This 1890 Tax Receipts of Craighead County, Arkansas was extracted from microfilm copies of the original tax receipt book. Micro-Copy No. 1293975 Roll 19 was used.

I wish to apologize for any errors or omissions that may be found in this transcript. This transcription is as accurate as I knew how to make it. Some of the entries were illegible due to ink blots, faded ink, poor penmanship, dark copies, and in some cases, light copies. In some instances I was unable to decipher the phonetic spelling used by the clerk. I attempted to use the spelling use the spelling that the clerk used, even though I felt that it was wrong.

There were some instances where the first initial or the first few letters of an individual's name was lost in the center fold of the book on the microfilm copy. When I returned to the Craighead County Courthouse in order to fill in the blanks, the 1890 Tax Receipt book had been misplaced.

I hope that you will find this information useful in tracing your roots. It is a record of the individuals on Craighead County, Arkansas that paid real estate taxes, personal property taxes or poll tax for the year 1890. These taxes were collected from January 1, 1891 through April 10, 1891.

1890 Tax Receipts (pdf)

1890 Column Information (pdf)

1890 Index (pdf)

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