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1870 Craighead County Census

This 1870 Federal Census of Craighead County, Arkansas was extracted, by R L and Flossie Dunnam, from micro-film copies of the original census books. With permission from Mr. & Mrs. Dunnam, the census was reformatted by the Genealogy Society of Craighead County, Arkansas and then reprinted.

We wish to apologize for any errors or omissions that may be found. Some of the entries were illegible due to ink blots, faded ink, poor penmanship, dark copies, and in some cases light copies. In some instances we were unable to decipher the phonetic spelling used by the enumerators. Then of course, there are human and typographical errors.

In 1870 Craighead County consisted of six (6) townships and the town of Jonesboro. The total population of Craighead County in the year of 1870 was 4367 which consisted of 2184 white males, 1938 white females, 117 black males and 128 black females.

Big Creek Township
Buffalo Township
Jonesboro Township
Jonesboro Town
Powell Township
Texas Township

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