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Poinsett County, Arkansas

Listed below are the names, the date and the page number of the notices that have appeared in the Marked Tree Tribune. Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. The papers appear to have been filmed in consecutive order. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in. When the deceased is described as survived by "wife" without her name, or by children or siblings without names it did not appear in the notice.

SURNAMES appear in Caps. Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in.

The weight of the baby is included when reported, as is the day of the week or date.

Many more births were probably reported in the “local items” columns of the various communities, however the interior pages (pages 2-4) were of such a poor quality that most were unreadable.

ABBREVIATIONS: [MTT-7] indicates this is the Marked Tree Tribune roll 7 at the Jonesboro AR Public Library.


ASHBY, boy – 23 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 6 & Ύ lb; born Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ashby Jr.; maternal
----- grandparents Mr. & Mrs. L.B. Yancey, paternal grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ashby Sr.
BELL, girl – 3 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 8.5lbs; born Tue to Mr. & Mrs. Virgil BELL of Marked Tree
BRADSHER, girl – 9 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] born Jun 3; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lester Bradsher of El Dorado;
----- great granddaughter of Mrs. A.K. Blythe of Marked Tree.
BRAKENSIEK, girl – 10/17 Jun 1937-c3 [MTT-7] born last Wed at Baptist hospital in Memphis to Mr. & Mrs.
----- Ralph Brakensiek of Joiner.
CARROLL, girl – 29 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] 9 lbs; born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Carroll of Marked Tree.
CASADAY, “Grandma” – 10 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] celebrates 93rd birthday Sun at home of son J.J. Casaday
----- in Marked Tree; married in 1867 to Jordan Casaday a Confederate veteran; her oldest great great
----- grandson is Eugene Lester.
CHARMICHAEL, Mary Johnson Cemetery – 28 Jan 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 10lbs; born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. Brodie
----- Charmichael of Marked Tree
COLEMAN, Robert Finley – 8 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] born 6 Jul to Senator and Mrs. L.E. Coleman of Lepanto.
DOUGLAS, Goldie Lee – 15 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 6lbs born Memphis; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Douglas
----- of Marked Tree.
DURHAM, girl – 27 Oct 1938-p1 [MTT-7] 9 lbs; born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. Dub Durham.
EDWARDS, Simmie Jr. – 3 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] 7.5lbs; born Sat at Pine Bluff to Mr. & Mrs. Simmie Edwards.
FRANCIS, James William – 31 Mar 1938-p1 [MTT-7] born Sat in Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Francis of Trumann.
GRAY, boy -- 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c3 [MTT-7] born at Blytheville hospital last week,
----- refugee family of Milligan Ridge to Mrs. Jewel Gray.
GUNN, David Allan – 8 Sep 1938-p1 [MTT-7] 9 ½ lbs; born Sun to Mr. & Mrs. Earl Gunn.
HAYS, Marilyn Ann – 8 Oct 1936-p1 [MTT-7] 6.5lbs; born Granite City IL to Rev. & Mrs. Wm. Hay formerly of
----- Marked Tree, Mrs. Hay is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Morris of Marked Tree.
HAZELWOOD, Eugene Norman – 8 Sep1938-p1 [MTT-7] 8 lbs; born in Memphis Sun to Mr. & Mrs. E.G. (Dana
----- RICE) Hazelwood of Lepanto; grandparents Mr. & Mrs. H.W. Hazelwood of Marked Tree.
HOLBROOK, girl – 8 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 10lbs; born Tue to Mr. & Mrs. S.T. Holbrook of Marked Tree.
HOLLAND, Mary Margaret – 9 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] 8 lbs 14 oz; born Fri in Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. H.V. Holland.
HUGHES, Robert Lee Jr. – 19 Jan 1939-p1 [MTT-7] born Fri at Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. Robert (Gracie B. PARKER)
----- Hughes.
KUSTOFF, boy – 23 Jun 1938-p1 [MTT-7] born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. Jake Kustoff at Freeport IL.
LAYMAN, girl – 7 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] 7 lbs; born Tue to Mr. & Mrs. Homer Layman.
LEISMESTER, boy – 8 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] born Memphis Sat to Mr. & Mrs.Warren (Sherill REEDER) Leismester.
LYNN, girl – 25 Mar/1 Apr 1937-c2 [MTT-7] 7 lb 14oz; born in Memphis on Mar 21 to Mr. & Mrs. Richard LYNN of
----- Drew MS and Marion AR.
McDONALD, Gloria Ann – 23 Sep 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 8lbs; born 16 Sep to Mr. & Mrs. A.J. McDonald of Marked Tree.
MERRILL, Mary & Anna – 11 (second copy of this issue)/18 Feb 1937-c4 [MTT-7] 5 & 3lbs respectively; born Fri to
----- Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Merrill tenant farmers of Brickeys, AR; born in tent at Marianna girls named for town.
MITCHELL, boy – 13 Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] 8lbs; born Sat to Mr. & Mrs. Jay (Letha LINNEY) Mitchell of Turrell.
NICKS, girl – 9 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] born Tue in Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. Roy Nicks; baby's name is too fuzzy to read.
NORTON, boy – 7 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. James (Mary KRIER) Norton; grandson of Mr. & Mrs.
----- H.J. Krier. 14 Oct 1937-p1, age 1wk died Sun; interment Marked Tree cemetery.
PACE, Ed & Bob – 11 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] twins born in boxcar Wed to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur PACE refugees from the
----- lowlands near Tyronza; Ed was named in honor of Ed Spees head of Red Cross flood relief
----- in Poinsett Co. and Bob for Bob Frazier, directing Tyronza Red Cross activities; Ed weighed 7 Ό libs and
----- Bob 5 ½ lbs; there are 3 other children in the family.
PIERCE, boy – 20 May 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 3lbs 3oz, born to Dr. & Mrs. J.O. Pierce last Sat at Baptist Hospital
----- Memphis.
PRICE, girl – 2 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 10lbs; born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Price of Marked Tree.
RILEY, Weonia Adreniah – 8 Jul 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 8lbs; born Jun 30 to Mr. & Mrs. Earl Riley.
SACHS, girl – 2 Dec 1937-p1 [MTT-7] born Memphis hospital to Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Sachs of Marked Tree.
SAYLOR, Charlie – 29 Jun 1939-p1 [MTT-7] infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Saylor of Marked Tree born Tue
----- morning and died that afternoon; Marked Tree cemetery.
SHACKLEFORD, girl -- Jan 1938-p1 [MTT-7] born Sat in Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. Guy (Ruby ODIE) Shackleford of Earle.
SHANKLE, boy – 10 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] 10lbs; son of J.E.; daughter-in-law gave birth same day;
----- grandfather Nathan Shankle
SHANKLE, girl – 10 Jan 1935-p1 [MTT-6] 8lbs; daughter of Orr; mother-in-law gave birth same day;
----- great grandfather Nathan Shankle
SMITH, boy – 12/19 Aug 1937-c4 [MTT-7] BORN Fri to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Smith of Tyronza.
SMITH, boy – 28 Oct 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 9.5lbs; born Fri to Mr. & Mrs. Wess Smith of near Marked Tree.
SOLLIS, boy – 18 Feb 1937-p1 [MTT-7] age 3dys; son of Mr. & Mrs. Jay SOLLIS flood refugee of Marked
----- Tree died Fri at John Gaston Hospital in Memphis; burial at Memorial Park cemetery in Memphis.
STIGNANI, girl – 21 Jul 1938-p1 [MTT-7] born Jul 18 at Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Stignani of Marked Tree.
THOMPSON, boy – 29 Dec 1938-p1 [MTT-7] 7 ½ lb; born Wed in Memphis to Mr. & Mrs. “Smiling” Bill Thompson of Marked Tree.
WALKER, Nickie – 2 Mar 1939-p1 [MTT-7] daughter born Thu to Mr. & Mrs. Nick Walker of Lexington MS;
----- Mrs. Walker was the former Mary Evelyn Williams daughter of Mrs. R.D. Williams and the late
----- Dr. R.D. Williams of Marked Tree.
WALKER, W.T. Jr. – 19 Aug 1937-p1 [MTT-7] celebrated 14th birthday, son of Mrs. W.T. Walker.
WHITE, boy – 10 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] 7lbs; born Memphis on Mon; to Mr. & Mrs. James WHITE of Marked Tree
WILLIAMS, girl – 11 May 1939-p1 [MTT-7] born Tue in Jonesboro to Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Williams of Trumann.
WILLIAMS, Nancy Ann – 11/18 Aug 1938-c6 [MTT-7] 7 lbs; born last Fri to Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Williams of
----- Pasadena TX, Mrs. Williams was formerly Miss Mary Perry daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Perry of Marked Tree.
WILSON, James Gordon – 24 Jun 1937-p1 [MTT-7] born to Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wilson of Forrest City on Jun 17;
----- Mrs. Wilson is daughter of Mrs. M.W. Hazel Sr. of Marked Tree.

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