World War Two Military Experience

This project is sponsored by the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library to preserve a record of the experiences of our World War II veterans living in this area. Please help us record this information for future generations. The Library intends to maintain these records in perpetuity.

This form does not have to be typed, just write legible please.
This questionnaire is for men and women who served in the Military during World War Two.
You may add extra pages if needed.

Name ___________________________________________________________

Birthplace _______________________________________________________

Birth date ___________________ Death date (if deceased)________________

City _______________________________ State __________ Zip __________

Parents Name

Mother _____________________________________

Father ______________________________________

The following questions may help you organize your military experience.

You may answer any question for a family member who has served in World War Two and is now deceased.

A. What did your family do for a living?

B. Where did you go to school?

C. Where were you and what were you doing when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941?

D. What prompted you to enter the services?

E. What branch of the service did you enter - army, navy, marines or air corp?

F. Where did you enter the service?

G. What type of training did you receive? Where?

H. Did you think your training was adequate?

I. What military unit were you assigned to and where did you serve?

J. Did you serve in any other unit during the war, if so where?

K. If you went overseas, what theatre did you serve in and what action(s) did you participate in?

L. How were you transported overseas? Do you remember any events of the voyage?

M. What medical services were provided for your unit? Were you satisfied with your medical care?

N. When and how did you get home from war?

O. What was your most memorable experience?

P. What were some of the humorous things you observed during services?

Q. What did you think about the enemy soldiers' capabilities?

After filling out the form please return it to:

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Jonesboro, AR 72401

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