This 1900 census of Craighead County Arkansas was extracted from Microcopy No. T623 Roll No. 55 of the original census books by the Genealogy Society of Craighead County, Arkansas.

We wish to apologize for any errors or omissions that may be found in this transcript. Some of the entries were illegible due to ink blots, faded ink, poor penmanship, dark copies, and in some cases light copies. There are even a couple of places where the page had been taped. In some instances we were unable to decipher the phonetic spelling used by the enumerator. We attempted to use the spelling used by the enumerator, even though there were instances we felt there was an obvious error. In those cases we marked the entry with an *. We did not try to outguess the enumerator. Also as hard as we have tried, we are also human and subject to typographical errors. We have done our best.

We extracted this information for our own use, because many of us have roots in Craighead County. Our main goal is to preserve these records for Craighead County and have them available to other researchers.

The page is set up to be as close to the page on the microfilm as possible. We included the Enumeration District, the Sheet No., the Date and the Page No.

In 1900 Craighead County was up to twelve (12) townships in addition to the town of Jonesboro.

1900 Census (Part 1) (pdf)
1900 Census (Part 2) (pdf)

1900 Census by Township

1900 Abbreviations (pdf)
1900 Column Information (pdf)
Township Information (pdf)

1900 Big Creek Township (pdf)
1900 Brookland Township (pdf)
1900 Buffalo Township (pdf)
1900 Greenfield Township (pdf)
1900 Gilkerson Township (pdf)
1900 Jonesboro Township (pdf)
1900 Jonesboro City (pdf)
1900 Lake City Township (pdf)
1900 Lester Township (pdf)
1900 Little Texas Township (pdf)
1900 Maumelle Township (pdf)
1900 Nettleton Township (pdf)
1900 Powell Township (pdf)

1900 Index (pdf)

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