Craighead County Divorce Index

In some cases there is more than one date listed. This is due to a continuation of the case.

Eastern District: Lake City Courthouse

1884 - 1915 Lake City Chancery Books - 1, 2, 3
1915 - 1932 Lake City Chancery Books - 4, 5, 6
1932 - 1950 Lake City Chancery Books - 7, 8, 9

Western District: Jonesboro Courthouse

1878 - 1897 Jonesobro Chancery Books - 1, 2

Thank you to Joyce Whitten and Betty Ridgeway for transcribing the Eastern District Divorce Index. If you need more extensive look-ups for the Eastern District Divorces, for a small fee you can contact Joyce Whitten.

If you need more extensive look-ups for the Western District, you can contact Betty Woodall or Gail Lies.
These ladies both research for a fee.

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