Fri at John Gaston Hospital in Memphis; burial at Memorial Park cemetery in Memphis.
SOWELL, W.C. Mrs. – 24 Nov 1938-p1 [MTT-7] of Raines TN; services in Sardis, MS; daughter Mrs. Ed Bailey
----- of Marked Tree; interment Sardis MS.
SPEARS, Millard – 13 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 48yrs; died at home near Lepanto Thu; double funeral with
----- friend Charlie Taylor; survived by wife.
SPELLINGS, Herman – 30 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died Tue at Warren TN; brother of Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Spelling
----- of Marked Tree.
SPIEL, Annie Mrs. – 14 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died Fri in Memphis; widow of Jake; native of Baltimore MD;
----- lived in Memphis abt 30yrs before moving to Tyronza 10yrs ago; survived by sons Louis and Lester of
----- Tyronza, daughter Mrs. William H. Harris of Earle, 6 sisters, Mrs. Mary Cohen and Mrs. Mose
----- Joseph of Memphis, Mrs. Reuben Groskind of Columbia SC, Mrs. Louis Price of Louise MS, and
----- Jackson MS, and Mrs. Philadelphia Wilenzick of Nashville TN, brothers Morris Kaufman of
----- Memphis and Meyer Kaufman of Lake Provindence LA; husband died abt 18mo ago; interment Baron Hirsch
----- cemetery Memphis.
SPIEL, Jake – 19 Nov 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 50yrs; merchant of Tyronza died Fri at Gayoso Hotel in Memphis;
----- survived by widow, Anne, 3 children Mrs. Dora HARRIS of Earle, Lester and Louis both of Tyronza
----- and 1 grandddaughter; funeral held by Collins Funeral home of Memphis burial at Baron Hirsch cemetery.
SPLAWN / EPLAWN, Jack – 9 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] of Dermott where services were held, died from injuries
----- received in auto accident.
STALLINGS, Mr. – 27 Jan/10 Feb 1938-c5 [MTT-7] card of thanks by Mrs. Mattie Stallings & children.
STALLINGS, W.D. – 13 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 70yrs native of TN came to Marked Tree in 1921; died at
----- home near Marked Tree on Mon; survived by wife, Mattie, twin daughters, Nell and Mrs. Chester
----- Scarbrough, sons Joe and Paul all of Marked Tree, brothers John of Blytheville and Henry of Wilson,
----- sister Mrs. Ada Moore of Ripley TN; Marked Tree cemetery.
STATON, T.G. – 17 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 70yrs ;died while in Hot Springs Mar 9th; pioneer settler; native
----- of MO; survived by son O.T. Stanton of Lepanto and daughter Mrs. Turner Elliott of Brunswick MO
----- services held at her home.
STERLING, Fate – 28 Dec 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 40yrs; died Fri at home of pneumonia; born in Bald Knob
----- moved to Marked Tree 3yrs ago; survived by wife, Mollie, sons Raymond and Shelby, daughters,
----- Helen and Wincle, mother, Mrs. Art Sterling of Bald Knob, brother France of UT, sisters Mrs. Emma
----- Daughtery of OK, Mrs. Julia Johnson of OK and Sylvia Adkins of Bald Knob; Nichols Cemetery.
STEWART, John Alexander – 16 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 77yrs; of Marked Tree died at Memphis last Thu of
----- pneumonia; born in Cincinnati OH had lived at Thayer MO for many years; came to Marked Tree in
----- 1911; survived by wife, Ellen (Birchett), sons R.G. and J.E. both of Memphis, daughter Mrs. N.H.
----- Farlass of Dallas TX, granddaughter Mrs. Hays (Jeanette Barton) Riding of Hunter AR, grandson
----- Reginald Farlass of Dallas TX, and 3 grandchildren in Memphis John Elmer, Rose Ellen and David
----- Stewart; Elmwood cemetery in Memphis.
STONE, Annie J. Mrs. – 12 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 86yrs; resident of Poinsett county since 1894 died at her
----- home in Marked Tree Mon; native of Nashville TN; survived by daughters, Mrs. J.E. Vanbebber of
----- Harrisburg and Mrs. R.B. Sanders of Haynesville LA, son J.B. Stone of Waldenburg; 5 grandchildren,
----- 7 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren.
STRAWBRIDGE, J.S. – 9 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 71yrs semi-invalid of near Tyronza; died as result of burns
----- on Sun; Whitton cemetery.
STUBBLEFIELD, Grady Mrs. – 23 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 43yrs; died at her home in Tulot Mon of
----- influenza; survived by husband, son James L., parents, Mr. & Mrs. T.H. Arnold of McKenzie TN, brother
----- Claude Arnold, sisters Mrs. Fairy Pate, Mrs. Arola Bynum of Gleason TN, Mrs. Ruth Bevard and
----- Mrs. Imogene Hines all of TN; interment at McKenzie, TN.
SUMPTER, Clay – 4/11 Nov 1937-c3 [MTT-7] age 23yrs of Lepanto; born and reared in Lepanto; died at
----- Memphis hospital from injuries received in auto accident; also killed was Coy Presley; survived by parents
----- Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Sumpter of Lepanto, brother Claiborne of State Sanatorium at Booneville, sisters
----- Mrs. J.R. Tucker Jr. and Mrs. J.T. Jordan both of Memphis; Cherry Valley cemetery, Cross Co. AR.
SUTTON, Cleo – 13 Jul 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 32 died at home of parents Mr. & Mrs. Everett Sutton of Dyess,
----- brother Hubert and sister Mayrene Sutton of Dyess; Hickory Grove cemetery at Murfreesboro.
SWEAT, Dave – 17 Nov 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 72yrs; “human horse” who pulled his family in a small cart over
----- several states died Sat of ptomaine poisoning 3 mo after settling in Jonesboro; started from
----- the Rio Grande Valley in TX; survived by wife, daughter 13, 3 sons aged 6, 3 and 2.
TACKER, Martha – 24 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 2yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.L. TAKER of Rt. 1 Tyronza
----- died Mon of colitis in Memphis; Whitton cemetery
TAYLOR, Charlie – 13 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 63yrs; died Fri in Memphis; double funeral with friend
----- Millard Spears.
TAYLOR, Zeek – 13/20 May 1937-c4 [MTT-7] son of G.C. TAYLOR formerly of Tyronza; married a young lady
----- from Marmaduke.
THOMPSON, Biggs – 23 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] funeral at Crystal Springs MS Tue; attended by brother, Mr. &
----- Mrs. S.P. THOMPSON and Miss Irene and Powell Thompson.
THOMPSON, J.C. Mrs. -- 4 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] age 27yrs; died in Little Rock, possibly poisoned.
THORNTON, Henry C. – 4/11 Mar 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 86yrs; murdered by son Russell THORNTON who
----- committed suicide.
THORNTON, Russell – 4/11 Mar 1937-c2 [MTT-7] age 41yrs; WWI veteran took his own life after killing his
----- father Henry C. THORNTON age 86 in Jonesboro; brother-in-law of Mrs. W.F. BRIDGER of
----- Marked Tree
THRASHER, Hershel – 23/30 Mar 1939-c2 [MTT-7] age 20yrs; died Thu; (too faded to read)
TOLLIVER, Floyd (Zella) Mrs. – 30 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 28yrs; died at home Sun; survived by husband,
----- son J.T., parents Mrs. Tom Smith, brothers Virgil and Thad all of Marked Tree.
TOMPKINS, J.F. – 12/19 Nov 1936-c4 [MTT-7] head of Farm Bureau died of heart disease at Burdette, funeral
----- and burial at Blytheville.
TONEY, Melvin – 25 Nov/2 Dec 1937-c4 [MTT-7] age 19yrs; of Truman was killed Thu when attacked and stabbed
----- to death in Fresno CA; survived by mother Mrs. Laura (ROMAN) Toney and sister Lois of Trumann.
TUCKER, Bertha Mrs. – 19 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 40yrs; died Tue; survived by husband, J.W. Sr., 3 sons,
----- J.W. Jr., William Everett and Owen Talmadge, her mother Mrs. I.R. Cagle of Pine Bluff, 2 brothers
----- M.D. Cagle of Camden, R.F. of Pine Bluff, 4 sisters, Mrs. W.F. Harris, Mrs. R.L. Sikes, and Mrs. M.
----- L. Poss of Pine Bluff, and Mrs. Wilborn Peacock of Monticello; Graceland Cemetery in Pine Bluff
TULLISON, Henry W. – 15/22 Oct 1936-c4,5 [MTT-7] age 37yrs of Tyronza; funeral service Thu at Spear Lake
----- Cemetery; survived by wife Mrs. Agnes TULLISON, his mother and other relatives of near Tyronza.
TULLY, Carl Edward – 2 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 9mo; son of Leroy died Mon of colitis; Spear Lake Cemetery.
TURNBOW, Homer Earl – 25 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 9yrs; flood refugee frfom Marked Tree died of
----- pneumonia at Memphis; survived by mother Mrs. Bessie THOMPSON TURNBOW, 5 sisters, Mrs. Louise
----- MOFFETT, Mrs. Vera BRANCH, Bernice TURNBOW of Marked Tree, Mrs. Beulah BRADFORD
----- and Mrs. Rugh BAILEY of Parkin, 2 brothers Joe Lewis and Billie Gene TURNBOW of Marked
----- Tree; Marked Tree cemetery.
TURNER, Jack – 16 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] former resident of Marked Tree died about 2 weeks ago in Meridian
----- MS, made his home in Demopolis AL with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Turner; also survived by
----- brother David, sister Maragret; services held at Demopolis AL.
TURNER, Jack – 16 Feb 1939-p1 [MTT-7] former resident of Marked Tree died about 2 weeks ago in Meridian
----- MS; made his home with his parents Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Turner at Demopolis AL; also survived by
----- brother, David Turner and sister Miss Margaret Turner; services at Demopolis.
TWIST, Clarence – 7 Apr 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 48yrs; stricken with heart attack while traveling between Earle
----- and Twist; mentions brother Frank.
UNDERWOOD, Penny Mrs. – 3 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 62yrs; died at her home in Bunny (Craighead Co.)
----- Mon; survived by sons Sam, Jesse and Leonard of Bunny, daughter Mrs. Della Miller of Marked
----- Tree; interment Lake City cemetery Craighead Co. AR.
VERMILLION, Grady – 17 Feb 1938-p1 [MTT-7] married Sat. to Miss Prebbie Avant both of Marked Tree
VIA, Harold – 25 Mar 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 12yrs; of near Lepanto son of Mr. & Mrs. Oscar VIA died at
----- Jonesboro of Meningitis; buried there.
VOLNER, Myrtle Mark Mrs. – 17 Dec 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 21yrs; died last Thu of peritonitis at home of her
----- mother, Mrs. Annie MARK SW of Harrisburg; survived by husband Paul, 2 sons Charles and
----- Raymond, burial Farm Hill cemetery near Harrisburg
WALBAUM, Rudy Mrs. – 18 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 39yrs; died at Marked Tree Fri, survived by husband
----- Rudy; Marked Tree cemetery.
WALDRUP, K.B. Mrs. – 20 Apr 1939-p1 [MTT-7] died Sat at her home in Raines TN; funeral in Memphis
----- attended by niece Mrs. Edward Bailey and children of Marked Tree; interment Sardis MS.
WALKER, O.H. (Daisy) Mrs. – 11 Nov 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 52yrs former resident of Marked Tree; died at her
----- home near Crawfordsville Thu; survived by husband, daughter Miss Georgia Walker, foster son Billy
----- Walker all of Crawfordsville, son O.H. Walker Jr. of Marked Tree; Memorial Park in Memphis.
WALLIN, Jimmy Don – 28 Apr/ 5 May 1938-c2 [MTT-7] age 3.5yrs; son of Bob, died west of Marked Tree of
----- colitis; Marked Tree cemetery.
WARD, Louis Otto – 1 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; died Wed east of Marked Tree; son of Mr. & Mrs. Louis
----- Ward; also survived by 3 sisters, Mary, Martha, Johnnie and brother J.L., grandparents Mr. & Mrs.
----- George McIntosh; Potter's cemetery.
WARREN, O.K. – 15 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 80yrs; of Excelsior Springs, MO and well known in Marked
----- Tree; died of stroke; pioneer timber man for Chapman & Dewey coming here in late 1880's; services
----- on Mon in Jonesboro; survived by 2 sons, Lynn Warren of Tulsa OK, Ralph Warrem of Springfield
----- IL, daughter, Mrs. Emmett Burk of Champagne, IL, brother, Dud Warren of CA/ nephew Earl
----- Warren of Poinsett Co. Oaklawn Cemetery Jonesboro.
WARREN, William – 25 Aug 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 17yrs; son of Mr. & Mrs. Luther Warren of Trumann was
----- instantly killed under a freight car; services held Tue; also survived by sister Nina Irene and brother
----- Henry Cecil.
WATERS, J.P. Jr. – 1 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] small son of J.P. Waters formerly of Tulot, died at Bald Knob Mon;
----- survived by parents, 4 brothers and a “sisters.”
WEAVER, Fred – 23 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 45yrs; set fire to padded cell in Harrisburg county jail; died in
----- Jonesboro hospital; he was in jail for forgery; Marked Tree cemetery.
WEBBER, J.T. -- 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] died at Sheridan; reared at Tyronza;
----- daughter Mrs. Lois Hawks was too ill to attend ; he is survived by his wife and 4 other children.
WEBBER, W.B. – 28 Sep 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 69yrs; died Mon at home of daughter Mrs. Oscar Marsh of near
----- Marked Tree; she was born in Tyronza and lived in Poinsett county all her life; survived by daughter
----- Mrs. Marsh, 7 grandchldren, Mrs. Lee Kirkland, Mrs. William Worley, Annie and Inez Lilliard,
----- Dorothy Akins, Paul and Wallace Lillard, 3 brothers Arthur and Lee of Weona and Lon of Wynne,
----- sister Mrs. Noah Anthony of El Dorado AR; Webster cemetery.
WEBSTER, Squire Andrew – 12 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 72yrs; died at home of his sister Mrs. Laura Kiper in
----- Oklahoma City Fri; survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. Frances Ozee of Missouri MS, Miss Bernice
----- Webster of Arkadelphia and Marked Tree, 4 sons, Arthur and Johnnie of LA, Carl of TN, and Tommie of
----- Marked Tree, 3 sisters Mrs. A.E. Carter, Mrs. Laura Kiper, Mrs. Ivy Layman of OK City, 3 brothers,
----- John and Edward of KY and Henry of Washington; moved to Marked Tree from Malden MO 10yrs
----- ago; Tyronza Cemetery.
WELLS, Herbert (Irene MORRIS) Mrs. – 12 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 34yrs; died at Memphis hospital on Fri;
----- survived by husband of Memphis, sons George and Herschel Alton, father O.D. Morris of MS, sisters
----- Miss Gladys Morris of Marked Tree, Miss Lida Dell Morris of Little Rock, Mrs. Don Caplinger of
----- Harrisburg and Miss Lucille Baird Morris of Milwaukee WS, brothers, W.D. Morris of Little Rock,
----- T.B. Morris of Milwaukee WS and O.D. Jr. of Pittsburg PA; Memorial Park Memphis.
WESTON, Ruby Mae – 6 Jul 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 11yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Weston of near Turrell
----- died Tue of congestive chill; also survived by six brothers, Roy, Boyce, Emery, Cecil, Berlin, Glen,
----- sisters Estelle all of Turrell and Mrs. Ruth Sego of AL; Tyronza cemetery.
WHEELER, Rexford Vinal – 9 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 50yrs; of Marion died at Memphis; survived by wife,
----- daughter Mary Berry Wheeler of Marion, son Ensign R.V. Wheeler Jr. of the USS Vincennes stationed
----- at Boston; mother Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Wheeler of Jonesboro.
WHITE, Charles Mrs. – 28 Dec 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 60yrs; of Whitton community; died at home of son Randle
----- White Tue; survived by by husband, 9 sons and 3 daughters; Whitton cemetery.
WHITE, Frank – 10 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 47yrs; deputy constable of Little River Township; died of bullet
----- wounds at Memphis hospital; wounded near Marked Tree; survived by Mrs. Freda White of Marked
----- Tree, 3 sons James of Marked Tree, D.L. and Harold Whiteof Florence AL; 3 daughters, Mrs.
----- Elizabeth Davis of near Tyronza, Mrs. Evelyn Foster of Dyersburg TN and Frankie Lee White of Marked Tree.
WHITE, Jimmie -- 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7] age 3yrs; drowned near Potter's Bridge in flood waters; son of Mrs. Ockley White.
WHITE, John / Johnny -- 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7] age 1yr; drowned near Potter's Bridge in flood waters; son
----- of Mrs. Ockley White; see also 1 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 1yr; drowned in Little River Jan 25, body
----- not recovered.
WHITE, Ockley Mrs. -- 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7] age 23yrs; drowned near Potter's Bridge in flood waters;
----- sister of Mrs. Pebble ENGLISH (drowned same time see her obit) ; see also MOUDY, Mary Mrs. --
----- 28 Jan/4 Feb 1937 [MTT-7]
WHITEHORN, Ida Mrs. – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] refugee of route 1 Tyronza died of pneumonia in Covington
----- TN on Mon; a widow is survived by daughter Thelma and 4 sons J.T., J.C., J.W. and L.H. all of Tyronza.
WHITLATCH, N.G. Mrs. – 28 Dec 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 65yrs; of near Trumann; killed instantly Wed when hit
----- by a truck driven by John Key; survived by sons, John, Fred, Pete and Glenn, daughters Mrs. Eupha
----- Berey, Mrs. Ada Henley of Detroit, Mrs. Pauline Crisp of Trumann, Miss Viva Whitlach, brother Gus
----- Hon of Thayer MO, sister Mrs. Grace Brownfield of St. Louis; Wilson cemetery.
WHITSITT, Dean Lee – 22 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 55yrs; dean of Arkansas College in Jonesboro, suicide.
WHITSITT, Joe Wheeler – 17 Feb 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 53yrs; died Fri at his home in Harrisburg of
----- pneumonia; survived by wife, Pearl, 6 daughters, Mrs. Nellie Jones of St. Louis, Mrs. Agnes Reeves of Flint MI,
----- Mrs. Maude Whitaker and Mrs. Lorene Hogan both of Harrisburg, Miss Mary Margaret and Miss
----- Irene Whitsitt of the home, sons Otto of St. Louis, Lee and Joe of Harrisburg; Pine Hill cemetery
----- Craighead Co.
WILLIAMS, Harry O. – 23 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 57yrs; died at home in Trumann Sep 16; brother of Mrs.
----- P.A. Gant; Potters cemetery in Lepanto.
WILLIAMS, Ike – 5 Nov 1936-p1 [MTT-7] age 53yrs; died at his home in Marked Tree Sat; native of IN had
----- lived at Marked Tree about 30yrs; survived by by wife Mrs. Mary Williams, 4 children Herbert,
----- Phyllis, Raymond and Mary Evelyn of Marked Tree; 2 sisters Mrs. P.A. Gant of Marked Tree, and
----- Mrs. Van Sherfield of Fornflet MO and 1 brother Harry Williams of Marked Tree; Nichols Cemetery.
WILLIAMS, infant – 1 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] died Aug 24; child of Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Williams; interment
----- Peyden MS; Mr. & Mrs. Williams formerly of Marked Tree.
WILLIAMS, John – 15 Apr 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 61yrs; resident of Marked Tree for more than 36yrs died Sun
----- of pneumonia; native of Sweetwater TN; came to Marked Tree in 1900; Marked Tree cemetery;
----- survived by wife, Mrs. Pearl Williams, 3 daughters, Mrs. Norman Edgett, Mrs. Jack Duilaney both of Memphis
----- and Martha Ann Williams of Marked Tree; son Darrell Williams of Memphis; granddaughter, Patsy
----- May Williams of Memphis; 2 brothers, Jim & Jasper Williams of Chattanooga TN, 1 sister, Mrs. Ellen
----- Gagley of Leona City TN.
WILLIAMS, T.J. – 9 Nov 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 5mo; son of Mr. & Mrs. Ross Williams died Fri of pneumonia;
----- survived by parents, brothers Ralph and Adolph, sisters Doris and Estelle, grand parents Mr. & Mrs.
----- Henry Glidwell of Selmer TN; interment Williams cemetery near Selmer TN.
WILLIAMS, Winnie Mrs. – 7 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] age 52yrs; of Wilson; died at Baptist Hospital in Memphis
----- Sun; survived by husband and 2 children; interment Louis Chapel.
WILLIS, Elmer Hollis Mrs. – 15/22 Jun 1939-c3 [MTT-7] age 53yrs; of Marked Tree died Wed; native of
----- Vernon AL later residing at Shannon MS moved to Marked Tree 7yrs ago; survived by husband, 5
----- daughters, Mrs. Clara May Page of Memphis, (the rest is illegible).
WILLOUGHBY, Frank – 30 Jun/7 Jul 1938-c2 [MTT-7] of Savannah TN; died in Memphis following appendix
----- operation; his aunt, Mrs. Fraley left Sat to attend funeral.
WILSON, J.E. (Kate CYPERT) Mrs. – 1/8 Jun 1939-c1 [MTT-7] died at home of daughter (illegible) in
----- Memphis; also survived by daughters Mrs. George Young of Los Angeles and Mrs. E.B. Maines of Truman,
----- sister Mrs. Alice Scott San Angelo TX and 2 grandchildren; Black Rock Cemetery.
WOOD, Bessie Mrs. – 11 May 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 43yrs; died at her home Wed; survived by mother, Mrs.
----- Josie Tarburton of MO, son J.W. of Marked Tree, daughters Mrs. Wanda Weaver of Rivervale and
----- Aline Wood of Marked Tree; brothers Robert and Faye Tarbutton of MO; sister Mrs. Myrtle Norris
----- of Derring MO; Marked Tree cemetery.
WOOD, Lewis M. – 6 Apr 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 54yrs; merchant of Tyronza died in Memphis on Sat; born 4
----- Oct 1884 in Holland TN; survived by sons Weldon of Phoenix AZ and Winston of Tyronza, daughter
----- Juanita of Buffalo NY, father G.M. of Memphis, sister Mrs. Paul Finch of Dallas TX; names out of
----- town relatives and immediate family attending. (this is a full column article)
WOODS, Ethel Miss – 12 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 18yrs; died at St. Bernard's hospital of leukemia; survived
----- by mother, Mrs. Bessie Woods, sisters Aileen and Wanda and brother J.W.; Marked Tree cemetery.
WOOTEN, Barney – 19 Oct 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 39yrs; of Fisher was shot in forehead by wife Laura on Mon.
----- (remainder is too fuzzy to read)
WRIGHT, Janette – 2/9 Sep 1937-c5 [MTT-7] age 2mo; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Wright of near Three
----- Bridges of congestive chill on Fri; Garden Point Cemetery.
WRIGHT, Ora Mrs. – 28 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 48yrs; of Whitton community died Sat; survived by 4 sons,
----- M.J., Edward, Charles and Lawrence, 1 brother Albert Phillips of Newton IL; burial at Whitton cemetery.
YON, Willie (Mattie) Mrs. – 11 May 1939-p1 [MTT-7] age 29yrs; died Thu; born in MS moved to AR in 1927;
----- survived by husband, sons W.L. Jr. and R.L., daughters Lois and Margaret; brothers Lender, Lonnie,
----- Luther and Gilbert (surname not mentioned) of Memphis, sisters Mrs. Willie Jay Mitcherson of
----- Marked Tree and Stella Thweet of Memphis; in Gibson Bayou cemetery.
YOUNG, H.C. – 23 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 56yrs of Weona; died Memphis hospital Sat of pneumonia;
----- survived by wife, Leta, sons Henry Cole Young of Dallas and J.C. Young of Rosedale MS; Harrisburg cemetery.
ZARTMAN, S.M. – 3 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 78yrs; died at his home in Payne OH, father of Mrs. Frank
----- Benton of Marked Tree.

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