Marked Tree, Poinsett County, Arkansas Deaths, Marriages & Births
Marked Tree Gazette
and the
Marked Tree Tribune

This Index was created by Joyce Whitten for the Genealogy Society of Craighead County, Arkansas from microfilm available at the Jonesboro Craighead Public Library.

Dates with a back slash i.e. 7/14 indicate the notice was found on a sheet between these two front pages. The papers appear to have been filmed in consecutive order. Following the date of the paper you will find either –p1, indicating the article was found on page 1, or –c#, indicating the column number the article appeared in. When the deceased is described as survived by “wife” without her name, or by children or siblings without names it did not appear in the notice.

ABBREVIATIONS: [MTG-#] Marked Tree Gazette plus film number; [MTT-#] Marked Tree Tribune plus film number.

Special THANKS go to Joyce Whitten for her work in helping to create this index.

Deaths and Those Not Expected to Survive

Deaths 1905
Deaths 1935

Births and Birthdays Celebrated

Births 1905
Births 1935

Marriages and Wedding Anniversaries

Marriages 1905
Marriages 1935

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