and Those Not Expected to Survive

Poinsett County, Arkansas

MARKED TREE TRIBUNE 1917-1918, 1925-1928 & 1930

Listed below are the names, the date and the page number of the notices that have appeared in the Marked Tree Gazette and the Marked Tree Tribune.

(No Surname listed), “Lampy” -- 28 May 1915-p1 [MTG-4] died last Fri after being kicked in the chest by a mule.
ADAMS, J.W. Mrs. – 23/30 Nov 1928-c1 [MTT-6] age 73yrs; mother of Mrs. E.J. Slaughter died at her home
----- Nov 14 in Pine City Wed; survived by husband, 2 sons and 3 daughters.
ADKINSON, W.W. – 12 Dec 1913-p1 [MTG-4] formerly of Marked Tree and Lepanto died in Santa Fee TN
----- on Nov 28; his widow has returned to Jonesboro
ALLEN, Henry Mendenhall – 27 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 39yrs of Memphis; drowned in St. Francis River
----- abt 12mi from Marked Tree Fri when boat he was duck hunting in sprang a leak;
----- survived by wife, Lucy Vaughan Allen, parents Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Allen of Greenville SC, brothers Kirk
----- and Ernest Allen of Greenville SC, R.E. and James of NY, sister Mrs. James Sullivan of Westminister SC.
ALLISON, Arlene – 15/22 Nov 1918-c3 [MTT-5] age 15yrs; daughter of W.M. Allison; died Fri influenza and pneumonia
BAKER, George – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
BAKER, W.U. – 31 Jan/7 Feb 1908-c4 [MTG-2] died 27 Jan 1908; b: KY; remains sent to Kittawa, Clay Co., KY.
BARLOW, C.N. – 16 Jul 1909-p1 [MTG-2] age abt 57yrs; died last Sat of lingering illness of 12 months; leaves
----- wife and daughter Miss Ella, and a step-son, Chas. Eberhart; Hazel Cemetery.
BARLOW, Lillie – 11 Oct 1907-p1 [MTG-2] died Sat, (child); leaves parents, sister and brother, Hazel Cemetery.
BARNES, Fern – 26 Aug 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 25yrs; died from drinking canned heat, body sent to Olmstead, IL
----- for burial
BARTON, Helen Geraldine – 17/24 Aug 1917-c3 [MTT-5] age 2 ½ mo; daughter of Will Barton, died Sun from
----- whooping cough; City cemetery
BARTON, Quince – 1 Oct 1915-p1 [MTG-4] probably not 25yrs old; found at his gin near Gilmore with severe
----- bruise on his head and head-first in barrel of water 15” deep; married Miss Pearl Stirewalt,
----- wife, child and brother survive; buried at Dead Timber Lake.
BASCH, L.A. Dr. – 28 Jun/5 Jul 1907-c2 [MTG-2] age abt 35yrs; leading physician of Marked Tree, died at Memphis
----- where he had gone for treatment; came from OK several years ago; body
----- shipped to Marion IN home of his nativity for burial; leaves wife.
BASS, F.B. – 1 Jan 1915-p1 [MTG-4] negro tramp; killed while getting off a train that was traveling about 30 miles an hour.
BASS, J.S. – 26 Feb 1909-p1 [MTG-2] killed in cyclone at Fisher AR
BAUGH, Henry Mrs. – 29 Aug/ 5 Sep 1913-c3 [MTG-4] died 26 Aug after short illness; leaves parents and sister;
----- buried at Jonesboro Fri.
BAYLESS, Mrs. & sons– 17/24 Mar 1911-c2 [MTG-2] died about 3mo ago, later a son, then last Sat another son;
----- other family members are ill with pneumonia
BEARD, Carl – 31 Oct 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 30yrs; of Trumann; killed by truck
BEASLEY, Willie – 22 Jul 1910-p1 [MTG-2] age 12yrs; killed instantly by train
BECKER, Fannie – 25 May 1917-p1 [MTT-5] age 21yrs; committed suicide; Potter's cemetery
BEEDLES, Joe “Uncle” – 22 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged abt 60yrs; died suddenly Sat of malaria-hermaturia; 2 sons,
----- Charlie of KS and Will of Mayfield, KY; burial at City Cemetery.
BELFORD, infant – 9 Feb 1917-p1 [MTT-5] age 6mo; child of Otis BELFORD; burned to death at Tyronza on Sat.
BELL, “Jack” – 20 Sep 1912-p1 [MTG-2] shot at Dell on Tue
BENNETT, Bob – 21 Oct 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 55yrs; died on Wed on houseboat of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lynn from a
----- congestive chill; Willis cemetery
BENNETT, Elisha – 5/12 Mar 1915-c4 [MTG-4] age 76yrs; at home of son Thomas I. Bennett on Buffalo Lick on Feb 26;
----- leaves wife and 10 children.
BENNETT, Rolla (Mamie WALL) Mrs. – 26 Dec 1913-p1 [MTG-4] age 22yrs; apoplexy; leaves husband, father, sister
----- and 2 brothers; shipped to Sardis, MS.
BENTON, Barbara – 3 Apr 1927-p1 [MTT-6] baby, card of thanks from Mr. & Mrs. Early Benton.
BENTON, Frank – 27 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 60yrs; dropped dead Tue; survived by wife, son Earl, daughters,
----- Leona, Eva, Opal and Marjorie, brother John of Pierce SD, interment Augusta AR.
BIGGS, Robert A. – 31 Oct/ 7 Nov-c4 [MTT-6] In Memoriam died 2 yrs ago today, Oct 31 1928; missed by his wife and daughters,
----- Mrs. Sue A. Bibbs, Mrs. W.H. Overall, Mrs. C.A. Carrigan, Mrs. J.H.
----- Craft of Memphis, Mrs. Frank Baker of Earle, AR.
BISHOP, Oscar – 1 Dec 1911-p1 (filmed after 8 Dec issue) [MTG-2] shot by J.W. Miller
BLAND, John C. – 11 Mar 1927-p1 [MTT-6] found dead on Feb 27, wife Myrtle age 39 held for his murder.
BLANTON, C.A. (Emma) Mrs. – 13 May 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died Mon from over dose of laudanum, buried at Lake City
----- beside her mother who died several years ago.
BLANTON, C.A. (Mattie) Mrs. – 8 Aug 1913-p1 [MTG-4] died at her home in Marked Tree on Wed from peritonitis;
----- survived by husband, baby, father and 2 sisters; Pine Log Cemetery.
BLANTON, C.A. Mrs. – 27 May 1910-p1 [MTG-2] In memoriam; children Myrtle and Earl.
BLANTON, Joe – 14 Mar 1913-p1 [MTG-2] suicide at Sweetwater TN while on visit to Cleveland TN
BLANTON, Mrs. – 24/31 Jan 1908-c3 [MTG-2] died 11 Jan at Sweetwater TN, mother of C.A. and Cart Blanton.
BLANTON, Myrtle – 16 Nov 1917-p1 [MTT-5] daughter of C.A. Blanton; died Tue in Memphis; buried Wed in
----- City Cemetery
BLIVENS, Ella (WORLEY) Mrs. – 14/21 Jan 1927-c2 [MTT-6] died Jan 27, 1927 of pneumonia; daughter of
----- Leigh Worley of Savannah, TN; leaves 6 children the oldest being 9yrs and the youngest boy 3dys old; burial at Nixon, TN
BOHRER, C.H. – 14 Sep 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 76 next Sun, died Wed of heart trouble; family from Olney, IL
----- body sent there.
BOSTIC, Rogers (Alta SMITH) Mrs. – 4/11 Jul 1930-c3 [MTT-6] age 37yrs; died at Baptist Hospital Memphis;
----- had given birth 3 weeks ago and confined to her bed ever since; married 4 yrs; daughter of Almonta
----- Smith of Memphis where she was born; 1 sister Mrs. Edward Frazier Jr.; grandfather Joe Stirewalt;
----- burial Forest Hill cemetery Memphis.
BOWEN, H.H. – 15 Jul 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 71yrs; died at his mom Wed. he leaves a widow, daughter Mr. &
----- Mrs. T.B. Hughes of Marked Tree, two sons, Thomas G. Bowen Of Haines City FL and Guy Bowen;
----- unnamed sisters and brothers of WV, sister and brother of FL and a sister in CA; buried City Cemetery
BOWERS, A.J. – 16 Oct 1925-p1 [MTT-8] died in spring of 1924, his wife had been accused of poisoning him,
----- she was cleared of the charge.
BRACEY, William – 8 Jul 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 50yrs, farming on the plantation of his aunt, Mrs. Josie Caldwell;
----- drowned in his car when he backed his car off the embankment into the Tyronza river on Jun 30;
----- body shipped to New Holland IL for burial
BRACKEN, Tom – 8 Aug 1913-p1 [MTG-4] said to be 72yrs resided near Paragould; struck by a extra
----- Frisco Train and instantly killed.
BRADEN, Slim – 3 May 1918-p1 [MTT-5] shot over game of cards by Charlie Anderson.
BRADSHAW, Harry – 26 Sep 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 50yrs of Newport; truck accident
BRADSHER, A. Sid (nee HALL) Mrs. -- 18 Feb/ ? (torn) Mar 1916-c4 [MTG-4] died at Memphis hospital on
----- 17 Feb after surgery; leaves husband, several children and brother Sheriff Joe Hall.
BRADSHER, J.A. Mrs.—16 Jan 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 52yrs; died 12 Jan 1925 at Baptist Memorial Hospital in
----- Memphis from septicemia; born Poinsett Co.; mother of Mrs. E.P. Hurton of Marked Tree,
----- Mrs. J.M. Thompson of Waldenburg, Mrs. M.B. Miller, Fred and Thomas Bradsher of Marked Tree;
----- burial at Harrisburg.
BRAMLETT, “old man” – 30 Sep 1910-p1 [MTG-2] killed by Frisco train
BRANNON, O.F. (nee COUCH) Mrs. – 21/28 Jan 1927-c1 [MTT-6] age 52yrs; died Jan 14, 1927; daughter of the
----- late John and Caroline Couch of Eudora, MS; funeral attended at Horn Lake, MS on Sun by
----- step-daughter Mrs. Homer Brannon.
BRIDGES, O.B. – 13 Oct 1916-p1 [MTG-4] shot and instantly killed by Charley J. York.
BROOKHART, John Marion – 14 Aug 1925-p1 [MTT-8] born in Leland MS; died Aug 7 in Memphis;
----- son of J.M. & Ida Brookhart. (very faint ink) Elmwood Cemetery Memphis.
BROWN, N.S. Mrs. (grandmother of) – 10 Jun 1908-p1 [MTG-2] card of thanks by Mrs. N.S. Brown
----- and family of Tyronza; “beloved mother and grandmother.”
BROWN, Will – 7 Jun 1916-p1 [MTG-4] drowned in Hatchiecoon Lake last Sun; survived by wife
----- who was a Miss Bryant of Fisherville TN who is a cousin of Henry Nolley of Marked Tree.
BRUNNER, Ann Mrs. – 28 Dec 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 72yrs; at St. Bernard's hospital on Thu of last week,
----- heart trouble; buried in Catholic cemetery in Paragould beside her husband and 2 children;
----- survived by sons, John, Frank, Henry, Will, Ben Theillmier and Joe and George Brenner all
----- living at Pocahontas.
BUCK, Dave – 11 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] pioneer citizen of Lepanto died at home of his mother
----- Mrs. E.J. Buck in Denver CO on Nov 1; son of Rev. D.S. Buck; abt 12yrs ago stricken with tuberculosis.
BUCK, Frank – 4 Oct 1907-p1 [MTG-2] suicide Thursday last week, separated from wife who was in
----- Bovine MS, wife and son age 12 survive.
BUCK, John – 18/25 Oct 1918-c2 [MTT-5] age abt 47 yrs; of Etowah thrown by horse; died Sun; leaves
----- wife and 5 children
BURCHAM, Robert – 5/12 Jan 1906-c4 [MTG-1] killed by falling tree at tie camp on the Tyronza Central;
----- shipped to Marked Tree on Sun. then to Nettleton for burial.
BURDOUGH, Jack – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
BURRILL, T.J. – 28 Apr 1916-p1 [MTG-4] died Apr 14 at Urbana IL; he was Vice President of the University
----- of IL; had property at Marked Tree
BUSH, Earnest – 24 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 38yrs; shot to death in gun duel near Trumann; survived by
----- wife and 4 children.
CANNADY, Mrs. – 11/18 Feb 1916-c4 [MTG-4] died at Herget on Feb 7 at the home of daughter J.R. Harvey;
----- leaves daughter Mrs. Herman (Essie) Madole of Lepanto; sons J.C. Cannady of near
----- Herget and E.D. Cannady of Hoxie; Pine Hill Cemetery (Craighead Co.)
CANNON, Maud (GRIFFIN) Mrs. – 3/10 Sep 1926-c3 [MTT-6] (ink faded); of Derma, Calhoun Co. MS; died at the
----- home of her sister Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Bowling 30 Aug.
CANTRELL, Theron – 1/8 Aug 1913-c3 [MTG-4] age 3 1/2yrs; died 2 weeks ago at their home in Greenville, MS;
----- buried at Nettleton cemetery; son of Mr. & Mrs. L.L. Cantrell.
CARRIER, Nettie (LUNG) Mrs. – 11/18 Feb 1927-c 2 [MTT-6] died Feb 5, at her home near Barton ranch;
----- widow of William; sons, William, James and Jack survive; cared for by Mrs. R. Owens of Tyronza,
----- sister Mrs. C. Dunavant of near Earle and brother Charles Lung of in or near Marked Tree.
CARROSTON, G.T. – 24 Dec 1926-p1 [MTT-6] negro age 24yrs; was murdered by George Welch age 26
CARTER, Charles – 7 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died at home of William Coats last Thu, pneumonia;
----- buried at new cemetery.
CARTER, Dillard M. – 4 Mar 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 35 insurance salesman found dead in St. Louis;
----- born and reared in Jonesboro; buried Jonesboro
CHANDLER, James P. – 21 Jan 1913-p1 [MTG-2] shot while attempting to arrest fugitive.
CHANEY, Ben – 31 Oct 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 40yrs; suicide at Lepanto; WWI vet; leaves wife and
----- 4yr old daughter; Garden Point Cemetery
CHANLER, Tommie – 7 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died last Thu at home of Maurice Woohatch at, pneumonia.
CHAPMAN, Ben (Rose) Mrs. – 19/26 Nov 1915-c4 [MTG-4] died near Lepanto on Thu
CHAPMAN, E.H. – 22 Sep 1911-p1 [MTG-2] treasurer of Chapman & Dewey Lumber Co. died in
----- London England Sat; shipped to Kansas City for interment.
CHAPMAN, Hadden – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
CHAPMAN, Jim – 10 Jan 1913-p1 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
CHATHAM, Bennie – 17 Sep 1909-p1 [MTG-2] accidentally shot by playmate
CHRISTIE, B.H. Mrs. – 8 Oct 1915-p1 [MTG-4] age 75yrs; death is expected at any time; 22 Oct 1915-p1
----- card of thanks in death of wife by B.H. Christie and children from Marked Tree dated Oct 19, 1915;
----- 5/12 Nov 1915-c5 In Memory of Mrs. Virginia Christie, poem by Mrs. C.T. Jarrell of Humbolt, TN.
CLAMPIT, Clarence – 16/23 May 1913-c3 [MTG-2] aged 16yrs Lepanto; son of Jack Clampit; died Thu of
----- pneumonia; Greenwood cemetery
CLANTON, Francella – 17/24 Oct 1930-c4 [MTT-6] Card of Thanks; born 25 Aug 1929 in Jonesboro; died 10 Oct 1930;
----- parents, Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Clanton and Family
CLARK, Bob – 13/20 Sep 1912-c4 [MTG-2] shot by Charlie Perry.
CLARK, Jim – 31 Dec 1926-p1 [MTT-6] murdered Christmas night, Marion McGowan alleged killer
CLAUNCH, J.B. Mrs. – 26 Mar/2 Apr 1909-c5 [MTG-2] in critical condition
CLAUSE, Oscar – 2 Sep 1910-p1 [MTG-2] a baker at Marked Tree, died at St. Joseph's Hospital in
----- Memphis last Sun; body was taken charge of by Bakers Union in Memphis.
CLAUSON, Jim – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
CLEM, Ed Mrs. – 25 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] died Tue; his wife is in critical condition and not expected to live.
CLEMENS, Minter Mrs. – 5/12 Jan 1912-c1 [MTG-2] died at her home in Lepanto on Fri Dec 28, 1911.
CLINE, J.T. – 4/11 Jul 1930-c3 [MTT-6] age 68/9yrs (blurred); asthma; survived by 2 children, Carl and Leda Clair
COATES, William – 8/15 Sep 1911-c2 [MTG-2] W.O.W. unveil monument Sep 17 at Hazel cemetery
COATS, W.M. (Jennie) Mrs. – 14 Feb 1908-p1 [MTG-2] 35yrs; died at her home on opposite side of St. Francis
----- river Sun night; pneumonia; leaves son age 10yrs, Hazel Cemetery.
COFFEEN, H.S. – 9 Feb 1917-p1 [MTT-5] died at Green Castle IN last week where she was visiting relatives;
----- her home was at Homa IN where she was taken for burial; niece Mrs. W.B. Miller of Marked Tree.
COLE, David Mrs. – 11 May 1928-p1 [MTT-6] died 3 hours after surgery for intestinal trouble; husband,
----- 3 daughters and 1 son survive; City Cemetery.
COLE, Harry L. – 23 Sep 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age abt 45yrs; killed in auto accident; a brother, Sam was killed
----- about a year ago on the Judd Hill road; leaves mother, one sister and 5 brothers.
COLE, John -- 7/14 Mar 1913-c2 [MTG-2] died Wed; Potter's Cemetery
COLE, Neal – 4 Sep 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 21yrs; of Trumann; burned to death when he struck a match to check
----- how much gasoline there was in his car; son of Oll Cole.
COLE, Sam – 12 Nov 1926-p1 [MTT-6] (ink faded); cause was old injury
COOK, Frank (nee KEYS) Mrs. – 27 Aug/ 3 Sep 1915-c4 [MTG-4] died at her home near Fry's Mill Sat from
----- tuberculosis; daughter of J.W. Keys; leaves husband; parents, one sister and one sister.
COOPER, Dollie (PATMORE) Mrs. – 18 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] shot and killed Monday in Memphis by Arthur Welch;
----- her father William Patmore; Welch was her sweetheart and very jealous of her,
----- he committed suicide.
CORNATSER, Leonard – 16/23 Aug 1918-c7 [MTT-5] died Aug 4; son of Rube Cornaster.
COWAN, R.L. – 16/23 Aug 1912-c2 [MTG-2] died last week at Harrisburg
COX, Mrs. – 7 Nov 1913-p1 [MTG-4] died at home of son, Lee Cox at Weiner on Tues.
CRAFT, Phillip – 28 Oct / 11 Nov 1927-c4 [MTT-6] age 8yrs 1mo 19dys; died Sep 30; son of Wes Craft.
CRANSBY, A.H. (Mary) Mrs. – 26 Aug 1910-p1 [MTG-2] 53yrs; drowned last Wed in St. Francis river; body
----- interred at Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis.
CRAUSBY, Augustus H. – 27 Apr 1917-p1 [MTT-5] age abt 60yrs; died Thu; heart failure; twice married, 2nd
----- being Miss Birdie Atkins by whom he has one child; sons Clarence and Louie; 4/11 May 1917-c3
----- card of thanks by Mrs. .A.H. Craisby and son Harry.
CRAVENS, Fred –19/26 Feb 1915-c2 [MTG-4] age abt 16yrs; son of E.A. Cravens; blood poison; leaves parents,
----- 1 brother & 3 sisters; buried at Paragould.
CRICK, child of Tom – 18/25 Aug 1905-c2,3 [MTG-1] age 1yr, died on the 7th, from the Hardy Herald paper.
CRICK, Tom J. Jr. – 11 May 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 27yrs; killed by train
CUMMINS, Charlie “Little” – 22 Apr 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age abt 50yrs; died at home of uncle, C.C. Cummins on Sat;
----- tuberculosis; old settler of this county; buried Tyronza cemetery
DAGO, Joe the – 25 Jun 1909-p1 [MTG-2] negro, killed 2mi E. of Marked Tree by train.
DANIELS, R.W. (nee BOOKER) Mrs. – 12/26 Sep 1930-c2 [MTT-6] aged 58yrs; died Sep 11th near Tyronza;
----- husband died in 1925; survived by 2 sons G.W. Jr. and Edgar both of Augusta, 1 brother
----- Ben Booker of Clarksdale and 1 sister Mrs. J.L. Carrier of near Tyronza; buried at
----- Libson Bayou on Sept 12.
DAVIS, Bob – 6 Aug 1909-p1 [MTG-2] negro porter; died last Fri; heat related.
DAVIS, Frank – 7 Feb 1913-p1 [MTG-2] shot 5 times by Jerry Butler.
DAVIS, Henry Mr. & Mrs. – 25 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] died within an hour of each other on Wed; shipped to
----- Imboden for burial; left 3 children, age 4, 7, and 9.
DAVIS, Jack W. – 20 Mar 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 50yrs; of Memphis, a Frisco engineer died of heart attack Thu at
----- Ravenden; body shipped to Memphis; survived by wife and several children.
DAVIS, Oliver – 5 Jul 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged 77yrs; pioneer citizen of Poinsett Co; died at his home in Tyronza;
----- survived by wife and daughterr Mrs. Beasley of FL, son Milton of KS; remains
----- shipped to Galva KS
DAVIS, Walter Mrs. – 20 Jan 1928-p1 [MTT-6] died in Jonesboro hospital on Wed, leaves husband and
----- several small children; burial at Tyronza cemetery.
DAWSON, William – 15 Jul 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died at his home near Farmington, IA on Monday of last week.
DAY, George (Lillie) Mrs. – 14/21 Feb 1913-c5 [MTG-2] died Mon at Keys & Templeton Hotel; leaves husband,
----- 2 small children and 2 sisters Mrs. C.J. Sowders; City Cemetery
DEAN, Albert – 10 Jan 1913-p1 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
DEAN, J.S. (Martha BUSBY) Mrs. – following 31 May 1907-c1,2,3 [MTG-1] died at St. Joseph's Hospital in Memphis
----- last Tue., heart trouble, leaves 1 daughter Mrs. Lenora Sykes of Lucy TN; her former
----- home was Newborn TN.
DeBEAR, Ed – 28 Dec 1928-p1 [MTT-6] known as “Bear” died Wed from paralytic stroke, resident of Marked Tree
----- for 25 years; buried in negro cemetery.
DECKER, Frank F. – 11 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] stabbed to death at Weiner by a man who gave his name as Wallace
DEMPSEY, baby – 24/31 Jan 1908-c2 [MTG-2] age 15mo scarlet fever & pneumonia; son of Sam died Thu
DEMPSEY, Eugene – 31 Jan/7Feb 1908-c5 [MTG-2] pneumonia, living with sister Mrs. Crocket Hazel; leaves
----- father, 3 brothers, 4 sisters; taken to Sturgis KY for burial.
DENTON, Robert W. – 20 Dec 1918-p1 [MTT-5] assassinated sometime Fri by Will Merrit; leaves wife and 5 children
DENTON, Tom – 28 Mar 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age abt 60; died near Crawfordsville Wed of last week;
----- without friends or money.
DICK, Mr. -- 10 Jan 1913-p1 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
DODD, Dal (Floretta CUMMINS) Mrs. – 13 Mar 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 33yrs; youngest child of “uncle” Charlie Cummins;
----- died at El Paso, TX of tuberculosis; survived by husband, child, father, sister and brother.
DODD, Flora Etta Mrs. – 11 Mar 1927-p1 [MTT-6] memorial of her death on 10 mar 1925; by husband Don,
----- son Charles M., father C.C. Cummins, sister Nora B. Wolf, brother John L. Cummins.
DODSON, G.W. Mrs. – 4/11 Jun 1915-c1 [MTG-4] age 71yrs; died Wed paralytic stroke; daughters Mrs. Moore
----- and Mrs. Collins six other children survive; shipped to Hot Springs for interment.
DOLL, H.C. – 21/28 May 1915-c2 [MTG-4] abt 25yrs; killed when kicked in stomach by mule; shipped to Lepanto.
DOTSON, Geroge – 11 Feb 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age abt 50yrs; killed instantly jumping off truck; had rode horse to Harrisburg
----- to sell it to obtain medicine for his wife who was suffering from pellagra;
----- leaves widow and daughters age 8 and 11.
DOWN, A. – 22 Nov 1918-p1 [MTT-5] (blurred first name illegible); age 18yrs; died Tue typhoid fever; City Cemetery
DUDLEY, Robert Hamilton Judge – 26 Sep 1930-p1 [MTT-6] Oaklawn Cemetery Jonesboro
DUNCAN, John – 26 Nov / 3 Dec 1926-c4 [MTT-6] age 17yrs; buried at Cherry Beam on Mon
DUNCAN, Samuel – 26 Jan 1906-p1 [MTG-1] abt 35yrs, died last Mon. complication of diseases, proprietor of
----- restaurant near Harrison's saloon, leaves wife and 2 little children, parents, 3 brothers and 1
----- sister; member of A.O.U.W. and Odd Fellows of Nettleton, buried at Nettleton Tue.
DUNN, J.G. “Bud” – 8 mar 1918-p1 [MTT-5] died Sun following surgery for appendicitis; member Masonic and
----- Odd Fellows; City Cemetery; card of thanks by widow, Mrs. Maggie Dunn.
DUNNIVAN, Sarah Mrs. – 11 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] beaten to death by her step-father Henry Brough.
EASLEY, Ruby Murrell – 22 /29 Nov 1918-c2 [MTT-5] died Oct 25; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Easley.
EAST, Alex Mrs. – 16 Sep 1927-p1 [MTT-6] of Tyronza died Wed after surgery to remove a tumor in Memphis;
----- first cousin of Louis and Harry Ritter; her mother the late Mrs. Mary Eifert was a
----- sister to the late E. Ritter; remains sent to Canada.
EASTMAN, Taylor – 25 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age 74yrs; has 2 sons in France and another living at Lepanto
EDISON, Jesse Lee – following 31 May 1907-c3 [MTG-1] age 2yrs, son of A.D., died last Sat from malaria,
----- buried at West Plains MO.
ELLIOTT, Mr. & Mrs. – 10 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] resident of Tyronza for 10yrs; died Sat in Memphis; survived by wife,
----- 2 sons and 3 daughters.
ELLIS, Rudolph – 13 sep 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age 12 yrs, killed by a 14yr old boy named Kendricks.
ELLSWORTH, Nellie Mrs. – 3/10 Jul 1908-c3 [MTG-2] shot by T.J. Whitsett, see also Mrs. Dr. Reed;
----- he committed suicide.
ELROD, twin girls – 2 Sep 1912-p1 [MTG-2] died within a few hours; stomach troubles; daughtesr of Mr. & Mrs.
----- Marshall Elrod; buried in Jonesboro. 13 Sep 1912-p1 [MTG-2] card of thanks for Zelma
----- and Thelma by parents Marshall Elrod.
EMRICH, Mrs. – 9/15 Nov 1918-c2 [MTT-5] of Tyronza, buried at Jonesboro, leaves husband and 5 children
----- and two brothers
EMRICH, Oscar – 16/23 Jun 1911-c1 [MTG-2] aged 10yrs; died Jun 11; son of J.A. Emrich of Tyronza died last Sat
EMRICH, Willie Mrs. – 10/24Jan 1930-c1 [MTT-6] age 22yrs; of Tyronza; died at Memphis; survived by parents,
----- five sisters and one brother Orrell.
EWAN, John – 7 Jun 1912-p1 [MTG-2] critical condition in Jonesboro hospital; shot by brother-in-law L.B.
----- Kleeman who was married to Ewan's sister
FAULKNER, Jessie J. – 9 Jul 1915-p1 [MTG-4] of Marked Tree died Jul 2 in Memphis; survived by sons
----- aged abt. 10 & 11 yrs; wife died at birth of youngest son.
FEARS, Tom – 21 May 1909-p1 [MTG-2] alias Henry Willis or Henry Seymour; suicide after murdering
----- paramour Henrietta Seymour
FISHER, B.B. “Brown” – 27 Jun/ 4 Jul 1913-c5 [MTG-4] Reprinted from Jonesboro Tribune 23 Jun;
----- died at St. Bernard's Hospital yesterday for an injury received Sat at Weiner.
FLETON, Louis – 28 Oct 1927-p1 [MTT-6] negro soldier dropped dead last Sun.
FLOOD, A. H. – 8 Jan 1909-p1 [MTG-2] murdered last Jun by C.A. Miller near Marked Tree.
----- 13 Aug 1909-p1 [MTG-2] more of body found. 10 Sep 1909-p1 teeth found in ashes. 15 Apr 1910-p1 [MTG-2]
----- murder trial; Miller hang says Supreme court. 29 Oct 1909-p1 [MTG-2] murder trial.
FLOURNOY, Van G. Mrs. – 30 Oct 1925-p1 [MTT-8] killed in auto accident, husband is badly crushed
----- likely to die. (He survived and sued bus line, see 18 Dec 1925-p1)
FORD, B.W. – 28 May 1915-p1 [MTG-4] died at Boyd Hotel Wed; of Mammoth Springs, shipped there on Wed.
FORD, J.D. – 16 Sep 1927-p1 [MTT-6] negro farm hand; died on railroad track.
FOREHAND, Clyde – 19/26 Sep 1913-c4 [MTG-4] age 3yrs; son of Walter Forehand; died Sun;
----- Greenwood Cemetery
FORGUS, J.A. Dr. – 31 Mar 1911-p1 [MTG-2] died Sat. at St. Joseph Hospital (Memphis) from erysipelas;
----- funeral at Marked Tree; member of Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows, Redman and honorary member W.O.W.;
----- ex-confederate solder.
FRAZER, Clovis Jr. – 10 Sep 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 3yrs; died Sat, son of Mr. & Mrs. Clovis Frazer;
----- buried at Marked Tree
FRAZIER, boy – 17 Jun 1927-p1 [MTT-6] card of thanks by parents Mr. & Mrs. W.P. Frazier.
FREEZE, Wade – 26 Feb 1909-p1 [MTG-2] killed in cyclone at Fisher, AR
FURY, Mrs. – 13/20 Sep 1912-c1 [MTG-2] mother of Mrs. H.A. Hawkins died Mon, buried at Jonesboro
GAMBOL, M.E. Mrs. – 14 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died at her home in Fackler, AL on Tue.
GAY, Thomas S. – 21 Nov 1930-p1 [MTT-6] suicide at Lepanto (faded nearly impossible to read)
GEWIN, W.T. “Billy” – 19/26 Feb 1915-c2 [MTG-4] age 51yrs; died Marked Tree; pneunococcle (sic) infection;
----- aged mother, wife, 2 brothers and step-daughter survive; buried at Jonesboro.
GILKIE, Ed – 26 Jul/2 Aug 1907-c2 [MTG-2] negro; county convict, heat stroke, had 200 days to serve.
GILL, Ella (MAJORS) Mrs. – 12/19 Aug 1927-c1 [MTT-6] died near Sunnyside on Aug 1, born near Clifton,
----- Wayne Co. TN; married William Gill 6 May 1898, 3 sons, 3 daughters with one being deceased;
----- siblings Mrs. Jennie Hardin, Mrs. Lena Kitchen, D.A. Majors of Savannah TN; Webber Cemetery
GLOBOO, Jack or “Cowboy Jack” – 27 Mar 1925-p1 [MTT-8] killed Sun at Lepento in battle with deputy sheriff.
GLOVER, Curt – 30 Oct 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 25yrs; killed by Will Kimble age 45 abt 10 miles from Marked Tree Sun;
----- the killing was over a poker game; Kimble was discharged proving it was self defense.
----- 6 Nov 1925-p1 card of thanks for son who died Oct 25th by Mr. & Mrs. E.E. Glover.
GOING, L. Clyde – 11 Feb 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 54yrs; died in Memphis at his home on Fri; Elmwood Cemetery;
----- leaves wife, 4 daughters and former wife who was Miss Birdie Rooks of Harrisburg
GOLDEN, Haywood – 7 May 1909-p1 [MTG-2] negro murdered by Mack Howard and Harry WILLIAMS of Tyronza.
GOODEN, Will Mrs. – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
GOODWIN, Kate Mrs. – 13/20 Dec 1912-c2 [MTG-2] pneumonia; leaves husband and 4 small children
GOSELL, Henry E. – 16 Aug 1918-p1 [MTT-5] of Harrisburg; killed in action in Germany
GRACE, Ed – 7 Feb 1913-p1 [MTG-2] died of burns
GRAVETTE, W.B. – 12 Feb 1909-p1 [MTG-2] County Treasurer; died at his home in Harrisburg on Fri; apoplexy;
----- leaves 4 sons & 4 daughters.
GREEN, M.M. – 16 Aug 1918-p1 [MTT-5] killed by father-in-law, W.W. Craig; Holly Springs Cemetery
GREENWOOD, C.B. – 29 Mar 1912-p1 [MTG-2] died at his home in Lepanto Mar 23; aged 54yrs
GREENWOOD, Myrtle Miss – 21 Dec 1928-p1 [MTT-6] died in Memphis Mon; daughter of Charlie B. Greenwood;
----- buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Lepanto; sister Mrs. Weatherly, mother and one brother survive.
GREENWOOD, Walter – 16 Jul 1909-p1 [MTG-2] son of C.B. Greenwood; Greenwood graveyard
GREER, Johnny “Uncle” – 24/31 Jul 1908-c4 [MTG-2] age 74yrs; died Thu of last week at home of daughter
----- Mrs. Marion Music in Lepanto; buried at Lepanto on Friday.
GRIFFIN, Katherine Mrs. – 10/17 Feb 1928-p1 [MTT-6] died at home of her daughter Mr. & Mrs. Merl Redfern at
----- Monroe, NC; burial at Bristol, VA; mother of Mrs. C.C. Baron of Memphis and Mrs. Homer Sloan of Wilbeth, AR.
GRIFFITH, Clyde – 1 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged 1 yr 10mo 20dys; card of thanks by R.S. & L.A. Griffith.
----- 1/8 Nov 1912-c3 [MTG-2] died Oct 26.
Grissett, R.H. Mrs. – 6 Oct 1911-p1 [MTG-2] funeral services at Ravenden Springs, leaves 2 sons & 3 daughters.
GROJEAN, C.R. – 24 Oct 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 69yrs; died from burns also 2 grandchildren 8mi N. of Harrisburg
GROJEAN, Don – 24 Oct 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 4yrs; burns 8mi N. of Harrisburg
GROJEAN, Duke – 24 Oct 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 6yrs; burns 8mi N. of Harrisburg
GROOMS, Thomas Henry – 27 Jun 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 69yrs; cancer of the face; died at home of daughter,
----- Mrs. Hubert Lindley last Sat; Nicholls Cemetery.
HALE, David – 19 Aug 1927-p1 [MTT-6] of Trumann suffered broken neck in auto accident Thu night died at
----- St. Bernard's hospital in Jonesboro
HALEY, Pete – 1 Jan 1926-p1 [MTT-5] killed by Henry North near Weiner
HALL, Franklin Merriwell – 9/16 Aug 1912-c2 [MTG-2] age 9mo; pneumonia; son of Mr. & Mrs. E.W. Hall
HALL, son of A.J. – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto, aged 17yrs
HAMMOND, Frank “Shaky” – 23 Oct 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 55yrs; killed by Roy Cantrell age 16; feud existed
----- between the families.
HARDIN, baby of Ed – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
HARDIN, Obe – 21 Feb 1908-p1 [MTG-2] killed while felling a tree; came here from AL; leaves young wife,
----- buried Hazel Cemetery.
HARDING, Henry – 13 May 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died at Wynne last Fri, aged 63yrs.
HARE, T.E. (Mary D.) Mrs. – 22 May 1925-p1 [MTT-8] date line Wynne May 17; age 67yrs died in Memphis
----- hospital May 16; pioneer resident of Cross Co.; survived by son, Dr. Shelton Hare of Crawfordsville,
----- daughters, Mrs. T.M. Pearson of Tahlequah OK, and Mrs. David Vance of Batesville MS, 2 grandchildren,
----- Winston Pearson and David Vance Jr.; interment at Vanndale.
HARGET, Roscoe – 22 Feb 1918-p1 aged abt 17yrs; died Tue in Paragould as a result of injuries received
----- when run over by train
HARPER, Annie Elizabeth Mrs. – 17 Mar 1911-p1 [MTG-2] died Feb 28, mother of John Harper.
HARRIS, Gracie – 22 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] burned to death at Harrisburg
HARRIS, J.H. (Mary Ann) Mrs. – 2 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 76yrs; died Monday at Baptist Hospital in Memphis
----- from cancer of the stomach; Elmwood Cemetery Memphis
HARRIS, McClendon – 7 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 23yrs; youngest son of T.D. Harris, instantly killed last Sun in
----- auto accident on the Lepanto road; Oakwood cemetery; born in Grenada, MS Sep 30 1903;
----- survived by parents, brother Gardner and sister Mrs. A.D. Shelton; 14 Jan 1928-p1 photo
----- and Masonic Lodge notice
HARRIS, Mrs. – 12/19 Mar 1915-c2 [MTG-4] age 73yrs; died at home of her son James Harris on Mar 7
----- old age and legrippe.
HARRIS, T.M. Mrs. – 21/28 Jan 1927-c2 [MTT-6] age 66yrs; funeral at Charleston, MS on Wed; attended
----- by niece Mrs. F.F. Tatum.
HARRISON, H.C. – 10 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6] of Lepanto was killed in wreck last Sun; father of Mrs. H.R.
----- Murphy of Lepanto.
HART, Bill Mrs. – 10/24 Jan 1930-c2 [MTT-6] buried Webber Cemetery on Sat; survived by husband and
----- baby boy
HARVEY, Anna Liza Mrs. – 23 Sep 1927-p1 [MTT-6] died last Fri at her home in Marmaduke; leaves son
----- Jim Harvey of Marked Tree; daughters Mrs. Allen Harvey, Mrs. Carrie Davidson and Mrs. Lula Hawkins
----- all of Marmaduke.
HAYNES, John W. – 31 Aug 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 50yrs; of Tyronza; shot by Irving Jones last Sat night;
----- burial at Tyronza.
HAYNES, Walter – 11 Jul 1930-p1 [MTT-6] killed by train near Levisque on Tue
HAZEL, C.J. Mrs. – 21 Jun 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age 62yrs; died Jun 18 pernicious malaria; leaves husband,
----- “Uncle” Jack Hazel, 3 daughters, Mrs. J.B. Phillips Mrs. J.R. Wigginton and Mrs. Parker O'Roark, son Neal;
----- Hazel graveyard
HAZEL, Irene – 5/12 Jul 1918-c2 [MTT-5] died Jun 18, 1918, memorial by Royal Neighbors of America
HAZEL, Jack – 30 Mar 1928-p1 [MTT-6] (faded almost beyond reading)
HAZEL, M.W. Mrs. (her father) – 14/28 Jun 1907-c2 [MTG-2] died at Dexter MO last Sat.
HAZEL, Marion W. Honorable – 2 Jul 1909-p1 [MTG-2] photo; president of the Bank of Marked Tree.
HAZEL, Ruby – 14 Feb 1908-p1 [MTG-2] 14mo; daughter of Crocket Hazel, died at home of uncle M.W.
----- Hazel last Sun, pneumonia & measles.
HECTOR, J.W. – 22 May 1908-p1 [MTG-2] of Maumelle Prairie Craighead Co., was killed by train last Sun;
----- buried Hazel Cemetery.
HENDERSON, John – 15 Feb 1918-p1 [MTT-5] abt 60 yrs; killed instantly by falling log; lived near
----- Pocahontas in Randolph Co.
HENDRIX, T.R. – 3 Dec 1930-p1 [MTT-6] died Wed at Marianna from pneumonia and stomach operation;
----- wife and several small children survive; 3 grown sons Murl of Detroit MI and Cecil of Marked Tree;
----- sister Mrs. Ida McSaprlin of Lepanto and brothers Bluford of Trumann and Jesse of Etowah,
----- Fred and Ples of Marked Tree; oldest son of Uncle Tom Hendrix who died in 1921.
HERROD, Judge – 18/25 Jul 1913-c5 [MTG-4] died at Little Rock; run down by auto.
HESTER, M.A. – 3 Dec 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 83yrs; pioneer citizen; died on his houseboat; survived by
----- 2 nieces at Rockfield KY
HICKMAN, Lottie Laura – 10 Nov 1916-p1 [MTG-4] age 10mo 15dys; youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.J.
----- Hickman.
HIGGINS, Everette Clayton – 6 Jan 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 27yrs; friend was shooting at rat hit a box of
----- dynamite which exploded and threw him about 30 feet; worked for aunt, Mrs. J.R. Wright; married with 2 children.
HILF, H.C. Mrs. – 31 Dec 1269/7Jan 1927-c2 [MTT-6] celebrated her birthday of Dec 25 with daughter Mrs. Frank Grossman.
HINES, A. – 19/26 May 1916-c2 [MTG-4] age 79yrs; died at his home in Cripple Creek VA; father of Capt. G.W. Hines.
HINES, Grover – 4/11 Aug 1905-c3 [MTG-1] age 16yrs, died Tue near Free State Mill; buried Thursday at Hazel graveyard.
HINES, J.M. – 27 Jan/3 Feb 1911-c2 [MTG-2] died in Morristown, TN Sun; bro of G.W. Hines of Marked Tree
HINKLEY, F.F. [Edith GOODRICH] Mrs. – 30 Jan 1925-p1 [MTT-8] of Tyronza; born 12 Jul 1870 Cooper Twp.,
----- Kalamazoo Co., MI; married 11 Nov 1891; son Raymond; sister Mrs. C.H. Wilson of Seattle, brother
----- T.C. Goodrich of Tyronza.
HIRSHMAN, infant – 21/28 Aug 1908-c3 [MTG-2] age abt. 1mo; died Tuesday in Jonesboro hospital; interred in
----- family burial ground at Marked Tree.
HOAGLAN, W.B. – 22 Aug 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 57yrs; died at home of his daughter Mrs. Adias Holloway Thu of
----- last week; resident of Marked Tree for many years; leaves 5 daughters and two sons; City Cemetery.
HOGAN, O.M. Mrs. -- 7/14 Mar 1913-c2 [MTG-2] 20yrs of Marked Tree; married about 6mo; died last night; sister of
----- Mrs. A.J. Tatum; burial at Liberty cemetery from Jonesboro Tribune Mar 3
HOGLAN, Retha – 9 Jul 1915-p1 [MTG-4] age 7yrs; daughter of W.B. Hogland died Wed last from inflammation
----- of the brain; Hazel's graveyard
HOLBROOK, Willie Lee – 9/15 Nov 1918-c2 [MTT-5] died Mon at Tyronza, burial at Webber graveyard
HOLLIDAY, Grover Mrs. – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] of Lepanto, died in Trumann Oct 19.
HOLMAN, infant – 18 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] premature, died Sun; born to Mr. & Mrs. C.D. Holman.
HOLMES, Mary (WALKER) Mrs. – 6/13 Sep 1918-c4 [MTT-5] died in Jonesboro Hospital on Tue from typhoid fever;
----- daughter of Judge J.B. Walker of Lake City
HOLMES, Stanley “Bud” – 9 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 31yrs; killed at Hunter AR Thu night; unmarried.
HOLMES, Sterling – 9 Nov 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age nearly 90yrs; dropped dead at Harrisburg, survived by wife and 3
----- brothers, Harry, Robert and Buford, buried at Harrisburg.
HOOKS, Lavella – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] died at Marked Tree hospital Mon; son of Mr. & Mrs. W.K. Hooks.
HOOTEN, boy – 23 Jul 1909-p1 [MTG-2] baby of J.C. Hooten of Deckerville, died on the Frisco train Tuesday
HOOTEN, James Clyde – 5/12 May 1916-c3 [MTG-4] age 18mo died at Tyronza Tue; congestion; buried Wed at
----- Dead Timber Cemetery
HOPGOOD, Louise – 28 Jun/ 5 Jul 1918-c3 [MTT-5] age 4yrs; died Mon; daughter of Elmo Hopgood.
HOPKINS, John T. – 7/14 May 1909-c4 [MTG-2] died 4mi E. of Marked Tree last Thu of Brights disease; came from
----- Brownsville, TN in 1892; m. Miss Pittman of Brownsville; 3 children; Hazel Cemetery. Also
----- same paper, c-3 Resolution of Respect from I.O.R.M.; d: 29 Apr 1909 and I.O.O.F.
HOPPER, Ernest Porter Dr. – 8 Jun 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 40yrs; born near Jackson TN; dropped dead.
HORN, Mr. – 9 Dec 1910-p1 [MTG-2] age 21; killed by falling tree at lumber camp Wed., twin brother witnessed
----- accident.
HORTON, Horace – 12/19 Nov 1915-c1 [MTG-4] probably 25 yrs old; run over by Frisco train east of Marked Tree;
----- an uncle, Mr. Martin identified the body; shipped to Tyronza for burial.
HOUGHEY, Robert – 10 Nov 1905-p1 [MTG-1] died at his home near Alto last Sat, consumption, abt 35yrs old,
----- survived by wife and daughter, buried Hall's graveyard on Sun.
HOUSTON, Eldrid (Daisy) Mrs. – 2 Sep 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 27yrs; suicide at Tyronza last Fri; grieving over
----- death of baby several weeks ago; came to Tyronza from Ripley TN
HUBBARD, Ed – 24/31 Oct 1913-c4 [MTG-4] died at Tyronza Thu, leaves wife, father and sister; shipped to TN.
HUBBARD, Robert (Zoda) Mrs. – 1 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged 20yrs; died Monday at her home across St. Francis
----- River; complication of diseases; leaves husband, 1 child and her mother Mrs. W.H. Bennett
----- and several small brothers; burial at Oaklawn cemetery (Craighead Co.). 1/8 Nov 1912-c4 [MTG-2]
----- in memoriam by Marked Tree Hive Ladies of the Maccabees of the World
HUBBARD, Will – 1 Jul 1927-p1 [MTT-6] recently of Lepanto who moved to Osceola 3 weeks ago dropped dead
----- from heart failure on Tue; buried at Marked Tree
HUGHES, Betty Mrs. – 28 Oct /4 Nov 1910-c3 [MTG-2] Redmen Resolution; died 30 Sep 1910
HUGHES, John – 18 Feb/ ? (torn) Mar 1916-c3 [MTG-4] died Tue at his home near Frys Mill from stroke; leaves wife,
----- daughter and brother T.B. Hughes; Hazel graveyard
HUGHES, John W. (Bettie) Mrs. and new born baby – 7 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] age 26; died Thu; married at
----- Brownsville, TN 9yrs ago, leaves 2 other children; Hazel Cemetery
HUGHES, John W. Mrs. – 12 Jan 1912-p1 [MTG-2] died last Sun (article was left out of paper last week)
HUGHES, Quinlan – 7 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] age 20mo; son of R.L. Hughes, died Friday; Hazel Cemetery
HUGHES, Thomas (Cora) Mrs. – 22/29 Sep 1905-c3 [MTG-1] died at her home Wed from malaria hermaturis,
----- leaves husband and 3 small children the eldest 9yrs, shipped to Brownsville, TN on Thursday.
ISBELL, W.J. – 17 Apr 1925-p1 [MTT-8] found dead in woods of Greenfield Twp. Last Fri; survived by 2 sons
----- age 7 and 9 and a daughter age 5 who were sent to an orphan asylum in Little Rock.
JACKSON, Marion “Uncle” – 30 Aug/ 2 Sep 1912-c2 [MTG-2] aged 82yrs, died Aug 26; he was among the first
----- settlers of Poinsett Co, leaves a son, daughter and grandchildren
JACKSON, Thomas H. – 1/8 May 1908-c2,3 [MTG-2] age 56yrs; died at home of Zack Davidson Tuesday of
----- pneumonia; living here abt 8yrs came from Bowling Green KY; buried Hazel Cemetery; his wife also died abt.
----- 10 days ago in Memphis.
JACKSON, Tommie – 16 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 5yrs; accidentally killed by 7yr old brother
JAMES, C.W. – 23 Nov 1928-p1 [MTT-6] of Trumann found dead in taxicab
JAMES, John – 20 Jul 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 65yrs; found dead in his car about 5 miles west of Marked Tree.
JAMES, John Henry –19 Jul 1912-p1 [MTG-2] negro; drowned in Little River Sat
JENNINGS, Bryan William – 31 Aug 1917-p1 [MTT-5] bay son of Thomas C. Jennings died on Mon
JERNIGAN, Douglas – 6/13 Aug 1915-c5 [MTG-4] age 15yrs 11mo; born 28 Aug 1899 McNary Co. TN died St.
----- Joseph's hospital in Memphis on Aug 2 1915 from appendicitis; son of A.A. and Sallie Jernigan; buried at
----- Greenwood Cemetery in Lepanto.
JOHNSON, Bill – 3 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6] killed Tue in auto accident, lived near Trumann, leaves wife and 3 children
JOHNSON, Jack – 21 Jun 1918-p1 [MTT-5] negro soldier; body returned from Newport News, VA
JOHNSON, James R. – 22 Apr 1927-p1 [MTT-6] boat capsized drowned at floodway; leaves sister Mrs. Irene
----- Shelton in Jonesboro; buried at Tyronza.
JOHNSON, Jim – 9 Jul 1909-p1 [MTG-2] drowned in St. Francis river last Mon; shipped to Lake City for burial
JOHNSON, Kittie – 6 Oct 1905-p1 [MTG-1] murdered in Memphis by paramour Geo. Webb alias “Creeping Bear” a
----- “copper colored coon.”
JOHNSON, Mary Miss – 21 Jul 1900-p1 [MTG-1] age 17yrs; died last Wed. swamp fever; b: Crowder City
----- Indian Territory, recently moved to Marked Tree to live with brother John Johnson; remains shipped
----- to Crowder City where her parents are buried. Card of Thanks signed by John and Ava Johnson.
JONES, Charles J. (Ella) Mrs. – 20 Aug 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 44 yrs; well known negro teacher in Marked Tree;
----- died Monday; burial at Milan, TN. A sister died near the pump house in Marked Tree a few years ago.
JONES, Julila – 30 Mar 1906-c3 [MTG-1] mistress of John Knox (negro) who shot her at a “Honk-a-Tonk.”
KARLOW, Julius (Lulu CLARK) Mrs. – 2/16 Sep 1927-c4 [MTT-6] age 42yrs; died Aug 29 of typhoid fever; mother
----- of 12 children; a premature baby boy was buried with her; Webber Cemetery
KEE, Henry Burnett – 30 May 1913-c5 (last sheet on film) [MTG-2] age 19y 3m 17d; son of Scott and Louisa Kee,
----- born Union Co. KY 18 Aug 1903; died near Marked Tree May 6 1913 pneumonia, parents bro and sis survive.
KEEN, Goldie Miss – 13 Jan 1911-p1; 13/20 Jan 1911-c3 [MTG-2] age 18yrs, died Jan 7, 1911 at home of half brother
----- George Keen of Lepanto from pneumonia; 6 brothers and 1 sister survive; brother
----- Jim Keen who died a short time ago; shipped to Rogersville, MO for burial.
KELLER, Clyde – 30 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 35yrs; buried in Jonesboro, leaves wife and several children
KENAN, Hattie Lee Mrs. – 12 Sep 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 36yrs; shot and killed by employee, Vince Mazzanti who
----- committed suicide
KERR, Louie – 17/24 Jan 1908-c2,3 [MTG-2] age 16yrs; died 10 Jan, son of R.P. Kerr, burial at Dead Timber
----- church cemetery.
KETCHUM, J.S. Dr. – 13 Aug 1915-p1 [MTG-4] age 70yrs; well known physician of Imboden died of unknown
----- causes; wife and daughter survive him.
KILLIAN, George – 16 Sep 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 17yrs; died in auto accident; an orphan since his mother,
----- Mrs. Fannie Killian died 9 years ago; made home with aunt, Mrs. Peck Gant, uncle Ike Williams.
KIMERY, Andrew – 11 Nov 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 40; of Marked Tree; killed by falling tree; burial at Marked Tree.
KING, 3 small sons – 28 Aug 1925-p1 [MTT-8] ages 8, 10 and 12; of Lepanto; sons of Prof. & Mrs. G.T. King;
----- drowned in the Tennessee River at Concord TN; interment Clairmore OK.
KIRBY, M.P.(grandmother of) – 1/8 Sep 1916-c6 [MTG-4] called to Forest City by the death of his grandmother last Fri.
KITCHENS, Will – 12 Jul 1907-p1 [MTG-2] negro, executed at Marion for murder.
KUH, Edma – 24/31 Jul 1908-c4 [MTG-2] age 4yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.B. KUH, died Tuesday.
LAMBERT, John J. – 10 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 75 died Tue of pneumonia; buried at Paragould
LANGE, Albert C. – 3 Apr 1925-p1 [MTT-8] date line, Blytheville 28 Mar; pioneer citizen of Blytheville; died last
----- night of heart failure age 64yrs; survived by daughter Mrs. Price Carpenter of Blytheville,
----- a brother and a sister; interment Maple Grove cemetery.
LAVOY, John – 18 Dec 1908-p1 [MTG-2] committed suicide in Searcy last Sat.; forged 2 checks in Marked Tree.
LEE, Murray Stanley – 21 Mar / 28 Apr 1913-c4 [MTG-2] aged 6wks; infant son of S.G. Lee died Sat.
LEONARD, Charles E. (Lacy Olive) Mrs. – 3/10 Sep 1926-c3 [MTT-6] (faded); age 37yrs; died 30 Aug in Memphis;
----- buried Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis
LESTER, Mr. – 22/29 Jul 1910-c1 [MTG-2] murdered by his brother, Oz Lester.
LEWIS, infant – 27 Sep/ 4 Oct 1912-c2 [MTG-2] died Sat; child of John Lewis; Potter Cemetery.
LILLARD, Luther C. – 18 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] in memoriam, died 17 Dec 1924
LINDSEY, Charles (Sallie) Mrs. – 12 Mar 1909-p1 26 Feb 1909-p1 [MTG-2] died Tuesday at her home of neuralgia
----- of the heart; Hazel Cemetery.
LLOYD, Mattie Miss – 3/10 Nov 1905-c2 [MTG-1] died at home in Deckerville last Wed., daughter of Will Lloyd.
LLOYD, Oscar – 25 Jun 1909-p1 [MTG-2] butchered, limbs severed discovered Thur of last week on St. Francis
----- lake near Hatche Coon Island, Charles Miller held. (Nearly 2 full columns and photo of Miller).
LOONEY, Laura – 8/15 Oct 1909-c2 [MTG-2] In memoriam, age 10yrs 9mo 19dys; died at Tyronza on Sep 22;
----- leaves parents a sister and brothers; buried at New Hope Cemetery Covenant near Water Valley, AR
LOUDERMILK, A.J. Capt. – 11 Feb 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 86yrs, died 14 Jan; of Wickliffe; father of John Smidge,
----- Grover and George Loudermilk and Mrs. Stuart who live below town in the Black Oak neighborhood.
LOUDERMILK, William “Doc” – 30 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 35yrs; Tyronza Cemetery
LOW, Jim – 13 May 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 22yrs; son of Charles W. Low; killed instantly last Sat by tractor
----- overturning near Waldenburg.
LUTZ, John Mrs. – 15/22 Oct 1926-c1 [MTT-6] of Nixon, TN died in Memphis, formerly of Marked Tree.
LYLE, C.H. – 9 Nov 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 70yrs; died Fri; no known relatives except one daughter thought to live in
----- Crittenden Co. but no one knows her name.
LYLE, J.B. – 2/16 Sep 1927-c4 [MTT-6] died at Stewart, TN; daughter Mrs. Chenwah and 6 children called there
----- by his death; father of 15 children
LYONS, Sue D. Mrs. – 3 Feb 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 77 died at St. Bernard's hospital in Jonesboro Fri; daughters,
----- Mrs. Susie B. DAVIS, 2 grandchildren Mrs. Kathleen Williams and Mrs. Tom B. Williams; Marked Tree City Cemetery
MADDOX, H.P. Mrs. – 13 Dec 1918-p1 [MTT-5] died recently during the flu epidemic.
MANGRUM, C.C. – 18/15 Oct 1912-c2 [MTG-2] peritonitis caused by fall from horse
MANLEY, boy – 22 Aug 1913-p1 [MTG-4] Lepanto news; died Tue; Potter's cemetery on Wed.
MANLY, Abbie – 12/19 Mar 1915-c2 [MTG-4] died Mar 4 of pneumonia
MANNING, James Berry – 16 Jul 1909-p1 [MTG-2] age 20mo; died May 22 1909.
MANNING, William Benjamin – 1 Jun 1917-p1 [MTT-5] of Harrisburg, died Mon from operation for appendicitis.
MARCOM, baby – 18/25 Nov 1910-c1 [MTG-2] 5mo; died in Jonesboro
MARKLE, Minor (Lucy DAVIS) Mrs. – 9 Oct 1925-p1 [MTT-8] died in Memphis following an auto accident; survived by
----- husband and 5 children, Miss Marian Markle, Mrs. Leslie Johnson, Miss Lucy Markle,
----- little Miss Jane Markle and Master Minor Markle Jr., 3 sisters, Mrs. Lillian Wilson and Mrs. Thomas Tarwater of
----- Excelsior Springs MO, Mrs. J.B. Orr of Lake City and Mrs. Maud Rouse of Houston TX. Daughter of the
----- late Mr. & Mrs. A.M. Davis; interment in Jonesboro.
MARSHALL, Edwin – 10 Jan 1913-p1 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
MARTIN, son of Charles – 25 Sep/ 2 Oct 1908-c2 [MTG-2] age 1yr; buried at Pine Knott cemetery N. of Jonesboro.
MASSINGALE, W.M. – 11 Feb 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died on Jan 12, 1910; I.O.O.F. lodge notice
MASSINGALE, W.M. Mr. & Mrs. – 11 Feb 1910-p1 [MTG-2] pneumonia, came from Russellville about a year
----- ago; 3 children with 2 sent to hospital in Jonesboro.
MAXEY, Luther – 2/9 Mar 1906-c2,3 [MTG-1] died Sun. in Jonesboro of pneumonia, body shipped to Dyersburg,
----- TN, 1 brother and sister survive.
MAYES, Clarence J. – 17 Sep 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 40yrs; suicide; leaves widow Dora and son Howard.
MAYO, Scott Thompson Judge – 8 Oct 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 47 yrs, died Baptist Hospital in Memphis Sun; burial at
----- Memphis; funeral at Harrisburg; leaves widow, Ida.
MAZZANTI, Vince – 12 Sep 1930-p1 [MTT-6] shot and killed employer Mrs. Hattie Lee Kenan, then committed suicide.
McBROOM, Edith Elizabeth – 4 Dec 1908-p1 [MTG-2] age 8yrs tuberculosis; poisoned by father, William McBroom
----- age abt 40yrs, widower; trial article.
McBROOM, Ollie Leona – 4 Dec 1908-p1 [MTG-2] age 6yrs tuberculosis; poisoned by father,William McBroom age
----- abt 40yrs, widower; trial article.
McCALLUM, Jesse – 12 Jul 1907-p1 [MTG-2] negro, executed at Marion for rape.
McCANN, Terry – 18/25 Jul 1913-c2 [MTG-4] age abt 30yrs of Marked Tree; died of peritonitis at St. Joseph's Hospital
----- in Memphis; buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis; also card of thanks by his wife, Clara.
McCANN, Terry A. – 1/8 1913-c4 [MTG-4] Resolution of respect by I.O.R.M. No. 77.
McCASLIN, Albert E. – 9/15 Nov 1918-c3 [MTT-5] brother of Mrs. Hays Kee; run over and killed by train on Oct 29
----- near Nashville, TN;
McCASLIN, Edward E. – 5 Jun 1908-p1 [MTG-2] age 40yrs, born Princeton KY; came here about 30 days ago; hit in
----- stomach by 2” board; leaves mother and 3 sisters in KY, another brother A.E. McCaslin of Blytheville;
----- Hazel graveyard. 5 Jun 1908-p1 [MTG-2] Card of thanks by brother, H.H. McCaslin.
McCASLIN, Herrin Mrs. – 24/31 Dec 1915-c7 [MTG-4] age 75yrs; mother of H.H. McCaslin found dead on Wed;
----- heart disease; visiting from Princeton, KY shipped there for burial.
McCLAIN, Mr. & Mrs. – 4/11 Oct 1918-c7 [MTT-5] died Sat at home of his nephew G.E. King; buried at Black Rock on Sun
McCLURE, Willie – 11/18 Aug 1911-c6 [MTG-2] negro; died Wed. at Anderson's Camp on Tyronza Central road.
McDANIEL, John W. – 18/25 Mar 1927-c3 [MTT-6] age 60yrs; of Covington, TN found dead Mon; father of Dr. L.H.
----- McDaniel, brother of E.C. McDaniel, uncle of Rose McDaniel of Tyronza.
McELFRESH, D.L. (Flora) Mrs. – 22/29 Oct 1915-c1 [MTG-4] age 36yrs; died St. Joseph's hospital in Memphis on
----- Mon; suffered severe nervous breakdown; buried Hazel's graveyard Tue.
McELFRESH, Matthew – 4 Feb 1910-p1 [MTG-2] aged 5 yrs; pneumonia; Hazel cemetery.
McFALL, L.D. Jr. – 11/18 Nov 1927-c3 [MTT-6] age 15mo; died 20 Oct; son of L.D. McFall.
McGAUGHEY, William Lee – 14/21 Dec 1928-c2 [MTT-6] age 82yrs, 9mo 13dy; died Dec 4; survived by wife, 2 sons and
----- daughters, Mrs. W.L. Spann of Luxora and Mrs. Joseph L. Dean at whose home he died;
----- burial at Luxora
McINNIS, James – 12 Mar 1909-p1 26 Feb 1909-p1 [MTG-2] died at his home in Tyronza last Wed;
----- pneumonia; wife and several children survive
McMANUS, Mrs. – 29 Mar/ 5 Apr 1918-c4 [MTT-5] heart failure at home of daughter Mrs. H.C. Sisk
----- on Fri; City Cemetery
McMULLIN, Aaron – 8 Aug 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 66yrs; found dead in bed at home in Tyronza
McWILLIAMS, J.T. – 8 Jul 1927-p1 [MTT-6] died in Marland, OK at the home of his sister on Jul 2.
MEHAFFEY, James – 26 Nov 1926-p1 [MTT-6] died in car crash in Little Rock
MELLENBROOK, M.E. – 16 Sep 1927-p1 [MTT-6] suicide.
MERRILL, Alice Mrs. – 20/27 Aug 1926-c5 [MTT-6] died Aug 14, (too faded to read)
MICKELWEIGHT, Fred – 26 Jan 1906-p1 [MTG-1] one of oldest conductors on Frisco road, died at home in
----- Jonesboro last Thu night.
MILLER, CharlesA. – 27 May 1910-p1 [MTG-2] to be executed on July 15th for murder of A.H. Flood. – 12 Aug 1910-p1
----- [MTG-2] executed for murder of A.H. FLOOD in Jun 1909
MILLER, Tom Mrs. – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] died Mon up Little River
MILLER, William Bence – 9 Jul 1915-p1 [MTG-4] age 60yrs; accidentally drank iodine; came from Thompson GA in
----- 1887; married Miss Effie Smythe in Greencastle IN in 1889; leaves wife, son Marcus and
----- daughter Mrs. Mabel Leatherwood of Iuka MS.
MINOR, Harry – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
MINOR, Henry – 24/31 Dec 1926-c4 [MTT-6] age 13yrs buried Dec 16 Dead Timber Cemetery, died in Memphis St.
----- Joseph's hospital pneumonia; son of late Joe Minor Jr. and Bertha Easley Minor.
MINOR, Lemuel Edward – 3/10 Jun 1927-c1 [MTT-6] only graduate of Turrell high school this year, born 2 Sep 1906;
----- on 2 July 1910 he was stricken with infantile paralysis
MITCHELL, John C. Judge –31 May 1912-p1 [MTG-2] fell from street car at Memphis last Fri; born and reared in Poinsett
----- Co. 7 Jun 1912-p1 [MTG-2] Resolution of Respect by St. Patricks Rebekah Lodge
MOBBS, Walter “Crip” – 30 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 35yrs; City Cemetery
MONDAY, Goldie Miss – 19 Nov 1915-p1 [MTG-4] age 17 yrs; accidentally shot by brother Jack Monday; daughter
----- of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Monday; Potter Cemetery.
MOORE, Dave – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] negro farm hand dropped dead from heart trouble Tue.
MORELAND, Mary Caroline – 11/18 Feb 1927-c2 [MTT-6] celebrated 3rd birthday on Feb 12
MORGAN, C.P. – 20/27 Aug 1915-c4 [MTG-4] died at his home on Little River on Sun from tuberculosis; buried at
----- Nicholls graveyard; leaves wife and several children.
MORGAN, Charles – 11/18 Sep 1908-c3 [MTG-2] age 13yrs, kicked to death by mule, buried Hazel graveyard.
MORGAN, Jessie – 29 Sep/ 6 Oct 1911-c3 [MTG-2] aged 7yrs 8mo; son of Mark and Mary Morgan died Sun of
----- congestive chill at the Miller Mounds.
MORGAN, John – 9/15 Nov 1918-c3 [MTT-5] age abt 40yrs; died at Marked Tree hospital last Sun; uraemic
----- poisoning, 5 children and 1 brother survive; burial City Cemetery
MORGAN, Walter – 10 May 1912-p1 [MTG-2] to be hung today for murder of Pete Ollis; 17 May 1912-p1
----- sentence commuted to life in prison.
MORGAN, Will Mrs. – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] died Mon down St. Francis river.
MORROW, Gibb – 23 Apr 1914-p1 [MTG-4] age 14yrs; drowned in St. Francis river near the Burr place on Mar 13;
----- body was submerged 22 days; son of Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Morrow.
MOSS, J.R. Mrs. – 18/25 Jul 1913-c2 [MTG-4] died at Buffalo Lick on Jul 3, neuralgia of the heart.
MOTTIER, Oliver Edgar – 13 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 71yrs; died Fri from oppression of the heart; survived by
----- wife Mrs. Delia Mottier, sons Favre of Kansas City and Otto of Lefler WA near the British Columbia
----- line, 3 sisters, Mrs. Hattie Miller of Patriot IN, Mrs. Lillie Humphrey of Rising Sun IN and Mrs. Mollie
----- Wallard of Walton KY, 2 step-daughters, Mrs. Alta Becker and Mrs. C.C. Blanton of Marked Tree;
----- the widow who is 72 was unable to accompany the body for interment at Patriot IN.
MULLENS, Ben (Mary) Mrs. – 18 Feb/ ? (torn) Mar 1916-c4 [MTG-4] murdered by husband well known negro;
----- shot in stomach.
MULLINS, Edward – 10/17 Aug 1917-c5 [MTT-5] age 7mo son of C.E. MULLINS died at Tyronza Tue.
MURRAY, Pat J. “Uncle” – 3/10 Nov 1905-c1 [MTG-1] of Athelstan, died last week.
MURRAY, Walter – 4 Aug 1905-p1 [MTG-1] age 29yrs, died last Sat. at St. Bernard's Hospital in Jonesboro,
----- congestive chill, member Modoc Tribe I.O.R.M., born in Richmond IN, survivors: wife (who is also in the
----- hospital in Jonesboro) , buried at Jonesboro.
MYERS, Mr. – 24/31 May 1907-c4 [MTG-1] died last Sun where he was boarding at Tyronza.
NASH, child of J.W. – 8/15 Sep 1905-c1 [MTG-1] died last Fri, only a few weeks ago he buried his aged father;
----- buried Sat. Hazel graveyard.
NASH, J.W. – 11 Aug 1905-p1 [MTG-1] over 70yrs, son J.L. had sent money for him to come from Joplin MO;
----- died from congestive chill or sun stroke, buried at Hazel graveyard.
NASH, Jim – 28 Jan / 11 Feb 1927-c3 [MTT-6] negro; drowned in ditch near G. Atkins
NESTER, Daniel – 8/15 Dec 1916-c3 [MTG-4] born Oct 18, 1866 near Chandlerville IL; died Nov 20 1916 near
----- Marked Tree; came to AR 2 years ago had lived in VA previously; leaves widow Mrs. Lula Nester,
----- daughter Mrs. Ruel Batterson of Cornland IL and 3 sons, William, Richard and Roy Nester of Marked Tree;
----- 2 children preceded him in death; 2 sisters Mrs. S.E. Hicks of Palisade, CO, and Mrs. Martha
----- Armstrong of VA; also 3 brothers, James Nester of Virginia, IL; John Nester of Kansas City and Joe
----- Nester of St. Francis KS; buried at Bell (lower left corner is torn off)
NEWCOMB, Mr.(Craighead Co. Treasurer) – 7 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] funeral attended in Jonesboro by
----- brother-in-law E.A. Fulbright.
NICHOLLS, Andy – 26 May / 2 Jun 1916-c4 [MTG-4] oldest son of “Uncle” George Nicholls died in Memphis Sat;
----- weighed less than 100 lbs; leaves wife, several children, several brothers and sisters; Nicholls graveyard.
NICHOLLS, George “Uncle” – 11 Jul 1930-c3 [MTT-6] age 83yrs; died at home of son up Little River last Sat;
----- burial at Nicholls Cemetery
NICHOLS, boy – 20 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] died 7 Nov; card of thanks by parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.S. Nichols and
----- Mrs. M.A. Spears grandmother.
NICHOLS, George – 1 Oct 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 38ys; shot and killed last Sat by J.R. Hamilton.
NIX, Berry – 27 Jan 1928-p1 [MTT-6] Nichol's cemetery
NORCORSS, W.C. Judge – 12 Dec 1913-p1 [MTG-4] of Tyronza died last Sat; blind horse stumbled throwing him
----- off breaking his neck; shipped to Wichita, KS.
O'BRIAN, George Mrs. – 11/18 Sep 1908-c2 [MTG-2] died in Memphis on Wed; remains buried at Jonesboro; leaves
----- husband and several small children and brother J.B. Claunch.
O'DONNELL, Thomas Mrs. – 12/19 Sep 1913-c4 [MTG-4] died at Thayer MO one day last week; husband is engineer
----- on the Lepanto Train.
O'NEAL, Lem – 17 Nov 1916-p1 [MTG-4] deputy sheriff of Poinsett Co. shot and killed by J.L. Douglas who said he
----- was forced to do it.
O'NEAL, Martha Mrs. – 5/12 Nov 1926-c3 [MTT-6] age 82yrs; funeral Oct 31; resided at Kennett for 17yrs from Oden
----- IN; granddaughter Mrs. W.E. Clark, son Luther Malone .
OELKERS, Chris “Uncle” – 17 Nov/ 8 Dec 1911-c4 [MTG-2] died at his home in Luxora last week, aged 75yrs
OLDHAM, Clara Mrs. – 1 Aug 1913-p1 [MTG-4] age 32yrs; suicide formerly of Trumann now of Helena; only relative
----- a brother Arthur Oldham.
OLLIS, Peter—29 Sep 1911-'1 [MTG-2] murdered Jul 9 by Walter Morgan.
OSWALT, Ray – 3 Sep 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 13yrs, son of W.G. OSWALT, died suddenly after operation for tonsils;
----- taken to Hernando MS for burial.
OVERTURF, baby – 5/12 Dec 1913-c2 [MTG-4] died last Sat, daughter of Mr.& Mrs. H.C. Overturf.
OVERTURF, boy – 22/29 Oct 1926-c1 [MTT-6] stillborn; buried at Oaklawn in Jonesboro beside sister, Ava Neil who
----- died 13yrs ago. (Neither grave is marked)
OXFORD, A. Clem – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 33yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station
----- 4mi from Blytheville. Also killed were his children, Mildred, Omar, A. Clem, Geraldine, brother
----- Lawrence and wife Velzie and their children Theadore and Odyssey; survived by his wife.
OXFORD, A. Clem – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 5; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station 4mi from
----- Blytheville; son of A. Clem Oxford.
OXFORD, Geraldine – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 2yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station 4mi
----- from Blytheville; daughter of A. Clem Oxford.
OXFORD, Lawrence – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 30yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station 4mi
----- from Blytheville; brother of A. Clem Oxford.
OXFORD, Lawrence (Velzie) Mrs. – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 28yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion
----- Station 4mi from Blytheville.
OXFORD, Mildred – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 9yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station 4mi from
----- Blytheville; daughter of A. Clem Oxford.
OXFORD, Odyssey – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 2yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station 4mi from
----- Blytheville; daughter of Lawrence Oxford.
OXFORD, Omar – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 7yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station 4mi from
----- Blytheville; son of A. Clem Oxford.
OXFORD, Theodore – 4 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 4yrs; killed instantly on Mon at a crossing near Archillion Station 4mi from
----- Blytheville; son of Lawrence Oxford.
PARKER, Kester – 14 Feb 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 22yrs; son of N.L. Parker at Fry's Mill; fractured skull.
PARKER, Will – 29 Sep 1911-p1 [MTG-2] died Sat and buried at Webber cemetery
PARKS, Will Mrs. – 25 Feg 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died on St. Francis river last Sat, pneumonia; leaves husband and 5 small
----- children; Hazel Cemetery
PASCHALL, infant – 8/15 Aug 1916-c3 [MTG-4] died on Aug 6 at home of uncle, P.L. Paschall; the mother died in Mar.
PATE, Harry (Maggie) Mrs. – 15/22 Dec 1911-c1 [MTG-2] died at her home in Marked Tree on Sun Dec 10; mother of Myrtle
----- and Herbert Anderson; City Cemetery. Also member of L.O.T.M and Rebekah Lodge No. 330
PAUL, Sid – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] (torn) died at Lepanto Mon
PAYNE, George – 27 Jan 1911-p1 [MTG-2] died instantly in a duel near Lepanto last Thu with Judge Munday.
PAYNE, Mr. – 16 Dec 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died 10 days ago, aged 45-50years; shipped to Sikeston, MO.
PAYNE, W.F. Mrs. – 17 Sep 1909-p1 [MTG-2] of Tyronza died in Memphis; malignant breast; interred at family burying
----- ground at Tyronza.
PAYNE, W.R. Mrs. – 9 Jun 1911-p1 [MTG-2] died last Mon at Ravenden Springs; shipped to and buried at Jonesboro.
PERKINS, J.W. – 22 Oct 19126-p1 [MTT-6] died at Dee
PERRY, Benny – 28 Mar 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 13yrs; son of E.M. Perry; Oaklawn Cemetery Jonesboro (unmarked).
PERRY, Jessie – 22 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] burned to death at Harrisburg
PFLEGER, W. L. Capt. – 3 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 72yrs; died at Lepanto on Dec 21; possible relative in
----- Washington state, no other known relatives.
PIERCE, John – 26 Sep1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 62yrs of Beedeville; truck accident
PIERCE, Ransom – 11/18 Feb 1916-c1 [MTG-4] celebrated 7th birthday with party last Sat.
PIERSON, Mary “Mary Haywood” – 9 Apr 1915-p1 [MTG-4] cut in two by Bull Moose train.
PITTMAN, Bun “Daddy” – 18 Oct 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged abt. 52yrs; died at his home a few miles up Little River
----- on Mon; leaves 3 children, Edward, Charlie and Anna; one sister Mrs. Anna Coursen.
PITTMAN, J.H. – 18 Oct 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged 51yrs; died at his home on Oct 14; born Brownsville, Haywood Co.
----- TN in 1861; came to Marked Tree in 1900
POPE, Hubert A. – 22 Aug 1930-p1 [MTT-6] Memphis auto salesman, convulsions; purchased 50 Ό grain
----- strychnine tablets.
PORTIS, daughter of H.S. – 14/21 Apr 1911-c3 [MTG-2] age 4yrs; died Mon; shipped to Evandale MS.
PORTIS, Mrs. – 29 Aug/ 5 Sep 1913-c2 [MTG-4] H.S. Portis and wife were called to Ravenden Springs because
----- of his mother's death; body shipped to Covington, TN.
POSEY, Mr. – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
POTTER, Alberta – 10 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 3mo; died Tue in Memphis hospital; child of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Potter.
POTTER, Elizabeth – 14/21 Sep 1917-c5 [MTT-5] infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.P. Potter died Sep1, 1917
POWELL, boy – 10 Nov 1916-p1 [MTG-4] Card of thanks by Mr. & Mrs. T.P. Powell and sons.
POWELL, Louis V. – 14 Sep 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age abt 50yrs; died Thu in Memphis hospital of pneumonia;
----- surviving are wife, daughter Mrs. George Sanford, remains buried at Jonesboro.
----- (Oaklawn Cemetery marker, Lewis Curtis Powell 5 Jan 1879-20 Sep 1928)
POWELL, Tom – 30 Jun 1911-p1 [MTG-2] gallows tested for hanging at Jonesboro; convicted of raping his
----- daughter at Marion; execution will be next Sat.
POWELL, W.H. “Bill” – 2 Jul 1915-p1 [MTG-4] drowned Jun 19 in St. Francis river; wife and child survive;
----- burial at Witzbaurg.
PRATER, Roy Linn – 2/16 Sep 1927-c4 [MTT-6] age 2yrs; died Aug 28 of colitis; son of J.D. Prater;
----- Webber Cemetery
PRATER, Zelma – 26 Aug / 2 Sep 1927-c4 [MTT-6] age 6yr 11mo; bronchial pneumonia following operation in
----- Memphis on Aug 5th
PRESTIDGE, May – 12/19 Jul 1918-c2 [MTT-5] age 10yrs; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Prestidge of Tyronza.
PRESTIDGE, Roy – 9/16 Aug 1918-c3 [MTT-5] age 9yrs; died Mon at Tyronza.
PRICE, Dr. R.H. – 12 Dec 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 50yrs; died at Trumann home; Oaklawn Cemetery Jonesboro
----- (Oaklawn Cemetery marker: Robert H. Price 1878-1930, triple stone with Myrtle A. Price 1892-1979 and
----- Percy A. Price 1924-1956)
PROVOST, baby – 22 Apr 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 7mo; killed by scaffolding collapse; mother and grandmother
----- also injured; child of Bob Provost.
QUARRELS, boy – 4/11 Oct 1918-c7 [MTT-5] age 15 yrs; burial at Webber's graveyard
RANDOLPH, F.C. Mrs. – 6 Apr 1928-p1 [MTT-6] (badly faded); died from burns
RASH, Sam – 25 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age abt 60yrs; died at his home a few miles up Little River Thru; his wife
----- died only 2 days ago; five children are left the eldest Troy Rash was called to the army on Wed.
RASH, Sam Mrs. – 18 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age abt 75 yrs; influenza; buried Wed.
RATCLIFF, Mr. – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto.
REED, I.M.—5 Nov 1909-p1 [MTG-2] mayor of Corning, AR, killed by G.S. Busick while hunting.
REED, Mrs. Dr. – 3 /10Jul 1908-c3 [MTG-2] shot by T.J. Whitsett who was boarding with her, see also Mrs. Nellie
----- Ellsworth; then committed suicide.
REGAL, boy – 22/29 Oct 1926-c3 [MTT-6] age 2yrs, son of A.L. Regal; died Oct 19 of croup
REGAN, Ira – 27 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] of Lake City drowned in St. Francis River; survived by wife and one son
----- who is in the US Navy.
Resolution of Respect by Modoc Tribe No. 67 I.O.R.M.
RHODES, Maggie Miss married Dave BUCK
RICE, Roy Dr. – 26 Nov / 3 Dec 1926-c6 [MTT-6] age 48yrs, died at Little Rock, formerly of Lepanto; leaves wife,
----- son and daughter, mother Mrs. C.M. Rice, brothers Joe and Guy, sister Mrs. W.O. Haggard all of TX;
----- shipped to TX for burial.
RIGGINS, girl – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto aged 3yrs
RIPLEY, Maxine – 22 Oct 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 13yrs; died Tue, daughter of J.D. Ripley.
RIVES, G.W. – 27 Jan/3Feb 1911-c2 [MTG-2] hardware drummer; died at his home in Jonesboro on Mon; age 26yrs;
----- leaves widow formerly Miss Julia Herring married 10mo ago.
ROBERSON, Samuel – 11 Jul 1913-p1 [MTG-4] age 70yrs; died at St. Bernard's hospital Mon; killed by a man
----- named Carrico over a dog; buried at Trumann Tue, leaves wife, daughter and son-in-law.
ROBERTS, Joe – 16 Oct 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 50yrs; found dead at his home; a pint of liquor 2/3 empty was found
----- clutched in his hand; he was unmarried and lived alone.
ROBERTS, M.C. Dr. – 28 Feb 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 68yrs; Bright's disease; died Wed.; Greenwood Cemetery
ROBERTSON, J.W. – 14 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] probably fatally injured in auto accident on Sun, with Dallas M. Travis
----- who died instantly.
ROBINSON, Bert – 29 Aug 1930-p1 [MTT-6] died Paris, TN; born near Blood River in Henry Co. TN; married to Addie
----- Crawford daughter of Jim Crawford who died more than 20yrs ago, 2 daughters, Mrs. Viron Holland
----- of Marked Tree, and Mrs. A.D. Breeden of Manila, AR, son Nolan Robinson of St. Louis; 3 brothers, Harris of
----- Paris, John & Tom of Henry Co. TN; niece Mrs. Ivan Dale of Paris.
ROGERS, Virgil Lee – 25 Mar / 3 Apr 1927-c4 [MTT-6] (poor copy) age 13yrs; died Mar 19, son of Lee H. Rogers;
----- City Cemetery
ROLLINS, Rosa May – 17 May 1912-p1 [MTG-2] age 20mo; died from drinking lye water; daughter of Mr. & Mrs.
----- C.L. Rollins of Alto last Sun
RONEY, Mr. – 3/10 Jan 1930-c2 [MTT-6] of Imboden who once lived in Tyronza died Thu; daughter Mrs. John
----- Austin of Tyronza survives.
ROREX, Mr. – 25 Aug/ 1 Sep 1916-c3 [MTG-4] date-line Harrisburg Aug 14; killed instantly by lightening.
ROY, Mrs. – 12/19 Sep 1913-c2 [MTG-4] age 20yrs; formerly of Nettleton; died last Sat of severe chill at Marked Tree;
----- her husband is also ill; leaves 3 little babies; interred at Nettleton.
SANDERSON, Gertrude – 11 May 1928-p1 [MTT-6] age 4yrs, hit and run driver at Lepanto.
SCHISLER, John – 13/20 Sep 1918-c2 [MTT-5] of Weiner; killed in action in France
SCOBEY, John W. – 26 Nov 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age abt 50yrs; died in Jonesboro; leaves widow and 2 daughters,
----- Mrs. Milton Craft of Memphis and Miss Alma Scobey of Lepanto, stepson Jon Mosby.
SCOTT, Ben – 23 Feb 1912-p1 [MTG-2] shot and killed by Geo. Bruington at Tyronza last Fri.
SEMMES, S.S. Capt. – 26 Jan / 2 Feb 1912-c2 [MTG-2] aged 74 yrs, died at his home in Osceola on the 24th;
----- son of famous Admiral Raphael Semmes of Civil War fame/ Maj. Wright recently killed in Railroad
----- disaster was his nephew.
SESSLER, Henry Mrs. – 9 Aug 1912-p1 [MTG-2] drowned Thu in Little River inn front of her mother's,
----- Mrs. Fred Davis home.
SEYMOUR, Albert Jr. – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto.
SEYMOUR, Henrietta – 21 May 1909-p1 [MTG-2] negro stabbed to death by paramour Tom Fears alias
----- Henry Willis or Henry Seymour, he then committed suicide.
SEYMOUR, Henry – see also Tom FEARS.
SEYMOUR, Mabelle “Snookum” – 25 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age 5yrs; died at home of aunt in Memphis on Mon;
----- daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Layton Seymour, second child lost in a week; buried at Lepanto.
SEYMOUR, Margaret – 18 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age 7yrs; daughter of Layton Seymour; died Oct 10 at home
----- of her aunt Mrs. J.S. Fite in Memphis of “derangement of her stomach” buried at Lepanto Fri.
SHAVERS, Will – 31 May 1912-p1 [MTG-2] negro; dropped dead from stroke of apoplexy; his wife died here
----- during the high water from consumption.
SHAW, Jimmie – 25 Nov 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 15mo; son of W.E. Shaw died last Sun from kidney trouble;
----- City Cemetery.
SHAW, Rex – 7 Dec 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 5yrs; son of W.E. Shaw; died wed in Memphis from abcess on the
----- liver; burial at City Cemetery.
SHELTON, Zula – 19/26 Jul 1907-c2 [MTG-2] age 1yr, daughter of W.D. Shelton died in Jonesboro, buried in
----- Jonesboro City Cemetery.
SHINN, Eugene Frank – 27 Jan/3 Feb 1911-c2 [MTG-2] age 58yrs; died at his home in Memphis Tue; shipped
----- to old home in Fort Scott KS for burial; member Elks Lodge; widow survives; body accompanied by
----- Paul Leatherwood.
SHIPLEY, Sallie Mrs. – 27 Jun1930-p1[MTT-6] age 72yrs; died Sun of chills; children, C.D. Holderman of Marked
----- Tree and Mrs. J.R. Gilchrist of Providence KY; 3 brothers W.M., N.J. and Crocket Hazel; a sister
----- Mrs. Ward of Little Rock; City Cemetery.
SHORES, George Mrs. – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] died at Lepanto Mon.
SHRUM, Imogene – 27 Jan / 3 Feb 1928-c3 [MTT-6] In memory (may have died a year ago, to faded to read).
SHULTZE, Henry Mrs. – 3/10 Jan 1913-c3 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto.
SHULTZE, Pete – 12 Jul 1912-p1 [MTG-2] shot and killed by Pete McAllister on Jackson's Island about
----- 75mi up Little River.
SHUSTER, Anna Blanche (WARD) Mrs. – 28 Dec 1928-p1 [MTT-6] died at Sara LA Wed of last week; daughter
----- of Rev. T.W. Ward, half sister to Miss Laura Ward, leaves husband and 2 children.
SILVERBLATT, Louis and sister Mrs. Dave Weinberg have returned from Colorado where they were called
----- by the death of their sister – 9/16 Feb 1917-c2 [MTT-5]
SIMMONS, Bessie May Miss – 22 Jan 1909-p1 [MTG-2] oldest daughter of M.D. Simmons died last Saturday
----- of tuberculosis (faded almost beyond reading)
SIMON, Mrs. – 14 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died in poverty from heart attack at Marked Tree, husband deserted
----- and is said to have remarried without obtaining a divorce, leaves 6mo son; buried at new cemetery.
SIMPKINS, Sophia Mrs. – 31 May 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged 62yrs; died of broncho pneumonia; remains
----- shipped to Brownslow MO.
SINCLAIR, David – 19/26 Nov 1915-c4 [MTG-4] age 71yrs, died Nov 1 in Liverpool Eng; daughter Mrs. T.J.
----- Turner of Marked Tree.
SKIPWORTH, Lottie Miss – 30 Mar/13 Apr 1906-c1 [MTG-1] age 16yrs, sent to Memphis last Sun, died Mon of
----- consumption, taken to Osceola for burial, father, 2 sisters and 2 brothers survive.
SLAYTON, Luther – 8/15 Dec 1905-c1 [MTG-1] killed in fight with Will Brown at Marked Tree box factory.
SMITH, C.S. Mrs. (her mother) – 30 Jun/7 Jul 1911-c2 [MTG-2] called to Linden TN last Sat; sudden death of
----- mother age 64yrs.
SMITH, Decatur – 18 Aug 1905-p1 [MTG-1] young negro drowned in St. Francis river last Sun, body shipped
----- on 4:45 train.
SMITH, Dr. – 9/16 Oct 1908-c2 [MTG-2] died last Sunday at his home in Whiteville, TN; survived by father of
----- Almonta and Lebert Smith.
SMITH, Eliza Mrs. – 7/14 Jan 1927-c4 [MTT-6] of Black Rock died Dec 28, well and favorably known in Marked Tree
SMITH, Felix – 14/21 Dec 1917-c1 [MTT-5] sympathy to Mrs. Felix Smith formerly Mrs. M.L. Waskom; died at
----- their home in DeQueen 10 days ago
SMITH, Henry Pvt. – 6 Jun 1930-p1 [MTT-6] accidentally shot during target practice on May 27 at Ft. Crook
----- Nebraska; shipped to Harrisburg for burial.
SMITH, Herman Mrs. – 5/12 Dec 1913-c3-6 [MTG-4] age 24; died 20 Nov 1913; tuberculosis; obituary written
----- by Virginia Webster, 1 Dec 1913.
SMITH, infant – 20 Apr 1906/10 May 1907-c4 [MTG-1] died of suffocation Wed., child of I.V. Smith, buried at Trumann.
SMITH, infant of Joe A. – 3/7 Feb 1911-c2 [MTG-2] died Jan 29 buried in City Cemetery in Marked Tree.
SMITH, Joe H. – 6 Nov 1908-p1 [MTG-2] of Thayer, MO; killed by falling tree; wife and 5 small children survive;
----- remains shipped to Thayer MO.
SMITH, Lida Mrs. – 20/27 Dec 1918-c4 [MTT-5] age abt 50 yrs; died at her home on the Schrum farm, funeral held
----- at home of half sister Mrs. T.R. Sovereign; body shipped to Imboden; leaves husband and 11 children.
SMITH, Warren Hill – 23 Feb / 2 Mar 1917-c3 [MTT-5] died Feb 12 at St. Bernard's hospital; son of Mr. & Mrs.
----- Rudolph Smith; Westlawn Cemetery, Jonesboro. (marker: 6 Mar 1914-12 Feb 1917)
SMOTHERS, Mrs. – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] died home of Will Smothers on Mon.
SMYTHE, Sarah Mrs. – 14 Feb 1930-p1 [MTT-6] blood clot died at St. Bernard's hospital; son Clarence Caples of NY;
----- Maple Hill Cemetery Jonesboro.
SMYTHE, W.D. – 10 Sep 1915-p1 [MTG-4] “Grandpa Smythe” died at the home of his daughter Mrs. W.B. Miller on
----- Sep 2, age 80yrs 9mo 13dys; born in Greencastle, IN Nov 21 1828; came to Marked Tree 28
----- years ago; shipped to Greencastle IN; son Oscar Smythe, daughter Mrs. Mamie Dane accompanied
----- his remains; other children Dr. Smythe of Willow Springs MS and Mrs. W.B. Miller and another daughter and
----- several grandchildren and great grandchildren survive.
SPARKS, girl – 2 Jan 1925-p1 [MTT-8] Card of thanks for burial of “our little girl” by Mr. & Mrs. & J.C. SPARKS.
SPARKS, Tom W. – 4 Jul 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 61yrs; of Harrisburg, died at Jonesboro from paralysis.
SPEER, Howard – 17 Oct 1913-p1 [MTG-4] age 6yrs; son of Hugh Speer who lives down St. Francis River died in
----- Jonesboro hospital last Fri from water cancer caused by a bite from a fly on his cheek; before death
----- all his teeth fell out and his suffering was intense.
STANFORD, Barbara Mrs. – 8 Apr 1910-p1 [MTG-2] suicide at Harrisburg last Tue; found by son, William; Felix
----- Albright of Marked Tree is her grandson.
STARKEY, Grover – 5 Mar 1915-p1 [MTG-4] age 19 yrs, killed by father, Frank Starkey.
STARKEY, Joe – 10 Jan 1913-p1 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto
STEIGERS, H.J. Mrs. – 15 Jun 1917-p1 [MTT-5] died Tue, tuberculosis, leaves husband and 4 sons; buried
----- Evergreen cemetery Wed.
STEPHENS, Marwin – 9 Jun 1911-p1 [MTG-2] aged 16yrs; step-son of H.F. Hankins; drowned in Little River last
----- Sun; nephew of Lawson Huges; shipped to Bells, TN for interment.
STEVENS, Ellen Mrs. – 5 Feb 1915-p1 [MTG-4] died Tue at home of her son, G.H. Dollohite of pneumonia;
----- shipped to Harrisburg.
STEWART, Dorothy Jane – 1/8 Nov 1918-c1 [MTT-5] age 5yrs; daughter of Robert Stewart of Malvern and
----- granddaughter of A.C. Stewart; died Tue; buried City Cemetery; 8 Nov 1918-p1 card of thanks by
----- parents and grandparents Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Stewart.
STEWART, Joe – 1 Jun 1928-p1 [MTT-6] shot and killed near Memphis by wife, Ruby; formerly of Tyronza.
STEWART, Mrs. – 18 Nov 1910-p1 [MTG-2] (in binding) died last week.
STIREWALT, Joe (Nancy) Mrs. – 22 Nov 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age 60yrs; died at her home across St. Francis river Wed;
----- leaves husband, daughter Mrs. Almonta Smith; sons Alex and Louis; body shipped to Jonesboro;
----- 29 Nov 1918-p1 card of thanks by husband, Joseph.
STONE, Earl Lee – 22 Jul 1910-p1 [MTG-2] 9mo.; son of Sherman Stone died Sun from congestion of the stomach.
STONE, Fannie Mrs. – 10 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 69yrs; died 5 Jul while visiting daughter, Mrs. Ida Casey in
----- Marked Tree; leaves 5 sons, and 4 daughters, 15; grandchildren; card of thanks by Mrs. Ida Casey
----- and Mrs. Bessie Grant; interment Mannington KY
STONE, Mrs. -- 26 Feb 1909-p1 [MTG-2] killed in cyclone at Fisher, AR
STRATT, H.C. Mrs. – 5 Jun 1925-p1 [MTT-8] of Little Rock; crushed to death in auto accident.
STRINGER, L.A. (Cynthia MAYNARD) Mrs. – 3 Feb 1911-p1 [MTG-2] sister of Rev. John I. Maynard; buried at
----- Jonesboro on the 2nd; funeral at Tyronza.
STUCKEY, Sam – 5 Nov 1926-p1 [MTT-6] (faded); died of pneumonia.
SULLIVAN, Al W. -- ? (torn) Mar 1916-p1 (this is the first issue after 18 Feb on the film) [MTG-4] well known
----- newspaper man of Jonesboro died in El Paso TX Sat of last week; leaves wife and one child; buried in El Paso.
SUN, Ed – 10 Jan 1913-p1 [MTG-2] died of meningitis at Lepanto.
SUNDAY, Howard – 9 Mar 1917-p1 [MTT-5] murdered by Jess Wright.
SUTFIN, child – 4 Oct 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged 9mo; fell off bed broken neck; son of Amos Sutfin.
SUTFIN, Isaac Mrs. – 10/17 Jun 1910-c3 [MTG-2] died on St. Francis lake, buried near there.
SUTTON, Buster – 20 Dec 1918-p1 [MTT-5] 12 yr old negro, fell between to railroad cars near Turrell.
SWAIM, J. Will – 2 Jun 1911-p1 [MTG-2] age 33yrs; died May 30 at Pine Bluff; leaves wife & 2 step-children and
----- daughter of Birmingham AL, mother, 3 sisters and 3 brothers.
SWAIN, Guy – 4 Jul 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 45yrs; of Jud Hill plantation; suicide; leaves wife, 2 sons one daughter
SWANSON, L.W. Rev. – 10/17 Jan 1908-c1 [MTG-2] died at Caruthersville MO; well known in Marked Tree;
----- sister Mrs. J.L.Wood..
TALBOT, John – 27 Jan 1928-p1 [MTT-6] shot and killed by Lonnie Pipkin.
TAYLOR, Ed – 10 Sep 1926-p1 [MTT-6] negro; resided Marked Tree for more than 25 years; died Fri; buried in
----- Memphis Mon; no relatives here; malarial dropsy
THOMAS, William – 5 Nov 1909-p1 [MTG-2] shot by Tom Gann last Sat.
THOMPSON, Chance P. – 18 Nov 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 52; pioneer citizen; died Fri at the Keller Hotel of pneumonia;
----- three children Gladys, Ruby and Edna who live in Memphis with their mother; couple is
----- divorced; 2 sisters live in CA, brother of Riverdale, MS; City Cemetery
THOMPSON, J.H. – 11 Feb 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 60yrs; of Trumann; killed at Nettleton by Missouri Pacific train.
THOMPSON, Matthew – 4 Oct 1912-p1 [MTG-2] pneumonia died last Sun; born Bloomington IN; buried Oaklawn
----- cemetery (unmarked)
THOMPSON, Richard (Alice) Mrs. – 29 Nov 1912-p1 [MTG-2] aged 32yrs; died at the home of her parents Mr. & Mrs.
----- C.H. Hazel Tue from malaria hematuris; also leaves 2 young sons; Hazel burying ground.
THORPE, Margaret Ann – 12/19 Dec 1930-c1 [MTT-6] age 18mo; funeral at Jonesboro on Tue.
THREKILL, Mary Jane Mrs. – 23/30 Oct 1925-c1 [MTT-8] age 84yrs; born in Ireland came here when a small
----- child; survived by 3 children, Mrs. C.R. Owen of Marked Tree, Doctors Claude and O.R. Kidd
----- of Paducah KY; interment Carrsville, KY.
THROWER, A.C. – 10 Oct 1913-p1 [MTG-4] age 66yrs; died at Harrisburg yesterday.
TRAVIS, Dallas M. – 14 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] of Lepanto died in auto accident Sun; leaves widow and sons
----- Frank, Clifford and daughter Odell.
TROTTER, Paul – 22 Oct 1926-p1 [MTT-6] of Weiner; killed in plane crash near Stuttgart.
TROUT, Iraneous Rev. – 10 Oct 1913-p1 [MTG-4] age 55yrs; died at his home in Grenada, MS last Wed;
----- leaves wife and 5 children.
TURNER, Murray – 5 Jun 1908-p1 [MTG-2] negro lumber stacker drowned St. Francis River last Sun.
UTLEY, R.A. Mrs. – 4/11 Sep 1908-c2 [MTG-2] died at her home 4mi Nettleton Cemetery of Marked Tree on
----- Thursday; leaves husband and 1 child.
VANCE, A.B. – 28 Apr 1916-p1 [MTG-4] age 52yrs; died at his home up Little river; widow, 1 daughter,
----- 3 sons survive; Potter's Cemetery
VANDIVER, J.H. – 16/23 Aug 1912-c2 [MTG-2] died last week at Harrisburg.
VAUGHN, Harry – 28 Jan 1927-p1 [MTT-6] married and father of one child; murdered by Will and Herbert Jarrett.
VAUGHN, Jim – 11/18 Aug 1905-c1 [MTG-1] night jailer at Little Rock killed at Union station Sunday, his
----- revolver dropped from his pocket and exploded.
WADE, Tom – 3 Mar 1927-p1 [MTT-6] age 35yrs died Fri; fainted and fell into barrel of water where he drowned;
----- survived by 2 sisters and a brother
WALL, John A. – 6 Jun 1930-p1 [MTT-6] notice in binding; found dead; Forest Hill Cemetery Memphis
WALLACE, Moody D. – 7 Jun 1912-p1 [MTG-2] fell from boat and drowned; body conveyed to Selmer TN for interment.
WARD, John – 30 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] dropped dead from epilepsy.
WARE, Aaron – 5 Nov 1926-p1 [MTT-6] negro; died of wounds Mon inflicted by Johnnie Crowder age 19.
WARREN, O.K. – 10 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 11yrs; accidentally shot by playmate; son of Wilson Warren.
WATERS, J.D. – 23/30 Jun 1911-c1 [MTG-2] aged 7mo 20dys; died Jun 4; Card of Thanks by parents Mr. & Mrs.
----- J.D. Waters of Lepanto.
WATKINS, Charles J. – 7/14 Jul 1905-c1,2 [MTG-1] taken to Memphis last week for treatment of the throat, died
----- at St. Joseph's Hospital Monday, remains returned to Marked Tree buried at Nicholls' graveyard Wed.,
----- age 33yrs.19/26 Jan 1906-c1 [MTG-1] W.O.W. monument erected at Nicholls graveyard.
WATSON, Edwin E. – 4/11 Dec 1908-c3 [MTG-2] died 25 Nov 1908 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mabel
----- Marshall; born 25 Aug 1848 in Sepio, OH; spent early life in Muncie IN; m: 1870 in Cincinnati OH;
----- moved to St. Louis MO in 1890.
WAUGH, Lena – 10 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6] murdered body found Dec 12 1929; article about the killer; 24 Jan 1930-p1.
WEBB, Walter – 27 Oct 1905-p1 [MTG-1] construction worker, fell from bridge across the St. Francis river,
----- injuries may prove fatal.
WEBBER, Sebastian Clinton – 23/30 Nov 1928-c3 [MTT-6] born in St. Francis Co. near Forest City 72 years
----- ago last Aug; died 12 Nov (continued in next column but illegible)
WEEKS, Anderson – 6 Jun 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 17yrs; instantly killed in auto accident; son of Ed Weeks.
WELCH, Arthur – 18 Dec 1925-p1 [MTT-8] committed suicide after killing sweetheart, Mrs. Dollie (Patmore)
----- Cooper in Memphis.
WELLS, Delight Mrs. – 23 Mar 1906-p1 [MTG-1] age 38yrs, died Sun in Memphis of pneumonia where she had
----- gone to complete her trousseau, originally from Charlotte, MI where she had 2 sons, had
----- lived at Marked Tree a short time. From the Commercial Appeal, March 19th. The Gazette during Jan of this
----- year published the divorce suit of Delight E. Wells vs. Burt Wells, at that time
----- she was living in Lepanto, remains were conveyed to Lepanto for burial.
WELLS, H.H. – 28 Dec 1928-p1 [MTT-6] of Trumann committed suicide on Christmas afternoon
WELLS, Isiah – 10 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 12yrs; drowned; son of Fannie Wells Pinkston.
WHITSETT, T.J. – 3/10 Jul 1908-c3 [MTG-2] committed suicide after killing Mrs. Dr. Reed and Mrs.
----- Nellie Ellsworth.
WIGGINS, Mrs. – 9/15 Nov 1918-c2 [MTT-5] Bro.Wiggins was called to Seymour MO last Sat to attend the
----- funeral of his brother's wife, she was buried there Sun.
WILIAMS, Ira “Blackie” – 30 May 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 21yrs; shipped to Kosciusko MS
WILLIAMS, Dan – 13 Apr 1917-p1 [MTT-5] drowned on Wed; son of late Dr. Williams; survived by mother,
----- brother Ike; 2 sisters Miss Fannie Wwilliams and Mrs. VanSherfield; 27 Apr/ 4 May 1917-c1 body found and
----- buried at Lepanto.
WILLIAMS, child – 10 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] card of thanks by parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ike Williams.
WILLIAMS, Columbus – 4 May 1917-p1 [MTT-5] abt. 40; mill worker from Trumann committed suicide on Thu.
WILLIAMS, Erna May and Verna Fay – 9 Jun 1911-p1 [MTG-2] age 13mo; twins, Erna died Jun 1, Verna
----- died Jun 3; buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.
WILLIAMS, Howard – 12 Nov 1926-p1 [MTT-6] age 38yrs; drowned on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi
----- river; son of Dr. & Mrs. R.D. Williams; survived by parents, brothers Jim an Robert, sisters
----- Elsa Belle, Mary Evelyn.
WILLIAMS, Maxine – 24 Dec 1915-p1 [MTG-4] card of thanks in death of baby by Mr. & Mrs. G.H. Williams;
----- 24/31 Dec 1915-c3 [MTG-4] age 1yr 10mo; youngest child; City cemetery.
WILLIAMS, Mrs. – 1/8 Nov1918-c1 [MTT-5] died near Fry's Mill Sun, mother of Ike Williams and Mrs.
----- Van Sherfield.
WILLIAMS, Phoebe – 26 Jul 1907-p1 [MTG-2] throat cut in drunken row by 20yr old negro boy on river bank
----- near Marked Tree.
WILLIAMS, W.W. – 12/26 Sep 1930-c1 [MTT-6] age 50yrs; died Fri at Baptist Hospital Memphis; Webber Cemetery
WILLIAMSON, infant – 12/26 Sep 1930-c1 [MTT-6] daughter of B.F. Williamson, died Sat.; Webber Cemetery.
WILLIFORD, Mrs. – 9 Sep 1910-p1[MTG-2] died last Sun of tuberculosis; husband and little girl survive,
----- buried in new cemetery.
WILLIS, Henry – see Tom FEARS
WILLIS, J.R. Judge – 29 Jul 1910-p1 [MTG-2] age 72yrs; died Fri at his home in Harrisburg.
WILSON, Clarence – 13 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] was killed by George Thunderburke Friday by a dispute over a
----- bale of cotton; 3 children are fatherless.
WILSON, Roy – 14 Aug 1925-p1 [MTT-8] age 8mo; of Trumann parents unknown; died Memphis hospital;
----- interment at “new Memorial Cemetery” (at Trumann ?)
WINEMAN, Albert – 14 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died Oct 1, 1910, resolution of respect to his widow, Nora by
----- Rebekah Lodge.
WINEMAN, Albert – 7 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] aged abt. 45yrs at Marked Tree, member Odd Fellows; remains
----- shipped to Bernie MO; leaves widow, 3 children, brother and sister.
WINEMAN, Albert – 7 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] died Oct 1, 1910, by I.O.O.F. lodge
WINEMAN, boy – 2/2 (there are 2 front pages with this date, 1st copy) Jul 1909-c3 [MTG-2] CT by George WINEMAN
WINEMAN, George Mrs. – 7/14 Jul 1905-c2 [MTG-1] died at her home across St. Frances last Friday, childbirth,
----- leaves husband and 4 children, 1 a mere infant.
WISEMAN, Carl Arlington – 29 Sep/6 Oct 1905-c3 [MTG-1] 3mo., son of George W., died last Sun at home of
----- Mr. McDougal in Marked Tree; buried Hazel graveyard, the mother died the day he was born.
WOMACK, W.O. – 31 Jan 1930-p1 [MTT-6] age 63yrs; died at State Hospital; besides his widow, Loda; 2 daughters,
----- Mrs. V.L. Matthews of Stovall, MS, Mrs. I. or L. B. Mahaw of Bellmont MS; 3 sons Jap Womack of
----- Flint, MI; Joe Womack of this city and Clifton Womack whose address is unknown.
WOODRUFF, baby – 2/16 Sep 1927-c4 [MTT-6] born and died on Sun; burial at Nichols Cemetery
WOOLEY, Pete – 18 Oct 1918-p1 [MTT-5] age 24yrs; died at Jefferson Barracks, MO; soldier; half brother to
----- Mrs. W.B. Hoaglan and son of Mrs. Nath Harrus of Frys Mill; buried at City Cemetery.
WORTHY, baby – 22 Jul 1927-p1 [MTT-6] card of thanks by Mr. & Mrs. Martin Worthy.
WRAY, G.R. – 18/25 Mar 1927-c2 [MTT-6] age 48yrs; died on Golightly plantation Mar 5; married and survived
----- by mother of near Turrell and 4 brothers.
WRIGHT, Mrs. – 3/10 May 1918-c1 [MTT-5] age abt. 73yrs; died Thu from “leaky heart” at the home of her
----- nephew D.L. Wilson, body shipped to IL.
YOUNG, boy – 24 Sep / 1 Oct 1926-c5 [MTT-6] age 4yrs; son of J.E.Young; died Memphis hospital; buried at
----- Whitten on 20 Sep.
YOUNG, Carney – 15 Oct 1909-p1 [MTG-2] killed by Odda Carroll.

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