and Birthdays Celebrated

Poinsett County, Arkansas

MARKED TREE TRIBUNE 1917-1918, 1925-1928 & 1930

Listed below are the names, the date and the page number of the notices that have appeared in the Marked Tree Gazette and the Marked Tree Tribune.

SURNAMES appear in Caps. Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in.

The weight of the baby is included when reported, as is the day of the week or date.

ABBREVIATIONS: [MTG-#] Marked Tree Gazette plus film number; [MTT-#] Marked Tree Tribune plus film number.

Many more births were probably reported in the “local items” columns of the various communities, however the interior pages (pages 2-4) were of such a poor quality that most were unreadable.

ALLBRIGHT, girl – 24 Sep 1926-p1 [MTT-6] born Wed to Mr. & Mrs. W.W. Allbright.
ALLEN, girl – 5 Apr 1918-p1 [MTT-5] 9 lbs born Mar 14 to Mr. & Mrs. Audrey Allen.
ANDERSON, girl – 5 Apr 1918-p1 [MTT-5] born Mar 31 to Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Anderson.
BARTON, Jeanette – 14 Aug 1925-p1 [MTT-8] celebrated 10th birthday on Tue.
BIRD, boy – 31 Jul/ 7 Aug 1908-c1 [MTG-2] born to Mr. & Mrs C.A. BIRD last Saturday.
BLANTON, boy – 22/29 Sep 1911-c3 [MTG-2] 12 lb, born Mon. to Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Blanton.
BRADSHER, boy – 21/28 Jul 1911-c3 [MTG-2] 10 lbs; born Jul 14 to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bradsher.
BUSTER, boy – 27 Sep/ 4 Oct 1912-c2 [MTG-2] 10 lb; born Tue to Mr. & Mrs. John BUSTER
CLANTON, Ellen Louise – 13 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] born Oct 31; to Mr. & Mrs. V.W. Clanton.
COYNE, Elizabeth (June/Jane?) – 18 Mar 1927-p1 [MTT-6] born yesterday to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. COYNE
CRAFT, Charles – 18 Nov 1927-p1 [MTT-6] born Nov 11th; birthday celebration.
CRIST, girl 7/14 Mar 1913-c2 [MTG-2] 9 lb; born to Mr. & Mrs. John Crist.
DAVIDSON, boy – 6/13 Oct 1905-c3 [MTG-1] Little River items, born to Mr. & Mrs. Jack Davidson.
DAWSON, girl – 10/17 Oct 1913-c5 [MTG-4] 10 lb born to Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Dawson.
DAWSON, girl – 20 Nov 1925-p1 [MTT-8] born Fri to Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Dawson.
DAWSON, girl – 7 Oct 1910-p1 [MTG-2] born Wed. to Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dawson.
DEAN, girl – 31 Dec 1926/ 7 Jan 1927.c3 [MTT-6] 7 lbs; born Dec 27 to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dean.
DeGOOD, girl – 7/14 Sep 1917-Weiner news [MTT-5] 10 lb; born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. L.L. DeGood..
DUNCAN, girl – 5/12 Jan 1906-c3 [MTG-1] 8 lb., born to Mr. & Mrs. Julius Duncan.
DUNN, boy – 23 Feb 1917-p1 [MTT-5] born last Sat to Mr. & Mrs. Bud Dunn
EBERHART, girl – 26 Jan/ 2 Feb 1912-c1 [MTG-2] born last Sun to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Eberhart.
ELLISON, boy – 6/13 Sep 1918-c4 [MTT-5] born Fri to Mr. & Mrs. James Ellison.
ELROD, boy – 4/11 Jul 1913-c3 [MTG-4] born last week to Mr. & Mrs. Marshal Elrod who now live in
----- Greenville, MS
FAIR, Harry Williamson – 18/25 Nov 1927-c3 [MTT-6] born Nov 10th to Mr. & Mrs. Guy Fair.
FLETCHER, boy – 24 Sep / 1 Oct 1926-c4 [MTT-6] born Sep 17 at Brookland to Mr. & Mrs. Leslie
----- Fletcher, at home of her parents Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Johnson.
HALL, boy – 10 Jul 1908-p1 [MTG-2] born 4 Jul 1908 to Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hall at the home of Mrs.
----- Hall's parents in Halls, TN
HARRIS, boy – 14/21 Dec 1928-c1 [MTT-6] born Nov 30 to Mr. & Mrs. Smith Harris.
HART, W.H. – 16/23 Apr 1915-c4 [MTG-4] A letter to the Gazette from old ex-Confederate solder formerly
----- of Marked Tree, now residing at the old solder's home at Sweet Home, AR will be 80 on Aug 1.
HAZEL, boy – 15 Dec 1911-p1 [MTG-2] 10 lb born last Fri to Mr. & Mrs. N.J. Hazel.
HAZEL, boy – 28 Aug/4 Sep 1908-c2 [MTG-2] 7 lbs; born to Mr. & Mrs. Crockett Hazel on Wednesday.
HAZEL, Mary Miller – 9 Sep 910-c4 [MTG-2] was 2yrs old on Tuesday.
HENSON, girl – 24 Sep 1926-p1 [MTT-6] born Tue to Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Henson.
HICKMAN, Francis Miss – ? (torn) Mar 1916-p1 (this is the first issue after 18 Feb on the film) [MTG-4]
----- celebrated 4th birthday with party on Tue.
HICKMAN, girl – 8 Mar 1912-p1 [MTG-2] born Feb 29 to Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Hickman.
HICKS, twins – 21/28 Dec 1928-c4 [MTT-6] boy & girl born at Black Oak to Mr. & Mrs. D.G. or D.O. Hicks.
HILF, H.C. Mrs. – 31 Dec 1269/7Jan 1927-c2 [MTT-6] celebrated her birthday of Dec 25 with daughter Mrs.
----- Frank Grossman.
HINKLEY, Donald – 29 Apr / 6 May 1927-c2 [MTT-6] celebrated 12th birthday
JOINER, Clint Mrs. – 28 Aug 1925-p1 [MTT-8] of Frechman's Bayou clebrated her 52nd birthday at home of
----- niece, Mrs. John Kerr.
LACY, girl – 17 Nov 1911-p1 [MTG-2] born last week to Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Lacy.
LEATHERWOOD, boy – 14 Jan 1910-p1 [MTG-2] 10 lb, born Monday to Mr. & Mrs. Paul Leatherwood,
----- later named Paul 4/11 Feb 1910-c1 [MTG-2]
LEE, girl – 27 Sep/ 4 Oct 1912-c3 [MTG-2] 8 lb; born Tue to Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Lee.
MAPLES, girl – 6/13 Oct 1905-c3 [MTG-1] Little River items, 8lbs born to Bob and Ella Maples.
McCASLIN, girl – 14/21 Jun 1912-c1 [MTG-2] 10 lb; born Sat to Mr. & Mrs. H.H. McCaslin.
McCLURE, boy – 5 Oct 1928-p1 [MTT-6] born on Mon to Mr. & Mrs. Reuben McClure.
McCURDY, girl 7/14 Mar 1913-c2 [MTG-2] born Fri to J.H. McCurdy
MORELAND, Mary Caroline – 11/18 Feb 1927-c2 [MTT-6] celebrated 3rd birthday on Feb 12
MYERS, boy – – 21/28 Feb 1908-c1 [MTG-2] 8 lbs, born last Sun. to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Myers.
NESTOR, boy – 24/31 Aug 1917-c2 [MTT-5] born Sun to Mr. & Mrs. Will Nestor.
NEWSOM, girl – 26 Sep 1930-p1 [MTT-6] born Thu at Memphis hospital to Dr. & Mrs. W.I. Y. Newsom.
ORR, Pauline – 16/23 Aug 1907-c2 [MTG-2] celebrated 9th birthday on Tue.
OTTERBERRY, girl – 5/12 Jan 1906-c3 [MTG-1] 10 lb., born to Mr. & Mrs. Will Otterberry.
PATILLO, boy – 19/26 Sep 1913-c4 [MTG-4] 11 lbs born Fri to Mr. & Mrs. John Patillo.
PIERCE, girl – 14 Nov 913-p1 [MTG-4] born to Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Pierce.
PIERCE, Ransom – 11/18 Feb 1916-c1 [MTG-4] celebrated 7th birthday with party last Sat.
PRICE, Phyllis – 28 Jan / 11 Feb 1927-c2 [MTT-6] celebrated 8th birthday
REED, boy – 2/16 Aug 1907-c2 [MTG-2] 9 lbs, born Tue. to Mr. & Mrs. A. Reed.
ROSER ?, Ledy Kyle – 2/16 Sep 1927-c4 [MTT-6] born Aug 31 to Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Roser of Jericho.
RYDER, Mrs. – 28 Aug 1925-p1 [MTT-8] of Jonesboro celebrated 61st birthday at home of her daughter Mrs.
----- John Kerr.
SCHINENBERRY, twin girls – 19 Feb 1915-p1 [MTG-4] born last Sat. (parents not named)
SEATON, twins (boy & girl) – 17 Nov 1911-p1 [MTG-2] born Thu to Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Seaton.
SHELTON, girl – 7/14 Mar 1913-c2 [MTG-2] 9 lbs, born to Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Shelton.
SHEPARD, girl – 19/26 Sep 1913-c4 [MTG-4] 8 lb born last Sat to City Marshal and Mrs. Shepard.
SHEPHERD, girl – 16 Sep 1910-p1 [MTG-2]l born last Mon to City Marshal Shepherd.
SILVERBLATT, Louie – 15/22 Feb 1918-c1 [MTT-5] 10 lbs; born on Mon to Mr. & Mrs. Louie Silverblatt.
SLOAN, boy – 19 Feb 1915-p1 [MTG-4] 10 lbs, born Sun. to Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Sloan..
SMITH, boy – 2 Apr 1909-p1 [MTG-2] 10 lbs; born Tuesday Mr. & Mrs. Lebert Smith..
SMITH, boy – 22 Oct 1909-p1 [MTG-2] born Mr. & Mrs. Will SMITH living on the St. Francis river.
SMITH, girl – 18/25 Jan 1918-c3 [MTT-5] born Wed to Mr. & Mrs. Carl Smith
SMITH, girl – 2/9 Apr 1915-c2 [MTG-4] 8 lb, born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Smith.
SNELL, boy – 5 Oct 1928-p1 [MTT-6] 7 ½ lbs, born Tue to Mr. & Mrs. Russell Snell.
SOWDERS, girl – 26 Jan/ 2 Feb 1912-c1 [MTG-2] born last Fri to Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Sowders.
SPEERS, twins – 4/11 Feb 1910-c1 [MTG-2] boy 6 lbs, girl 8 lbs to Mr. & Mrs. Tom Speers.
THOMAS, Lavern – 11/ 18 Feb 1916-c1 [MTG-4] celebrated 4th birthday with party last Sat.
THOMPSON, boy – 29 Jan 1915-c3 [MTG-4] 9 lbs, born to Col. & Mrs. S.P. Thompson in Memphis on Tue.
THOMPSON, girl – 5/12 Jul 1912-c2 [MTG-2] 8 lbs; born last Tue to Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Thompson.
TURNER, boy – 9/16 Feb 1917-c2 [MTT-5] born Feb 5 to Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Turner.
TURNER, girl – 22/29 Mar 1912-c1 [MTG-2] born Fri last to Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Turnter.
TURNER, girl – 6/13 Sep1918-c4 [MTT-5] born Fri to Rev. & Mrs. J.H. TURNER
WALL, Frank and Harry – 10 Jun 1910-p1 [MTG-2] celebrate 7th and 9th birthday party on Jun 7th .
WEIR, George Jr. – 8/15 Oct 1926-c4 [MTT-6] “George Weir's have named their son George Weir Jr.”
WESKOM, girl – 27 Aug / 3 Sep 1914-c4 [MTG-4] born Mon of last week to Mr. & Mrs.J.G. Weskom.
WIGGINTON, girl – 29 Sep/ 6 Oct 1916-c4 [MTG-4] 7 lb; born Sep 25 to Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Wigginton.
WIGGLY, James Augustus – 3/10 Dec 1926-c2 [MTT-6] born Nov 25 to Mr. & Mrs. Jesse (Thelma
WILLIAMS, boy – 21/28 May 1915-c4 [MTG-4] born Mon to Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Williams.
WILLIAMS, boy 7/14 Mar 1913-c2 [MTG-2] 10 lbs; born to Mr. & Mrs. Al Williams.
WILLIAMS, girl – 26 Dec 1913/1 Jan 1915-c2 [MTG-4] a little pre-Christmas gift arrived last Fri, 10 lbs to
----- Mr. & Mrs Herman Williams.
WILLIAMS, Maurine – 24 Jul 1925-p1 [MTT-8] celebrated 6th birthday.
WILLIAMS, twin girls – 6 May 1910-p1 [MTG-2] born Wed. to Mr. & Mrs. John M. Williams.

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